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Home Article Library February 2014 Have you wondered what is behind the oppression of our feminine side?

Inelia Benz

It's easy to fall into the victim/aggressor cycle when we think about the oppression of our feminine side. Not only the suppression of our own, personal feminine traits, whether we are men or women, but the physical and often brutal oppression of women and feminine men around the world.

It's easy to fall into rage, anger, frustration, fear and hopelessness when we open our eyes and look around to what is happening all around us.  How we tell our boys to "be men", and not cry, run, laugh, play "like a girl". How we program our girls to be passive, helpless, submissive, beautiful, and compete for the attention of men (which until recently, and in many countries still, is vital to their physical survival and the survival of their children).

The oppression of women did not come about coincidentally, or through the survival of the fittest. It is a program that has been brutally imposed by all of us, on all of us, for thousands of years now. And it's coming to an end.

If you are familiar with my work, you will know that I will tell you "you are an eternal divine being, powerful beyond measure, the Creator of this reality".  Know that this is true. At this time, we are, some of us are, on a bridge between a reality where the suppression of women was necessary to keep a certain light/dark paradigm alive, and a reality where that paradigm, the old paradigm, is no longer in existence.  All we need to do, is become conscious of various key aspects, or anchors, that keep the old paradigm real, and decide to dissolve them.

By becoming conscious of where we hold those anchors in our own energy fields, our own minds, our own bodies, our own belief systems, we become the pioneers, the path-makers, for the collective dissolution of one of the most insidious and enslaving programs known to man.

We can recognize these programs, which are usually related to our beliefs about men or women and in particular sex, when we feel, think or sense an emotion, thought or feeling that is "not allowed".  Something we automatically suppress. Something we have been taught it's evil, bad, naughty, not allowed.  Something which, at the same time, has been placed in our bodies of energy by exposure, design, or purpose. It keeps us from expressing our full power, because we become afraid that this particular thing will surface when we are powerful and cannot be stopped.

But here's the thing: humans are one of the few animals on the planet that do not react from programs alone.  We are one of the few species that can want, think, feel, desire, and be programmed to do something in reaction to an external stimuli, but CAN CHOOSE to do something else instead.

And when we allow ourselves to feel, think, sense, desire, or fear, whatever it is, but not react to it, and instead simply OBSERVE that energy in ourselves, the program DISSOLVES.

I invite you to observe yourself in the mirror, and imagine, believe and know, that you are the opposite sex to which your physical body is presently in, for at least 10 minutes every day for a week.  I also invite you to observe someone close to you, whether a spouse, work mate, family member, or friend, and for at least ten minutes KNOW they are the opposite sex to what their body is.  You may need to start with a couple of seconds to begin with, and build it up to ten minutes in both instances.

Another exercise is to read the next sentence and watch your reaction to it: "Inelia Benz is a powerful, highly influential, and fearless woman".  What do you feel? Think? Sense?

What about these combination of words: "powerful woman", "highly influential woman", "fearless woman".

Now read the following and watch the difference (if any) "The Dalai Lama is a powerful, highly influential and fearless man". Any differences?

Now the word combinations: "powerful man", "highly influential man", "fearless man".

Interesting huh?

As you do these exercises, watch and observe your reactions, whether emotional, mental, egoic, physical, or energetic. Keep a journal and be amazed.

When we move out of the programming, we can take action at a social level. The oppression of our feminine side results in more than the subjugation of women, it is also in part the reason why the majority of human beings accept war, abuse of animals and lack of empathy toward living beings and the planet as a whole by men and women alike.

When one awake individual  (YOU) dissolves his or her programs of oppression, she or he creates an energetic map, a resonance, that starts activating the feminine side of hundreds of other individuals.  And when we act at a social level in the redefinition and treatment of women, animals, and other brutalized beings, we do it from a place of fearlessness and impeccable integrity which is undefeatable.  We no longer "save" them, or add to their victimhood by feeling they are victims.  Yet we literally stop what is happening because it does not fit into our chosen reality. How we do this? It's up to us!  We rally and organize with others, and use the social and personal tools at our disposal. But FIRST we liberate our own selves, our own bodies, energy field, minds and emotional bodies of those enslaving programs.

Let's put our egoic survival instincts on hold for the next few months, and lets dare to act in breaking this link in the chain of enslavement. Let's let our feminine side out of her cage! What do you say? Are you game?

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #11 Guest 2014-04-20 21:32
this is so great inelia. thank you.
-3 #10 Guest 2014-03-10 00:34
Inelia, You bring up the oppression of generic women but have nothing meaningful or relevant to say about the oppression of "non-white" men, the most oppressed segment of the population. :sad:
0 #9 Mike & Izzy 2014-03-04 14:08
Hi Inelia
Curiously when we were young, both Izzy and I wanted to be the opposite (physical) sex, but as we grew up we came to terms with our (dual)sexuality . We are sure that we have been together in opposite sexual roles in other lives, for we have complete sexual harmony.
Love Mike & Izzy
0 #8 Guest 2014-02-24 22:09
The most exciting part of this whole page is the affirmation of the concept of how my own work dissolving the "programs" or "constructs" (as I call them) placed upon me, that I have a very real impact on the surrounding people I interact with on a daily basis. It's like small ripples in a pool... building up to massive waves in the Oceans.
0 #7 Guest 2014-02-19 15:47
Thank you Inelia :)
+5 #6 Guest 2014-02-18 03:04
I am a transgendered woman, and have been living as such for the past 25 years. When I discovered and acknowledged the feminine within, it became an avenue of inquiry for me for the rest of my life. I wish that I could impart to men the insights I have and continue to learn of the feminine mystique, and the roles that women have had to play.
Perhaps I can through forums such as this.
Thank you for posting this article and bring it to public awareness.
We are all both yin and yang, and the sooner that we all learn to acknowledge it, instead of fear it, the better for all humanity
+3 #5 Guest 2014-02-17 15:23
Hello Inelia.
I have always felt if the majority of the worlds leaders were female - the Earth would be a much more peaceful and compassionate planet. I am 100% male in that sense yet I wholely embrace and cherish my feminine side. The compassion, nuturing and gentleness I posses and share freely are my greatest virtues. I am able to walk both sides of the fence to a degree enabling me enough to see and feel the energies of both. Allowing a glimpse into the dynamics of male and female attributes. Understanding how they beautifully complement one another when in flux through love, kindness, strength and understanding.
+2 #4 Guest 2014-02-15 19:53
I not only am ready to do this...I AM doing this and am empowered by the very essence of being a loving and giving human. I love showing my gentle and loving nature more every day. I believe it is what we are here for. Not to suppress feelings, but to express them. We are here to serve one another and to share our understanding of the oneness of our true nature. Blessings and love to you Inelia my friend. David Allen
+3 #3 Guest 2014-02-15 09:53
If by feminine you mean the protector I say go for it. Our Mother Earth provides us with everything we need yet we choose destructive energies? When I read "powerful woman", "highly influential woman", "fearless woman" I felt relief, joy, awe, and wonder. When I read the male aspects I felt fear, anger, and motivation...
+2 #2 Guest 2014-02-15 06:12
Beautiful perfect, this IS the message :-)

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