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Your personal vibrational level determines the reality around you: your opportunities, your relationships, your experience and manifesting of your goals and dreams:

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So, I wake up this morning and find myself feeling guilty... oops what did I do???

Guilt is one of those dissonant energies that are widely promoted by the popular media, religion and cultural and social programs. BIIIG TIME. Why? because it lowers our vibration and sucks us into the victim/aggressor cycle.

My first thought was, "what did I do that's so bad to wake me up with buckets of guilt?" I spent several hours allowing the feeling of guilt to exist, express, grow... and nothing.  I had no idea why it was there, or where it came from.  I did see that it had overtones of victim/aggressor energy, and fear.

When I was a young kid, at some point I decided I wanted to experience life as a regular human being experiences it.  This was mainly because I had no grasp of why people behaved in the way they behaved, or held on to dissonant energies way past the time they were triggered.  The decision was immediately carried out, and I was able to experience many strong, human emotions, conflicts, decisions, I suffered (held on to pain past the moment of its usefulness), and so on.  But it was artificial, and even at the darkest pits of despair, I was observing, learning, knowing it was artificial.

One of the first acts I did as a kid, when I was able to "experience" being human, was to remove a personal guilt by removing the memory of what I had done/experienced from my mind. This cascaded into forgetfulness, the vail fell across my eyes. Before that, I had complete recall of every single moment in my life. I could quote from a random page of a book I had read several years earlier. After that, I couldn't remember what I had for breakfast.

Some decades later, the usefulness of "living like a human being" died off, and I stepped into my natural self once more, but with several programs still in place from the years of "being human". This means that often I don't know what a particular dissonance is about, where it comes from, or what triggered it, but have a sense of what it might be by it's "description".

This text has not yet been translated.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

We work on our selves, find empowerment tools, and shift our awareness because we want CHANGE.  We want change to our personal lives, our perceptions and lifestyle, and we want to see a larger, global change in our species.

For that change to happen, there are various factors we can work on:

1. There's the original intent, what we want to see.

2. Then there is a period of processing our fears, belief blocks and disbelief at the possibility of the change. This may include any judgments we have about the current situation too.

3. After that, we release the attachment to ways in which to get the result we want to see, as well as limitations of the result (opening ourselves to "that or better" type energy).

4. We now process "blocks" that come up in real life that seem impossible to overcome.

De ENIGE reden waarom onze regering ons niet "officieel" heeft verteld dat de mensheid in continu contact is met buitenaardsen en ultradimensionale aliens is vanwege MACHT. Macht over anderen, de macht om dingen te doen, de macht om nieuwe technologie te bezitten en te verkopen. De redenen waarom buitenaardse rassen geen algemene bekendheid van hun aanwezigheid aan het publiek hebben gegeven is vanwege PERSOONLIJKE AGENDA's en onze eigen blindheid. Er zijn agenda's die in hun voordeel werken en dat van onze schaduwregering, om ons onwetend te houden.

En dat is niet omdat de meesten van ons, het gepeupel, in paniek zouden raken en zelfmoord zouden plegen. Nee, het is omdat wij als burgers, met de toegang tot technologische kennis en bewustzijn, oncontroleerbaar zouden zijn, niet te stoppen. En wat betreft onze eigen blindheid; we weigeren in feite om ze te zien.

ET's en ultradimensionale buitenaardsen bestaan. Ze zijn overal om ons heen.

This text has not yet been translated.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

Abstract from the Love, Sex and Soulmates in the New Paradigm Talks. Edited for publication as an article:

Falling in Love

About our social program of love, and how romantic love affects our lives at an energetic and evolutionary level. Here we will explore how to increase the pros and remove the cons.

There are energies and programs around falling in love and we can see all the positive sides about it, because there are lots of positive sides about this, and we are going to be able to have a look at them and structure them. We can also look at the negative sides around falling in love, and how we can process those, because they are all energy packages, they are all programs.

Even the words, ‘falling in love’,  talk about a fall, “The fall”.

You fall in love.

When you fall in love, the person's awareness field shrinks into a tiny little space, so it’s a falling in awareness, they can’t think of much except the other person, often they can’t eat or sleep very well, they’re in a state of euphoria or fear, depending whether the other person is also in love with them or not, and they can’t really do things very well.

They say ‘love is blind’ too, so there is another saying that really embodies what is happening here.

The person will not see the faults in the other or will quickly forget them or disregard them.

And we also have the honeymoon period, the time, space -it sometimes can last up to two years- that the person doesn’t see the dirty socks on the floor, or doesn’t see the farting or the burping or the constant talking or really that the other person has absolutely nothing in common with them. Because they are in love, so they don’t see anything else, they just see “Oh my gosh! I love this person, this person loves me, I want to be with them all the time, I love their energy, I want to be in their energy”. And all that type of thing, the physical effects of course, apart from not sleeping, can be very much a sense of a physical satisfaction.

Basically when we are in that state there are various programs that kick in, one of them is the thought of, starting a family, and it doesn’t really matter whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual, everybody will, all of a sudden, if they meet somebody that they want to spend time with, even if there is no sex involved, all of a sudden, lets adopt a child, or they start getting people into the house, or pets. They start getting lots and lots of pets, or even just one pet and it’s “their baby”.
It’s like that, “ok we are safe now, we can start this”, and that’s also a program.

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