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Home Article Library January 2010 Ascension Symptoms

Inelia Benz

ascension symptoms

Are Ascension Symptoms Real?

There is a lot of information out there with regard ascension symptoms.  Well, ascension is NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU!

Ascension is something you do and there are no negative symptoms to it whatsoever.

There are, however, resistance to awakening symptoms when you decide consciously or subconsciously to begin your spiritual journey. These are due to the fact that your vibration and your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, vibrational) are changing.

The most common of these symptoms, which happens after you achieve a change in vibrational signature, and often happens after Ascension Sessions, or after Ascension Meditations, is a feeling of space out dizziness, nausea after eating toxic foods, sensitive skin, "burning" sensation at the crown chakra, feeling of band around head, and ecstasy. These will pass after a few hours or days and are simply the bodies getting used to the new vibrational level.


Not everyone will get the so called ascension symptom when they start awakening. Some people will.  The symptoms do include depression, cravings, sleeping too much, waking up at 3 am every night, a sense of detachment, and the loosing of friends, family and acquaintances who have been a negative influence in the person's life, tingling on the crow chakra and also physical feelings or illnesses of the other chakra locations, among other symptoms.

So, the trick here is, DO NOT USE THESE SYMPTOMS TO BECOME AN OBNOXIOUS SO AND SO! Do not use it as an excuse to get fat, lazy, procrastinate about your work, or as an excuse to have affairs... oh yeah, there's dissatisfaction with present relationships and sex.

Yes. I do like to capitalize strong points.

What YOU CAN DO is meditate, eat healthy food, drink lots of water (energize it first) and push yourself to read uplifting books and information (re-read some of the posts in this site for example), exercise every day, and keep a journal. Sounds too hard?? I said don't be lazy! Seriously though, it is up to you to lift yourself away from this crap. No one else is going to do it for you. And no matter what you read on other sites that tell you you cannot help it because it is part of EARTH ASCENSION 2012, it is still you and your choice. Anyone who tells you it's about the Earth and you can't do anything about it is DIS-EMPOWERING YOU. In other words, he or she is taking your personal power away from you.  And if you read further, he or she will probably sell you a course, book, session, or whatever to help you through "this long and difficult period".  In other words, it's the best scam since the psychic who finds a curse, or negative being, on his victim that can only be lifted after payment of $200.

The true ascension symptoms, in other words, the symptoms you will get once you start your ascension process, are:

  • Bliss
  • Ecstasy
  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Completeness
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Humility
  • Heart Centered
  • No judgment
  • Good health
  • Compassion
  • Completion of your Soul Journey
  • Oneness
  • ... ok, so you will wake up at around 3am every night still :P

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+7 #26 Marzena 2012-04-16 13:53
Dear Inelia,
I don't understand why I wake up about 3 am almost every night? What is the purpose of this weird ascension symptom -I can't comprehend it and I'm very tired of it. How do I process it?
+1 #25 Guest 2011-10-05 12:49
Phew good to know all is ok. I typically experience nausea during and after meditation along with dizziness. I had an incredible meditation recently where my body hit a vibrational alignment that felt like a carnival ride - I was up high and expanded and down low deep in the earth expanded and then my body felt like wah wah wah and picked up speed as I asked questions - it was so very cool. I was the observer in my head as my body experienced the carnival ride :lol: . Wow 3:00 am is on the dot, why is that? Thanks so much for YOU. I sooooo enjoy your site and all the supportive information. Onward ho with elevating the planetary vibration
+6 #24 Guest 2011-09-11 09:51
Thank you so very much! I needed to read your words "Don't use it as an excuse to..." because I HAVE been. I realize i have been allowing the illusions of disempowerment and lonliness to be excuses for my bouts of negativity. Thank you for the firm yet gentle reminder. May God bless you in your work and my love to you.
+2 #23 Guest 2011-09-01 18:39
I love your web-site, I know their was no coincidence I found you. The ascension symptoms are just what I needed to hear, the year before my beloved sister left the planet in 2010. Every time I complained about my body she would say "now Honey, we are just going into our Light Bodies." I forgot and needed this reminder, keep doing your Angelwork. Pam D. In Memphis, TN.
+3 #22 Guest 2011-08-09 05:50
Dear Inelia,

I find your explanations interesting. I have experienced (still do) almost all these sensations which are just signs that our physical bodies are adjusting to accomodate the presence of angelic beings outside and inside our bodies, as long as we are on the path. I would add to the list of DON'T's: do not argue with anyone over anything, i.e. not to lose focus on the presence of Christ in your heart. Falling into the traps of getting angry pulls you back a lot, thus doing the job of the demons instead of being a clean, pure channel of light.

I will find the time to read all that you have to say and I apologize beforehand if I bother in any way anybody here.
0 #21 Guest 2011-08-07 15:14

thank you for all that you do. you have been in many of my meditations and i am greatful. I have just started seeing(?) geometric patterns in my field of vision - eyes open or closed. It started slight, then became very intense and now it seems to have faded. Is this another type of symptom?

0 #20 Guest 2011-07-10 21:07
:-) It is ten pm. I have slept this whole day away..slept hard, and woke up and searched...lots of sleep mean ascension and bingo it does.... heavy sleep strong dreams.....in a few going back for more....:)
+1 #19 Guest 2011-06-23 09:30
Hi Inelia,

I am very pleased to connect with u.

I send the greeting from my heart!

+2 #18 Inelia Benz 2011-05-31 09:55
Quoting Susan Grace:
I have had a long walk transmuting very dark energies...I feel I am on the other side of that now and am dusting off the debris. I feel very grateful to still be alive.

The journey took its toll on my body's vibrancy and I would like to know if there is something more I can do to assure I have closed all those doors and to help regenerate my body?

Thank you so much.

Hi Susan,

Have a look at Lucia Rene's site, she is presently working on this very issue. She is working with certain universal templates and the regeneration of the body is part of this: http://www.unplugfromthepatriarchy.com/index.htm
0 #17 Guest 2011-05-27 12:02
I have had a long walk transmuting very dark energies...I feel I am on the other side of that now and am dusting off the debris. I feel very grateful to still be alive.

The journey took its toll on my body's vibrancy and I would like to know if there is something more I can do to assure I have closed all those doors and to help regenerate my body?

Thank you so much.

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