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Home Article Library April 2013 The Divine Masculine - Call to Action

Inelia Benz

As we create the new paradigm, we hear and use the words "Divine Feminine", "Goddess Within", "Mother Earth", "Pachamama", "Solar Feminine", a lot.

They represent what is best about the feminine energies in our selves and our planet.

But what of the "Divine Masculine", "Pachapapa", "God Within", "Father Earth", "Solar Masculine"?

The Divine Masculine energy has been hijacked by our collective choices the past few thousand years to be the "bad guy" in the story. Not the accused "bad guy", which was the feminine, but the "actual" bad guy.

We have projected onto the Divine Masculine, as a society, the Tyrant, the Aggressor, the Rescuer, the Martyr, the Savior, Teacher, God All Powerful.  In other words, all the "doers" in the victim/aggressor cycle.

During the past few thousands years, to experience the Patriarchy, we have used culture, religion, and genetics to establish power onto men in a configuration which is corruptible. A power configuration of hierarchy of power over others.  

Hierarchy is not of itself corruptible, nor is power corruptible. There are hierarchies of responsibility, for example, which are anything but corruptible. But, power over others is indeed corruptible.  And, as a species, we used the Divine Masculine to experience and promote "power over others".

So where does that leave us today?

We have, as individuals and as a society, an enormous amount of programs, beliefs, religious doctrine, and cultural patterns, that color, filter and interpret the "Divine Masculine", into the energies of Tyrant, Aggressor, Rescuer, Martyr, Savior, Teacher, God All Powerful. All mighty, scary and cruel, gentle teacher, suffering martyr.  Does it sound familiar?

Men, who are working on their ascension, find it difficult and often overcompensate one way or the other in order to make amends to society, the women in their lives, their kids, and their own lives.
They try to be the rescuer, savior, teacher, guide so that they balance the tyrant, aggressor out.

But these configurations are still giving power to the victim/aggressor cycle.

As a species, most of us, don't KNOW how to reconnect with the healthy, pure, crystalline energy of the Divine Masculine, without projecting something for it to do for us. Whether to save us, protect us, love us, rescue us... the list goes on.

Yet, just like we ARE the Divine Feminine, just like Gaia IS the Divine Mother, just like the sun IS the Solar Feminine, so are WE the Divine Masculine, Gaia IS the Divine Father, and the sun IS the Solar Masculine.

Power, chi, energy, that has been polarized into feminine and masculine, but are in ESSENCE the same. The only separation, and the programs, roles and beliefs attached to each, come from us. We have physical sexual organs and identity genders that puts us firmly into being able to filter and tap into this CHI essence as either Feminine or Masculine, and use it accordingly. We can also tap into the other one, the one that does not correspond to our sexual organs or gender. But there's often resistance.

CALL TO ACTION - If you are willing, as men and women, let's INTEND to become ONE with and experience the Divine Masculine in its pure, unpolluted, unprogrammed, healthy, whole, complete, unchained form.  Let us SEE the Divine Masculine in pure, unpolluted, unprogrammed, healthy, whole, complete, unchained form in the men and women around us.

For now, the INTENT is enough. As we progress with the intent in the next few days and weeks, and process any issues that come up, we can then start moving toward BEING the Divine Masculine incarnate.  Let's take back the Divine Masculine, clean him from programs, projections and chains, and see what happens.

Write down all the resistances that come up when you read that. Also any programs that get triggered. And simply observe them, allow them to express, don't judge them or push them away. Simply allow them to exist in your field, while you watch and acknowledge them.

If they are stuck programs, or heavy triggers, use the fear processing exercise on them, or find another useful processing and deprogramming tool to use on them.

What say you?

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


+2 #18 Xanu 2013-05-19 09:29
Thank you for posting this. It fits perfectly with what I feel is a key element of my " mission" here at this time.

There is a beautiful book on what it means to be a man, which is to be the mature aspects of the 4 main archetypes of Man.

It is based on jung's work. It has helped me enormously in becoming a Man and holding the male energy expressed as best I can, to raise the frequency and clear the distorted patterns from the past.

The aim is the Divine Union of male and female - in a balanced relationship living in harmony as equals.

Keep up the heart work you are doing inelia.
0 #17 Diana María 2013-04-18 17:19
Thanks a lot, just what I needed right now... As always, the Universe moves in its (ours) perfect ways. Om nama shivaya :lol:
0 #16 Mike & Izzy 2013-04-17 14:38
Thank you Inelia for putting the M/F issue into perspective. I have disagreed with the Patriarchal society and have been juggling with my M/F for a long time, along with my partner Isabel.
+1 #15 Inelia Benz 2013-04-17 12:32
Quoting Melina:
the divine masculine is welcome to present itself to us,
we've been waiting and preparing the space with love and patience.

It might help if you stop waiting for him to appear, and BE him. Allow him to exist as you.
+2 #14 Melina 2013-04-17 06:38
the divine masculine is welcome to present itself to us,
we've been waiting and preparing the space with love and patience.
+1 #13 Luis Filipe 2013-04-17 04:23
I never invested much time in thinking about this separation between our feminine and masculine side. There are those that say that in order to progress through this matrix ilusion we should at some point in our spiritual way through the astral realms, integrate our feminine and masculine facets which are currently separated even in phisical terms. I guess it could be a symptom of the duality we are still living. Lets then rediscover ourselves in our way back to wholeness...
+1 #12 Terese Nehrbauer 2013-04-16 21:12
I'm feeling the joy of collaborating with thousands and millions of others, in this Call to Action for harmonious integration of oneness!
Thank you Inelia, for communicating and broadcasting. -Peace, Terese
+2 #11 Forrest 2013-04-16 18:37
Thank you Inelia. I feel that many people have thrown out the masculine in favor of the feminine. But it's not either/or. We are One unified Being that is both masculine AND feminine. Of course this only makes sense when describing qualities or values, and not aspects of the physical body.

I feel that what has been lost is the correct understanding, and therefore use, of the masculine qualities. For example, power in its correct use is an extremely important ability to have. It is the power to create. It is our personal will power that enables us to choose Light over dark in every situation. It is the same raw power that created the Universe. There is nothing good/bad about power. Power just is. It is only we who judge and apply it accordingly.

If the collective is to bring forth a new paradigm, it will take a great deal of power to accomplish this. Not by brute force, but by the capacity and ability (power) to change our minds.
0 #10 Keith Gregory 2013-04-16 18:32
Hola Aloha Inelia, I trust this note finds you well. My friend Sam Liebowitz passed on this posting, in that I work with Awakening The Sacred Masculine as well. In fact, very much so - in men & women alike. Perhaps you will enjoy my blog at awakenthesacred . blogspot .com
As always, I celebrate a like Hearted & minded ally - as I Am yours. With Only Blessings On Your Way, Keith
+1 #9 M Carmen Lopez 2013-04-16 16:29
Awesome article Inelia Since i was a kid I suffered the victim agressor prison even though my present life has been so far quite peaceful. I have always missed the Divine Masculine and I have developed a sometimes strong character not associated with women on our society. Please note my email has godess Durga in it.... I am trying to heal the victim agressor cycle that I feel so devastating. Thank God i have dreams, dreams to remember And I have nourished my starving soul with them.

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