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Home Article Library November 2013 Time to Turn You ON - How to step into your POWER

Inelia Benz

altBy first exploring where we think we are not powerful, we can then tap into where our power lies as an individual.

The most expansive questions we can ask ourselves as human beings, and often the first questions we ask when we first awaken, are "Who am I?" "What is my mission?" "How can I become/express my highest self?" "Why are we here?" "What is this planet all about?"

One of the most poignant things to find out is that we limit our own capacity to see the answers to those questions through energetic, mental, emotional and perceptual restrictions. We RESTRICT ourselves. And why do we do that? For at least two reasons, one is so that we can play a limited game, within limited parameters, and the second is a fear that if we become completely unrestricted, we would harm others.

All these restrictions reflect the fear we have to our own personal POWER.

What is power?

Power is the ability to do, and it is CHI.

The more ability to do we have, and the more Chi, the more "powerful" we are. Both in our own life and in society at large.  As an example, money is a representative of Chi and ability to do. If you had 20 Billion dollars in the bank, would you be able to do more than you are able to now?  This brings money back from all the energetic wrappings and wrongnesses that it has been painted with, to its most simple role: representation of power (chi and ability to do). The program of self gratification vs empowering our collective experience is very prominent when we look at what we would do with all that power.

We are taught over and over again that power corrupts, power is abused, it will take us over and rule us, power is BAD. Who teaches us this? People in power. Now, in these previous two sentences, replace the word "power" with the word "money" and you will start to get a real feel for how we agree to be dissempowered, even in the "new age" networks: We are taught over and over again that money corrupts, money is abused, it will take us over and rule us, money is BAD. Who teaches us this? People with money.

The fact is that the relationship between our manifesting power, our wealth, our capacity to do and our Chi, is often equal to how we feel about power and how we feel about money. And that's NO COINCIDENCE.

We are taught to fear and reject our own power, and to feel money is evil,  from the very beginning of our lives.  We are taught this by those very same people who are themselves in power because if we realized, stepped into, and used our power, their power would be shown for what it is, nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Those same people have created a financial model which is indeed nothing but smoke and mirrors which diverts all chi, money, and power directly to them.

Who are "they"? They are every single being you have placed in authority over you. Anyone who can tell you what to do and you will do it even though it feels wrong. Anyone who you have given the capacity to remove stuff from your life without your "consent", such as a job, electricity, water, shelter, food, communication, love, comfort, joy... Anyone who you feel is to "blame" for your suffering, pain, distress, or the suffering, pain and distress of others.

"They" are our OWN creation to stop us from being powerful. It is like a self feeding loop.

So, where does YOUR POWER lie?

Where your own curiosity, joy, inspiration and passions are ignited. A combination of what you are "good at" and "love doing".

Take a look around your room right now, or if you are in a public space, take a look at your clothes, and what you have in your pockets, backpack, handbag or other personal items. Look at the browser history in your internet program.

There will be themes popping up. A color, a style, a historical period, a technology, a question, a theory, a skill, something will be more prominent than other things.

For one, the interest you have in your own expanded awareness (ascension) and growth. You are here to BE awake.

Now look at the people you are surrounding yourself with in your personal life.  The ones you share most messages with, emails with, conversations with, time with. These are the people who are reflecting back to you the reality you are creating, the power you are using, and, very importantly, the power you are suppressing.

Grab all the communications you have had with these main individuals the past five days. Analyze the topics covered, the words you and they used most, and the main energy direction (was it raising your and their vibration, or lowering it?).

Now, this bit of the exercise is interesting: imagine all those individuals having absolute power over reality.  Having power and chi unrestricted. Now you will get a very graphic idea both of where your own power lies, and where you are restricting yourself of your power. And yes, agreeing to restrict others too.

Useful tool for this exercise: Fear Processing Exercise

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Beginner/Intermediate: Limitations, Why do we create them?

Thank you for your unwavaring support!

“Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word uttered to us might be sufficient to change the course of our lives. But if we don’t have enough personal power, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won’t make a damn bit of difference.” Carlos Castaneda



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+1 #7 Nicole 2014-05-10 15:22
I was taught that money is evil, corrupt, etc. by people who DON'T have it, and I was taught that power is evil, bad, corrupt, etc. through people abusing that power. Never was I taught either by the elites or those in authority. My read is that the elites worship money and power and think they're *very* good things——but very good things that should be reserved for them only.
+3 #6 Inelia Benz 2014-02-01 10:45
Quoting Guest:
The problem is that money has been used as a tool to create separation. We can use it to create unity, but in unity will we need money anymore? In realms of unity money is not required anymore, because we will really be provided with what we need like the air we breathe.

That's the thing, it's just energy, power, chi, ability to do. How would you use it? How do you feel about the way others are using it? How do you think I am using it, for example?
+2 #5 Guest 2014-01-01 20:06
Hi, thank you for all the great info it's been very helpful.

I have been noticing that people give allot of energy away to movies and tv where actors are portraying a stereotype for us to identify with and usually the stereotype has a way to dress, think, eat and of course what to buy and live like.

It brought to mind this part of a Carlos Castaneda book: "You can tell who are the phonies by listening to people singing the protectors song. Only the songs with soul are his and where taught by him. The others are copies of other mens songs. People are sometimes deceitful as that. They sing someone elses song without even knowing what the songs say".

0 #4 Guest 2013-12-18 03:05
The problem is that money has been used as a tool to create separation. We can use it to create unity, but in unity will we need money anymore? In realms of unity money is not required anymore, because we will really be provided with what we need like the air we breathe.
+1 #3 Guest 2013-11-30 04:23
Thank you, Inelia!
0 #2 Petra Bucenieks 2013-11-30 04:12
i looked at my recent Skype texting and the overall metaphor i got was one of "getting out of a hole". i found it was about always being on the verge: "just do this and you're out" both for myself and my advice given to others. Reminds me of a Frank Zappa song: "I can't get into it unless I get out of it and I gotta be out of it before I get into it". i feel a lot of my Chi is tied up here -- almost succeeding but fearing success will leave me without a reason for being here.

Thanks Inelia -- no one else on the planet is able to teach from the perspective you have :-)
+2 #1 Mike & Izzy 2013-11-22 08:01
For a long time I believed "Money to be the root of all Evil" and "Power Corrupts" whilst practising "Love Thy Neighbour...".
I was forever with money problems and opression from employers who probably didn't know better. I accepted that people trying to "open themselves" were bound to be poor or have loads of problems. After "truely" opening my heart to my very oppressors and desiring change in my life, but without heavy" expectations, my situation did a 180º turn for the better... slowly my CHI is increasing.
Thank you Inelia - Mike&Izzy

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