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Inelia Benz

Ascension spirituelle

 L’ascension spirituelle est maintenant possible pour tous, sur Terre, étant donné la trajectoire de la planète à travers un incident d’espace/temps ayant un niveau de vibration élevé. Il est extrêmement facile de commencer votre travail de l’ascension. Ce site contient beaucoup d’information pour apprendre à réaliser ce travail.

Cette section-ci ainsi que le Cours sur l’ascension, disponible en audio (en anglais), sont conçus pour faciliter votre ascension personnelle et notre ascension globale.

La version française de ce texte n'est pas disponible.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

Couch Potato

If you have been on the road to empowerment or enlightenment for any period of time, you will have heard, “meditate every day” at some point.  Also, many teachers, speakers and gurus will tell you to do certain exercises every day which will guarantee growth, awareness, empowerment and enlightenment.

You buy the book and read the book, or maybe you bought the course and listened to it. Maybe you even went to an event or two, a retreat perhaps.

Yet, you get home, put on your house bottoms, switch on the TV, FaceBook, or your favorite websites, and three months later you are still having the same problems, same types of relationship interactions, same job, same frustrations and same everything.

You go and open that book again, listen to the course again, or the recording you received from the event you went to. And this time, you might actually do one or two of the exercises… once. Or you might get a new book and read that… once.

But, every day? Not really. You don’t have the time. You can’t even meditate anymore anyway and when you did, it didn’t really help.

You promise yourself to start for real tomorrow… and that particular tomorrow never comes.

La version française de ce texte n'est pas disponible.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a link to a gentleman whom I was told was teaching the same things I was.  Whenever I get sent links, I scan the link before I open it.  Sometimes I get a “no” and sometimes I get a “yes”.  This time, I got a “yes”, so I opened the link to check out this gentleman’s facebook page.

As soon as the page opened, I felt a deep resonance with this amazing person. I briefly listened to a talk he had just posted, and felt his energy and authenticity come through. Not only that, but his words were filled with compassion and love. A peace emanating from within, that reached out through the screen and into the person watching. Without a second to spare, I messaged him and asked him if he would like to do a conversation with me for youtube.

Si vous avez regardé ma vidéo: "look at 2017 video", vous serez familiarisé avec les 3 aspects auxquels nous allons faire face en 2017. Ces 3 aspects sont Guérir la souffrance, Engagement, Unification.

Aujourd’hui je veux aborder Guéri la Souffrance. Je veux aborder ce que cela signifie activement guérir la douleur que nous avons dans nos vies, au niveau culturel, familial, social, et physique pour ensuite être capable d’agir et de faire avec complétude et joie.

Quand nous agissons avec nos souffrances, nos actions sont infusées de douleur, de chagrin, de peur, de colère et d’autres vibrations de basses fréquences. En guérissant la souffrance à l’intérieur de nous avant d’agir, nous ne sommes plus seulement responsabilisés et nettoyés des vibrations de basses fréquences, nous nourrissons activement le monde de paix, de joie, d’amour, d’abondance, d’énergies encourageantes, et nous faisons attention sans en rajouter ou sans donner plus de pouvoir aux énergies de basses fréquences qui pourraient détourner notre travail et nos actions.

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