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Home Article Library May 2013 How do your LIMITATIONS serve?

Inelia Benz

Last Friday, we hosted a Brainstorming session here at ascension101.com. It was really awesome, ideas and viewpoints were aired, and amazing expansion of awareness was experienced.

As I sat with the information that had come in before the call, during the call and after the call, I saw a pattern.  It didn't matter what subject matter we were looking at, the questions all had one thing in common:


I'm going to give you some examples, and if any of these trigger you emotionally, or make you want to argue how wrong I am and how right you are, take a look very closely because there are programs running in you there. You see, knowing that you are right and I am wrong is a perfect example of our different viewpoints, but wanting to make me wrong so you can be right, that's a program triggered to defend itself.

First example: Money is pure, brilliant, chi. But we react to it with rejection, this rejection was programmed in by the cabal. How? By placing PROGRAMS OF LIMITATIONS on it.

Think about it. Is it money that you hate, or desire, or feel disgusted at? Or is it the lack of money you or others have? The difficulty of receiving limitless money? The fact that those who don't have it are castigated on the planet?

Do you see the pattern?


Second Example: Health is wholeness, completeness, and we CAN be 100% healthy at any moment. Yet, most of us have chronic health issues. Why? Because they either serve us or serve those whom we have given our power to. How does it serve us? IT LIMITS US. Think about how your sickness or condition limits you. And see if those limitations have a purpose.

Third Example: Power. We ALL limit our personal power. Why? Why don't we just create the environment and life we want in an instant? Why do we sometimes self destruct?  Imagine having all the power on the planet. Does it make you afraid? Afraid of messing up? Afraid of being lost to the ego? Afraid of being attacked?

Fourth Example: Linear Time, a lot of people are talking about time banks, but these are even more limited than money! These quantify your minutes and hours, and give these value. Not pure chi, but time.  As we are not yet in a non-linear time existence, time banks are a huge LIMITING system.

Fifth Example: Free Energy, we BELIEVE as a society that it is not possible. YET, there has been technology patented for decades now that can generate it. We limit our energy as a species because it serves big corporations to make us think it is limited.

So, why do we do this?

This is my thought: We limit ourselves to provide us with a way to experience life in bite size pieces.  We limit ourselves completely when we are walking a path that our higher self does not agree with, forcing us to change course. We limit ourselves to have a limited experience, which existing as individual beings is by default.

Our limitations are like the controlling factors that shape and form our passage and experience through time/space.  And THAT is why chronic illness don't go away, that's why our income is limited, that's why we don't reclaim all our power, that's why we still subscribe to a past, present and future.


Identify a LIMITATION in your life right now.

Now, imagine for a few minutes, what your life would look like without it.

Stay in that LIMITLESS imaginary time/space for a while.

Now imagine every human being on the planet without that limitation.

If any fear popped up, process it, remember, fear is the bricks that build the walls of limitation.

Let's stop messing about and become limitless yeah?

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


+2 #28 Ilie Pandia 2013-09-24 15:20
I really like the following story about Limitations and how they serve us.

Imagine you are the best tennis player there is. You are so good that nobody can beat you or even be a challenge for you.

This is not very fun, so one day you decide to tie one arm behind your back. But you still keep on winning. Next you use only one foot and yet, being the awesome player that you are, you still win. Then you decide to play blind-folded, but you win again. So you create more and more limitations for you, so that you actually have some fun while playing the game.

With that in mind is easy to see how Limitations are not negative, but rather a tool to have an experience. Even forgetting that we limit ourselves is yet another limitation that helps keep the others in place.

So now you know and you have a choice if you want to keep limiting yourself or not :). I have to be careful when say "you have a choice", because I am talking about the limitless You, not the "you" that feels like a victim stuck here with no power.

(The story is from memory, but I found in the book: "Butterflies are Free to Fly" by Stephen Davis)
+1 #27 Guest 2013-06-25 20:28
what about the general limitations of our brain (use) and its reality 'manufacturing' capacity by processing signals coming from our 5 senses? Do you happen to know how to expand the norm of using only about 3-10% of our brain capacity? Normally, we live in the past as our brain can only recognize what it already knows and fades out anything unknown. Any suggestions how to successfully break THOSE limitations for good?

+1 #26 Olivier Mereveille 2013-06-08 05:03
Yes Inelia, I do have a limitation with money. It has to do with the knowledge that due to the inherent structure of the global financial system, and particularly to the compounded interest that builds up in the final cost of every goods and services, about half of the money (chi) we spend every time we purchase something, half of that amount on average goes back to the banking system in the form of interest payments. (See Margrit Kenedy's book). this is a hidden tax additional to bank fees, income tax, sales tax and any other known taxes.
I have been searching a way to let go of this limitation programming in myself but haven't yet really found the consciousness embrace that can dissolve it.
The thought that every time I spend money half of it goes to enrich the banking cartel and its controlling operations is staggering to me. :cry:
Can you offer any suggestion?
Thank you, Olivier :-)
0 #25 inaluna 2013-06-04 08:51
Hello Inelia.My question is about extremely negative thoughts, doubt and confusion.Are this limitations coming from un unconsious level?And are they a pattern ?
+2 #24 Hans-Peter Stutz 2013-05-28 10:00
Yes, limitations follow patterns, however the pattern can only show us something about ourselves, since no problem is a real cause.
Any limitation is produced by something that can be traced back to us, the real cause.

So if we try to correct limitations, we are not working on the cause of the problem, hence we will necessarily work at the same level of the problem, being something that is rather hard to resolve!

Most limitations exist as a result of my accepting a definition or a value judgment wherein I am less than others by comparison. Where I have accepted a belief system in which I am supposed to have more time, money or power at my disposal… Causing me to feel frustrated because there is no ultimate standard to be met, meaning that even the rich people will be wanting…..

All other limitations exist as a result of not being myself, the most prominent example of this category is health.

Greetings to all
+1 #23 Guest 2013-05-25 14:17

Really good thoughts and beneficial.

Lots of love, Klara
+2 #22 Guest 2013-05-25 14:12
i just did the "imagin" excersise, and i could see billions of people having so much fun, doing lots kinds of arts, free to travell throu - out the whole universe, doing sience, art, and go where ever they want, in all times.
the sight and insight wasbeauiful!!!!
thanks for the moment of grace!! its awesome to be there, and know we can do - the golden age - as we really can!!!
0 #21 Sabine Luebnitz 2013-05-24 19:19
Quoting Inelia Benz:
[quote name="Sabine Luebnitz"]
I thought about the free of chains, but at the moment we are not.

New idea: a series of three, picture one: hands in chains. 2. breaking chains from a wider angle. 3. people with broken chains in joy. Single pics or edited into a mini-film. (I don't know if it's possible, computer-wise or too expensive)
So we'd have your starting point, the next step and a goal. What about that?
0 #20 Guest 2013-05-24 15:44
Hi Inelia,
last wednesday I have felt the LIMIT in my mind... but incredibly I felt it fisically as a sensation. And it was strange. I knew it was limitation, i felt how it stopped me. Time, Money all is in this Wall mixed. What triggered me to felt that was the imposibility to explain that I am another an slowly, actually not for the stressed world.
0 #19 Guest 2013-05-24 14:13
"The primitive man who invented the wheel did just that. His fellows assumed that, when one wanted to transport an object, it had to be carried or dragged along the ground. The
inventor changed the assumption -- and the wheel was born.

Again, so long as man assumed that fire was dangerous and should be avoided, he made no attempt to control it. When some brave soul re-examined this assumption and decided
that fire, although it entailed some hazards, might offer certain advantages to the dwellers in his cave, he took the first step toward the creation of the science of chemistry and nuclear physics." From Dianetics

It takes courage to step outside the box.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.....Max Planck

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