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Inelia Benz

Ascension Information

Spiritual Ascension is now possible for everyone on Earth due to the planet's trajectory through a high vibrational time/space incident.  It is extremely easy to start your ascension process and this site has a lot of information on how you can accomplish it.

This section is designed to facilitate your personal and our global Ascension. And the Ascension101 eCourse is designed for your personal Ascension and expansion of Awareness which provides a way for you to support the free content with your energy exchange.

I saw this picture on the internet and it reminded me of a situation I heard about some time back. It also reminded me of a question that was posted by a member at walkwithmenow.com that was related to changing a country/society by our presence there.

A few years ago I met a beautiful woman, powerful, empowered, and highly intelligent woman, who had decided to work for Monsanto so that she could change things from the inside. I don’t actually remember what her position within the company was, but she worked there for many years. She said she had made multiple proposals for change, and had many conversations with managers and project leaders on how things could be done better.

When I asked her if she had changed anything in all those years, she said that there was at least one employee who worked there that left the company after several in depth conversations. She said that this employee told her she had made a huge change in her life. I asked her about the company, had she made any changes on how the company operated. She  responded that she didn’t see any positive changes. That Monsanto got stronger, bigger and more powerful each year. She decided to leave, but was still unsure if she had done the right thing, whether she should go back, whether giving up was right, or wrong.

It is with huge happiness and inspiration that I am sending this update to you. At the end of 2011, I received a request from Gaia to open a Center. There was a lot of confusion about what shape this Center would take, I interpreted to be a place of study and union, where people could come together to learn, heal, create… But when we attempted to do that, we quickly realized it was a completely different project.

Myself and others sat together to feel into the request, see what it was really about. And Gaia came in strong and clear, it was about land. It was about the reactivation of land as a sacred space. A place, land, where trees, animals, elementals, ultra-dimensional beings, and humans could join, chat, and raise to the frequency and vibration where Gaia exists now. A very high, clear, crystal, and empowered place.  It was about taking land from private hands, and activating it into a high frequency vibration that is then accessible to anyone, everyone, who enters it with the aim of joining and engaging at that high frequency.

It was about sacred land.

If you have Facebook, Instagram or twitter, you will probably already know that Larry and I went to Europe on an Abraham Hicks Cruise workshop. It was paid in full by Gaia’s unwavering support of Larry’s fishing.

I was very excited to watch Esther Hicks at work. And she did not disappoint. Her event was well managed (really, really well managed - her team is amazing) and the sessions were very informative, funny and energizing. Some of her teachings are not resonant to me, but her purity of intent shines bright.

The reason we went, apart from research, was because both Larry and I have independently wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise. The thought of doing a cruise was always accompanied by the thought that most people in cruises go there to have one long party and not have to drive home drunk at night. Not really our lifestyle. But the thought of a ship filled with people who are working on themselves, learning manifestation tools, and fully committed to improving their lives, now THAT is a crowd I don’t mind sharing a ship with at all.

Note: I do want to point out that I cover this topic in great detail on Sex, Love and Soulmates Audio Course, and will be doing an online live workshop this month August 2016 which you are invited to attend.

One of our main drives as human beings is to have sex with another person. This activity is exploited by the old paradigm to unfathomable extremes.  

Most of us have no idea that when we engage in the sexual act, we are releasing huge amounts of energy. An energy that can be tapped into and used by others. Also an energy that fuels and feeds what we are thinking and feeling at the time.

A lot of men and women get more than a little confused when they find themselves in the middle of the sexual act and although they are stimulated and triggered to continue, feel disgust or thoughts that they really don’t want to be doing that right there and then with that person… worse so if the person in question is the one they are in love with.

Most of us are never told that when we are involved in a sexual relationship (even a one night stand) we are merging and exchanging at a mystical as well as physical level. If the other person is not in a good space, or has had previous sexual partners who left hooks in their body, we will engage with that energy too.

I have spoken about timelines in various interviews and also mention them in the Ascension101 Course.  And during our event on July 23rd, we will do a mass exercise to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE a highly resonant timeline. The methods and tools to do that will be sent to ticket holders before the event so you can start practicing.

As a young child (about 3-4 years old), I became aware of the timeline in which I was living. When I realized which one it was, I had a total breakdown. I didn't stop crying for three days. I lost my voice and ran out of tears. I didn't sleep or eat, just cried inconsolably. At the end of the three days, and when I started fading, my parents took me to the doctor, who injected me with a tranquilizing agent and sent me home. I fell asleep and when I woke up, all was well.

I had a very clear knowing even then that we have many, many timeline options and also that the one we are in is not a good one if you don't like drama or pain. But I stayed. Throughout my life I have had clear points where I experienced a timeline shift, resulting in very specific life changes. Some were positive, some were negative. Most of these, but not all, were taken unconsciously. And the "memory" and sense of the other timeline, the one I did not choose, was very close, active, almost reachable, for a while.

In all those situations my sense of "personal timeline" stayed put. It was "me" who was staying in this choice, and another timeline branching off into the other choice with a slightly different "Inelia" on it. Me, but not my experience.  Except for one timeline shift that was different to all the rest. That one happened just over a week ago and the difference was that I knew and felt that the experience of Me, had come in from a different timeline into this one.  Instead of having a clear and solid memory and reality that this was my timeline, the opposite was true. My timeline and life up to that point was completely different. And at that point I entered into this timeline into completely unfamiliar surroundings and relationships. The other interesting aspect was that I immediately knew what was happening and that soon I would be able to access this timeline's memory constructs and reality, and be able to live in it without anyone knowing.

One of the participants on the WalkWithMeNow platform, Julien Drouin, has written this interesting piece about the connection between living in a state of fear and what effects it can have on the body. He is a Medical Doctor living and practicing in Marseille France.

As a member of walkwithmeknow.com, we have to do an exercice each week. Meditation, visualisations, readings etc…  One was to read Anita Moorjani's book: “Dying to be Me - My journey from cancer to near death to true healing”. After reading it, we discuss it on the platform and I had the idea to write the article below:


In her book "Dying to be Me - My journey from cancer to near death to true healing." Anita Morrjani explains how she healed from terminal cancer after a near death experience (NDE).

The biggest change she made was to drop fear. Fear of not being good enought, fear of failling, fear of conflicts (people pleaser) etc...

I higly recommend that you watch her 7 minutes interview here: video

Really? Just dropping fear and cancer heals?

Expectations and Agendas

Why do we join groups or go to events?  Firstly I would like to share with you the following article which I wrote about the subject in 2009:

Ascension and Groups

It was Jesus that was reported to have said something in the nature of "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."

This sentence promotes a 3D group. A savior is needed, or a deity or person to focus one's love to, rather than existing as each individual being Source.

It is no secret, although to me it is a real mystery, that when two or more people of a high vibrational nature meet, their ability to affect their own work, lives, environment or visions, is much more effective than when only one person is there. It is almost as though by joining with others, the power generated is greater than the sum of the total individual powers.

Recently, I was asked by my daughter Daniela, "do spiritual people have nervous breakdowns?". The reason was that she was having a really tough time and the inevitable thought came up that while working on our advancement, our evolution, processing negativity, inspiring and generating positivity, we "should not" fall into really tough emotional, mental and sometimes physical situations, events or energies.

I have seen hardcore spiritual teachers who are loving and inspirational fall into total despair, drunken stupor, try to commit suicide, get seriously sick, or lash out verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically at those around them . Of course, to the students, friends and supporters, abusive behavior comes as a huge shock. And rightly so. No one needs to put up with abuse from anyone. But the question here is, why does this happen?

My name is Inelia Benz, and in 2010 I was asked by Source / Gaia / the human collective / the Planetary Council,  to go public. At the time I didn’t know what this meant exactly, and the instructions were to simply “be myself” at a public level. To become “known” to people around the world. To “deliver the message of empowerment to the masses”.

Before this, I was writing books, mentoring individuals and supporting public figures and lightworkers, in their work to wake up and support the human collective. But, my name was kept small, my photo never shared, and I most certainly never did events or interviews.  I was not available to the public to answer their questions, the public didn’t even know I existed. For me, an author was irrelevant. To me, when I read a good book, for example, it was the message that was important and the name of the author often eluded me.  So, my work and books were what I felt was important, but my name, or being seen or being public, was not. In that equation my person or whether I was seen or not, was irrelevant.  At the time, my books did sell very well and did give a lot of tools and information for people to use, but it was literally impossible for anyone to be able to contact me in person and most people didn’t even know my name or that I was a woman.

As a very private and solitary individual, the request to become publicly known didn’t really appeal to me one bit. I stated that this was not something that I felt comfortable with, or wanted, so my initial answer was, “no, find someone else.” Plus, why was it in any way interesting or important to show my face or tell people my name? I couldn’t understand it although I had always felt that the day might come when I would have to step into that role.

I know that it might "sound" obvious that you are in a bad relationship if you are asking yourself this question, but often when all we have seen, hear, and are taught is that "this is the way things are, the way things have always been, the things will always be" through personal experience, through the words of others and culture itself, it is almost impossible to KNOW that we are right. That we KNOW this is not a good relationship for us.

I would say, teach yourself what a good relationship is, and not accommodate a bad one. Please listen to this video. The person who put it together did a GREAT job:

Listen to it MANY, MANY TIMES. Maybe download the MP3 of it, and put it on your mp3 player with headsets and listen to it over and over throughout the day and night. Suddenly, what is true will shift from "relationships are hard work", "arguments are normal"... and all the other low vibrational BS (belief systems hehe) programs that are forced down our throat to keep us down.

Often, when all we have known are abusive relationships, we put up with the vampirism, and violence which verbal attacks really are (they damage the emotional and other subtle bodies), so that we may have physical contact, intimate moments, someone home when we arrive in the evening.

You might think, "but I love him/her so much", and you are right! You do love him/her. Because for you loving is easy. It is your core self, it is who you are. And... you will love again. And again. And again. Because you are here to love the entire world, life, your life, the planet, people, animals, Gaia...

It is now one and a half years since the Ascension101 Team and I set up the Walk With Me Now Empowerment Platform. The platform where I am making myself personally available to support your expansion of awareness and self empowerment.

Being part of this platform is definitely a way to both accelerate our personal deprogramming and empowerment, and also make it more gentle as it is shared among all of us. We all give and receive strength, insights and we walk this path together. The road to full empowerment can be short and gentle, or long and arduous, or anything in between. Mostly, it is as long and easy as we "believe" it has to be. Each journey is basically tailor-made for each of us. The fact that you are reading this, means you can handle a fast and gentle journey.

I can sense that we are ready for the next step, and as one of our members mentions in a forum thread, "exploring community". Community for me is not just about living together and surviving the world in a good and nurturing way. It is also about making a jump in evolution as a collective. To truly step into that full communication and co-creation we are capable of.

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