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Your personal vibrational level determines the reality around you: your opportunities, your relationships, your experience and manifesting of your goals and dreams:

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In my life, I haven't really "asked for support" for a personal project. The support I request is usually for a collective need, such as the Global Ascension Center, or Ascension101. But for personal support, there was never an opportunity for me to actively ask for support. When I heard how much money it will cost to repair some key areas of our boat's hull (which is our home), the first thing I thought of was, "I'll ask for support from my audience, start a crowdfunder or something like that". Which was soon after blocked by... "how does one do that?" And then I hit a program which said, "asking for help for your personal life is wrong".

When I looked at that program I was really surprised it was there because the individuals who follow my work, and hang out with me, are extremely supportive all the time, and would be really happy to be part of an inflow of energy and well being into my personal life. Yet, every time I look, that program kicks in. It feels artificial and external, but there must be something in my own field where it latches on, or it wouldn't affect me.

AQUI ESTÁ!!!  Meu último romance “Entrevista com um Assassino Psíquico” agora está disponível em formato eletrônico. Download imediato disponível aqui: Interview with a Psychic Assassin Download.

Eu escrevo romances para transmitir informações que de outra forma seriam inacessíveis e que expandem nossas mentes e sistemas de crenças relacionados à maneira que o planeta Terra tem sido comandado. O que também aconteceu com este romance foi que minha vida mudou completamente enquanto eu o escrevia.

A transformação da minha própria vida foi uma completa surpresa para mim. O que eu posso dizer é que agora, de certa forma, minha vida está diferente, meu ambiente me suporta e me nutre intensamente e completamente, e neste momento, eu estou na parceria amorosa mais incrivelmente amorosa, justa, honrada e fantástica da minha vida. Tão incrivelmente fantástica, que ela está muito além de tudo o que eu alguma vez imaginei. E aquela energia, aquela qualidade transformativa, está embutida no livro.

Desde a sua publicação, eu tenho recebido centenas de comentários e mensagens que também refletem a energia transformativa que o livro contém. 

Minha sensação é que pode ser um romance normal, um romance de uma volta de um moinho, que a pessoa lê e depois se lembra, ou não, pelo resto de sua vida. Mas ele também tem a energia e a capacidade de expandir e transformar a vida de uma pessoa tanto quanto esta pessoa permitir, querer ou pretender. Livre arbítrio no seu máximo. Portas são abertas para que atravessemos durante todo o romance inteiro, mas é uma escolha nossa se queremos atravessá-las ou não. Nós temos controle total sobre a experiência que temos durante a leitura do romance. E então o lemos novamente, e descobrimos que há centenas de outras portas que apareceram magicamente, e que refletem um crescimento estupendo de consciência.

Esta experiência é uma viagem fantástica ou, o que alguns podem chamar de viagem de ficção científica. A personagem principal é a Ramona, que foi tirada de seus pais amorosos, e recrutada por uma agência governamental secreta, para ser educada em uma escola de elite para crianças superdotadas. O único verdadeiro propósito desta escola é criar assassinos perfeitos. Usando tecnologia e habilidades aprendidas de prisioneiros alienígenas, ordens ocultas e programas de super soldados, Ramona se tornou a arma mais mortal deles. Até que ela recebeu deles, um alvo que ela não poderia matar.

O que estava destinado a ser uma entrevista simples e direta, rapidamente se transformou em uma aventura perigosa e mística até as profundidades da criação.

Algumas coisas simplesmente não podem ser mortas.

Se você adorou "Interview with an Alien" você vai adorar este romance!

Leia o primeiro episódio aqui (em inglês).

Esta edição está disponível para download imediato em formato eletrônico (PDF e ePub), que você poderá ler em seu dispositivo favorito. Obtenha a sua cópia aqui:


This text has not yet been translated.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

One of the things that individuals will most often say to me, is that what they respect about me is that I walk my talk. That my personal life is not only open and transparent, but it perfectly reflects what I teach. I use the tools I have developed and/or "uploaded" from our common Source and integrate them into my daily life.

When I have a personal breakthrough, it's something which has come about through directly using the developed or uploaded tools. This is how I know they work, I use them myself!

On the 24th of December 2014, I published my newest novel, "Interview with a Psychic Assassin".  During the writing of the novel, and parallel to it's end, I found out that a close friend of mine was in fact my life partner.  My life has completely changed since then, for the better.

This didn't happen overnight, or simply because I wrote the novel, or simply because I finally saw him.  The novel was simply the physical manifestation of a change that began in 2010, when I agreed to go public and become a voice of empowerment for our human species.

In 2010, I brought into our collective consciousness the Ascension101 Course. This is an amazing foundation for anyone who wants to empower themselves, wake up fully, or simply needs a refresher course to get them back on track after decades of spiritual training.  I have since "taken" the course several times. Every time there is more growth, understanding and my life becomes easier and easier. This caused huge changes in my life, and also has given me the strength and energy I needed to be a public figure. I am a recluse by nature you see, very private and prefer to observe than be observed and prefer to listen than to be listened to.  The Course gave me the connection I needed to all aspects of myself that required strengthening and healing.

But what about my personal life? What about love?

This text has not yet been translated.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

In January 2014, I wrote about how the human collective felt much more powerful. What this meant is that it didn't matter if individuals were awake or asleep, they were more able to do, affect and influence themselves, their surrounding and the people in their lives and environment.

In 2015 I feel very strongly that we must take responsibility for our power. We can't expect the sleeping masses to take responsibility (ability to respond) as they are in a cycle of reaction rather than response, but we can't say the same about ourselves.

So what type of things are we talking about?

Well, let me quote from the Developing Mystical Skills for Everyday Life MP3:

"I often hear individuals say that they seem to be getting more sensitive to the energies in crowds, in shops and other public places. Or more sensitive to the energies of people at work, their families and their friends. This is true. But also what is happening is that people around them, everyone on the planet, are becoming more powerful. They become more able to broadcast their energy, to broadcast their thoughts, intents, their fears, their desires, their stress, their joys… You name it, they’re broadcasting it, a thousand times more powerfully than what they used to do in the past.

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Interview With an Angel

Inelia's latest novel is here!

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Interview with A Psychic Assassin

Explore the flexible nature of our reality as this interview turns into an adventure!

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Interview with An Alien

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