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Home Article Library July 2014 A physical action toward a solid intent shifts us quickly into a different more resonant timeline

Inelia Benz

We work on our selves, find empowerment tools, and shift our awareness because we want CHANGE.  We want change to our personal lives, our perceptions and lifestyle, and we want to see a larger, global change in our species.

For that change to happen, there are various factors we can work on:

1. There's the original intent, what we want to see.

2. Then there is a period of processing our fears, belief blocks and disbelief at the possibility of the change. This may include any judgments we have about the current situation too.

3. After that, we release the attachment to ways in which to get the result we want to see, as well as limitations of the result (opening ourselves to "that or better" type energy).

4. We now process "blocks" that come up in real life that seem impossible to overcome.

5. That's when we make the decision that yes, this is going to happen. And more than a decision,  we are now living in an energy of "knowing".

6. We then "feel" the new reality as existing now. We sense it with our physical and emotional bodies as being "real". Not something wanted or something needed, or something we are going to achieve at some point in the future, but as an actual reality NOW.

7. And now, we take action in the physical world.

Let's create a real life type of experience example. Say, a person, let's call her Sam, wants to get a new job but has huge financial and emotional ties with her present work structure:

1. Sam realizes she wants a new job and move on with her life independently of her present workplace.

This is the original intent. A new job.

2. She is afraid to lose something secure and then a new job not working out. She is also afraid of whether she can manage financially to support herself and her children, and pay her husband alimony.  The job market is so bad right now that she feels at her age, she will never get a new position somewhere. She is  also afraid to lose the friendship she has with her co-workers and supervisors. They take turns hosting bbqs every two weeks, and she is also heavily  involved in their golf league. And the job is not horrible. Some days, she actually enjoys it.

Her fears are loss of security, income, being too old for the job market, loss of friends and social activities. She judges the present job as being "good enough" and perhaps it's not such a good idea to make the change.  She sits down and uses the Fear Processing exercise to dissolve her fears, and the Firewall exercise to process her judgments and "made do" energy. She now decides she will go ahead and start looking for possible positions.

3. She strongly feels that she must get a new job where she can use her creative art skills more, within 20 miles of her home and that pays $90K per year.

Although a good starting point, she makes sure to add "or better" to her "list". As well as releasing the attachment to location.

4. As soon as she has moved to a point where getting a new job is something she really wants to do, her supervisor retires and she is asked to take over as department supervisor. Her work hours, and administrative duties, increase.  Her house is found to have termite and she is now forced to take out a hefty loan for the treatment and repairs involved.

She sits down after her daily meditation and scans the energies that have manifested the physical blocks. Are they ways in which her environment are reflecting that she should not move jobs right now? Or are there fears or social beliefs she did not get to the bottom of? Or is it a push from her higher self to radically change her life now?  She decides it's a mixture of fear and a push from her higher self to get out now. She processes her fears, and emotional reactions to her new workload and financial burden.

5. She now KNOWS that she is getting a new job and that it's going to be an absolute improvement to where she is at right now.

The energy of Knowing, as opposed to wanting or wishing, or needing a new reality is radically different. For example, we know what color our hair is, we wish/want/need to go on holidays more often.

6. Now, when she goes into work, she totally feels her new experience. The satisfaction, the use of her creative, artistic, side, the shorter hours, the larger paycheck are not longer wishful thinking, they are real..  She feels secure, appreciated, satisfied, happy and complete. People complement her smile all the time now and feel her self confidence and ... she's wearing much nicer clothes!

When we make the shift, it happens in the present. It happens where we are. Soon after that, our environment starts reflecting our new "reality".

7. This is when she writes down an honest, heartfelt Resume, that truly reflects her personality and interests (physical action).  She checks it for resonance, makes sure there is no fear, neediness, or attachment energies on it, and clicks the send button to several companies around the world.  Then she gets afraid that she will be rejected, her true self be discarded and thrown in the trash.  She processes those fears and realizes that there is absolutely no attachment to any results, or any job. She's happy, content and satisfied. She KNOWS her perfect job exists, it's just a matter of vibrationally matching its timeline.

Program-free physical action is very important. And when we do it, often fears or misgivings pop up, that's when we process those fears and misgivings in earnest.

This example could be translated into many life situations. Moving house, getting a love partner, leaving a love partner, changing one's physical appearance, starting a new hobby, reaching enlightenment... you name it.

I have discussed and expanded on this topic in this recording:  Moving into Resonant Timelines - Upgrading Relationships

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


+2 #7 Vanessa 2014-07-22 15:11
Thank you so much Inelia!
I'm exactly experimenting step 4 of your example. It is such a relief to read this email, take a step back, look at the bigger picture and better understand what I can do to move forward.
Thanks again!
+1 #6 Guest 2014-07-17 18:01
Mike and Izzy's contribution shows that every decision has to go 'full circle' until life change happens. Our subconsciousnes s is hugely influential with its hidden agendas. In my experience, only when old blocks and beliefs are completely identified, aware, processed on EVERY level AND fully adapted by our brains, our intention and belief will turn into knowing and thus reality change can happen.
I feel, there's a 'rated break point' between the steps 'believing' and 'knowing' (our new goals). Often, the Ego is incredibly clever to sabotage them and hide itself so that it can practically make you rinse and repeat forever, having sent you on the wrong track without you even detecting it. THAT can make it very difficult to step into knowing. Because, if our brain and/or our subconsciousnes s don't buy it, reality will stay unchanged. Do you know how to 'mind the gap' and effectively reach this 'knowing' stage, hopefully without circumvention?
0 #5 inaluna 2014-07-17 10:04
Hi Inelia.What can we do if we begin to acces memories from other existences, past lives? how can we manage that? is it something that help us at this moment, we need those informations?
+3 #4 Mike & Izzy 2014-07-13 15:18
Thank you Inelia, reminds me of my 180º life changing events.
At the end of 2009, I began Meditating and "Praying" for help and guidance in turning my life around (and consequently Izzys). At the end of 2010 a "chance"… “catalytic” encounter, provided me with a book containing a quote from a Sioux Indian... "The longest journey that you will make in your life… is from your head to your heart".
It helped me understand that my employers extremely negative attitude towards me was actually more painful for them... from that moment on I looked at them with compassion instead of anger, returning every negative onslaught with tranquility and understanding.
At the beginning of 2011 another "catalytic" encounter helped completely change my life.
On SEPTEMBER 1st 2011 my life completely changed for the better. I now cycle to work through the forest and work outdoors in all weathers thus improving my health, have more time for myself and Izzy.
+2 #3 Guest 2014-07-13 10:22
I found the experience example very helpful.
Thank you,
+2 #2 Guest 2014-07-12 13:49
Wow, this is a fantastic breakdown of how it works. The steps really help to see where a person is at in their process, and personally, it has helped me see what my stage is now and what to do with it! Thank you for this! Truly excellent timing!
+1 #1 Odyle 2014-07-12 04:00
Thank you!!! Exactly what I needed just now!! Lots of love Odyle

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