altThe first question is: What is Ascension, and why is it important?

The term "Ascension", as it is used on this website, means the process of raising (or developing) your personal awareness.

It's important!

Your awareness, or lack of it, has a massive influence on your life. Without awareness you are stuck into reactive patterns that may not serve you. You get angry or afraid or worried or stressed all the time. These emotions stand in the path of your personal developement and stop you from achieving a fully satisfying life.

Becoming more aware brings these reactive patterns into your consciousness and gives you a choice whether you want to respond in a specific way or not, instead of reacting on auto pilot.

How can you raise your awareness?


Right now around us, there is a lot of information competing for your attention. It is easy to lose your focus or to forget and get back into reactive mode. To work around this  we have created a 10 day FREE series of emails especially designed keep you on track for your development and self-empowerment.

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In joy/light/love,

  -  Inelia Benz