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Home Article Library January 2009 What is the difference between Ascended Being and an Awakened Being?

Inelia Benz

An Awakened being is the person who has realized there is more to life than just the material world, has the capacity to see beyond the veil of forgetfulness and is in the process of ascension.
An Ascended being is living in a state of Oneness. There is no "individual", but a Oneness consciousness and uses the traits of their human existence to communicate.

It is practically impossible to live in a state of Oneness 24/7 and keep a normal lifestyle. That's why throughout the life of the Ascended person, they will need to continuously strive to do a daily practice of meditation, quieting the mind, and allowing Flow.  The article Ascension Worker gives a very detailed description of what it means to live in an Ascended state.

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0 #5 Guest 2011-05-31 11:38
Hi Inelia, and all! I have now just finished reading all the articles found here on the left hand side of this page. Are there more? Well, I have the feeling I've read them all now at any rate. Because as soon as I finsihed reading this last one, which I guess, chronologically , is the first, I felt a sense of joy and a smile spread across my lips. I now feel ready to embark upon chapter x of my ascension work. Just need to cut down on those afternoon beers and cigarettes... Thank you very very much for having played a very important work in my path or what I should call it.
Love and grace!
0 #4 Guest 2011-04-11 18:58
Love this blog an the nature of the shring here. Peace and blessings!
0 #3 Guest 2010-02-04 18:03
It's funny you should say that - I pul;led the word 'practically' out in the blog. The blog can be found here:
+3 #2 Inelia Benz 2010-02-04 17:03
Hi Carmien :) Nice to see you here.
The word "practically" is key here. And yes, it is possible. Look forward to reading your thoughts on how to achieve it on a practical level.
+3 #1 Guest 2010-02-04 16:43
This line jumped out at me:
"It is practically impossible to live in a state of Oneness 24/7 and keep a normal lifestyle."

Interestingly, I was also just reading about the idea of Seva (the Sanskrit word for Service) this morning. I think this is worth a blog, and that by the end of writing that blog my understanding will shift. However, I've got an idea I want to expand on that lovingly challenges the line above. There'll be something over at www.carmien.com before long I am sure.

Blessings, joy, and peace.

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