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We have decided to publish some of the thousands of letters received by Inelia because their energy and spirit are highly inspirational. These are a few of the individuals who have taken the goal of raising the vibration of the planet into their own lives and thus helping each person in the collective wake up enough to make a conscious choice of where they want to be in this new paradigm.

Interview with an Angel

Eureka! A thought provoking novel that takes you into many different ideas about angels,humans,soul experiences and so much more. I highly reccommend if you'd like to expand your current awareness of how things work here on planet earth. (LL)


Interview with an Angel

Excellent read. I personally found it to be of high frequency and uplifting. Opened me up to possibilities I have never considered and has certainly expanded my normal paradigm.
This book has appeared to me with impecable timing. Thanks again Inelia. (Brad W.)

Interview with an Angel

Loving this book. I find it opens doors within to considering Angels. their involvement with mankind,character and personalities.Stretching the fabric of my awareness in many directions at once. Grounding,eye opening and expansive all at once. - Brian Weir

Interview with an Angel

Thanx Inelia and the angels, this book is a portal that led me to Michael's energy and presence in my life. It's incredible how I feel the angels next to me and my vibration raisng...Aloha and Mahalo! (Paola)

Interview with an Angel

Thank you for allowing me to follow along in this (and the previous) profound and 'mind-opening' novel :-) ... I just love to read your books, and I'm thankful that you bring this information out (Susanne Rasmussen)

Interview with an Angel

Dear Inelia,
I have all your books and love them all. Your interview with angels is near and dear to me though. I have always been facinated with angels, your book validated those little hunches and inklings I've had. I read it fast and am taking the next reading much slower.This book I'll go back to again and again....(ha, ill do that with all your books though) Thanks for writing it!! and my friends will be hearing about it, too. (Peg Millett)

Interview with an angel

WOW! It is hard d to describe the complex emotion and experience I went through. I read the book in a hurry, now onto the second reading. Had a profound realization, and personal breakthrough. Had a good cry! Still feeling it. Never realize how powerful we humans are! Someone wrote about time and dimension moving through us while we read the book, I believe it! Thank you so much Inelia! (ManukaHoney)

Interview With an Angel

Sometimes I can only read one paragraph a day... I feel I want to integrate at the core of my being the information it contains... So I am taking it easy and enjoying it SO MUCH!! So much gratitude while reading Inelia´s Book everytime!! THANK YOU! (Javiera)

Interview with an Angel


Nothing more would need to be said!

I found Michael's shenanigans amusing....and I very much liked the statement about the many layers around the average human.It helps to keep that in mind while interacting with ...well,... many of them.

The angels I communicate with can be very humorous, especially when in a group. When alone, not so Michael, but Uriel, who's pictures in answering are very drastic, down-to-earth! I often burst out laughing.

I also like the statement that they are a species....

Interview with an Angel

Dear Inelia,

thank you so much for your being. I really love your interview with an angel, I reread it several times, there is so many layers in it. And it sure gave me a good laugh! The picture of Michael with leather biker clothes and tatoos on his arms made my day! I spoke about it to a friend of mine who said that this would probably be the first book on angels that she would read. She always felt uncomfortable with all the religious weight on them. So to answer your question, yes, it is very inspiring and helpful! Thanks a lot for it!

Much love and heart greetings, Martina

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