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Your personal vibrational level determines the reality around you: your opportunities, your relationships, your experience and manifesting of your goals and dreams:

  • Discover how to improve your skills
  • Increase your awareness and psychic abilities
  • Raise the level of happiness and quality of life

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During 2013, and beyond, we have been inundated with fear campaigns from every media source known to modern society. From television and radio, to alternative news, internet sites, advertisements, global mood altering technology, chemical infusion via water, chemtrails, and food, you name it, it's being done.

Everywhere we turn, we are told that there is "badness" happening.  If we want to stay pure of body and mind, we have to work very, very hard, switch off the TV, radio, filter our internet consumption, drink distilled or filtered water, treat our food to clean pollutants, stay indoors during heavy chemtrail spraying, do regular purification and cleansing routines... the list goes on and on. But all that, all that effort, will have no effect if we stay in a state of fear.

That's where our own impeccability and integrity come in.  Why are we going through so much effort to cleanse ourselves and stay pure?  The reason is very important as it will dictate the results. If it is done because we are afraid, then no matter how many salt baths we take, or what we ingest, we are playing right into the low vibrational game field.

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You have no idea how excited I am to be able to share this information with you.  I invite you to look at it with a sense of sharing a story, dream, myth, novel or memory.

This topic is something I have been looking at for years now, and the information has been coming in bits and pieces all this time, the latest piece arrived as I was preparing for my monthly class over at AWAKEN Academy: Ultradimensional Incarnation.

This class was an exploration into the ultradimensional aspect of our DNA, and how, by activating it, our psychic abilities increase.   Part of understanding the Ultradimensional aspect of our DNA requires  looking at where our DNA originated. While preparing for the various aspects explored in the class, looking at the origin of our species revealed one tiny bit of further information that is amazing.

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Manifestation of our "wishes" is becoming more and more instant.  The choreography of Universal support to our desired outcomes is more powerful every day.

Younger children, teenagers, and young adults, seem to be able to manifest much faster than we did at their age, or, in many cases, us now.

That's because they don't have the same programs we were injected with, they are growing up in a higher vibrational environment, and "manifestation" is in their every day vocabulary.

Impeccability rocket fuels our manifestation capacities.  But how do we achieve a state of impeccability?  What does impeccability even mean?

According to Marriam-Webster (dictionary), impeccability means, "not capable of sinning or liable to sin", and "free from fault or blame; flawless". The origin of the word is "Latin impeccabilis, from in- + peccare to sin".

To sin, in most languages, means "missing the target", or a "separation from the law of God."

Translated into non religious language, this basically means veering away from our Higher Self. Veering away from our core essence energy, which is Light/Love.

How do we know if we are being impeccable? Well, if we are thinking of something we want in our lives, but it has any lower vibrational thoughts, emotions, or physical reactions, it is the emotion that will be manifested.



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