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Home Article Library November 2012 The 5th Dimension is not a location, it's a Creation.

Inelia Benz

5th DimensionWe create our own reality. This is something that has been taught for thousands of years, and kept a well kept secret in Western society for as many years.  It is also the one biggest piece of information that the "powers that were" are trying to stop from reaching the sleeping masses.

The reason that this knowledge is being kept secret is that when a person is asleep (spiritually unawakened), they can be lead to create someone else's reality by the use of fear, persuasion, and created illusions of reality that are sold so hard, it's hard to think they are not real.

But when we think about the 5th Dimension, or any other higher dimension, we often forget that the same applies.

In more subtle dimensions, core material is there as a more subtle physicality, but what happens there, what we experience, or even entering that less dense reality, is our own creation. In order to enter a more subtle and pliable dimension, we need the awareness and capacity to allow ourselves to be and create that less dense reality.  We do that by becoming less "dense" ourselves (no punt intended).

Due to the less solidity of the 5th Dimension (or 4th, or 12th and everything in between), those who make it part of their environment are more aware of their own nature, and the nature of their reality. We are "able to to" much better than on the 3D solidity.

In the more subtle dimensions, in order to "use" another person's power, we need their conscious agreement. The reason is that in those dimensions there is very little unconsciousness left.  And what is left is not easily used by others.

We create the 5th Dimension.

Yes, all physical reality is multidimensional and an illusion, but we create them to have an experience of singular individuality.  They exist in the same "location", which is infinite. But at the same time, we choose to be aware of only a tiny little spectrum of that all encompassing "reality".  That tiny spectrum dictates what we experience as "real".

The difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are ones of empowerment, subtlety of solid matter, and capacity to do.

Therefore, what we experience in the subtler dimensions is what we choose to experience there. They don't "exist" until we create and move our awareness into that space.

There are no dimensions in Oneness, because there is no singular construct of individuality with "other", whether "other person" or "environment.

From a standpoint of Oneness, the difference between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions are infinitely small and insignificant.  But from our standpoint, and awareness, there could not be two more different experiences of physical existence.

And, the most important point, these are not dimensions we move into, but actively create moment by moment by our raising of our personal vibration, raising the vibration of the planet, and being fully aware of our intention and energy behind all our communications with other and self. It's a personal process of creation.

How do we get to that point of conscious creation? We raise our personal vibration, we raise our environmental vibration, we embody the new Paradigm. How do we do it? Find the tools that resonate with us. There are thousands of them out there. If what I am saying resonates with you, see what you can use at the Ascension101.com Tools section.  There are tools for you, the planet, the human collective and the entire matrix. The free content at our website has been accessed by over 1,600,000 individuals, who have accessed the pages 3,362,410 times.  These individuals will often learn the tools, then teach them to others.

Word of mouth is the number one path with which these individuals have found the ascension101 website. A person will share what works for him or her.

Also, if you are interested in your personal growth, the Ascension101 Course was specifically brought forth to create an energy exchange line that will not only benefit you in your personal expansion of awareness, consciousness and ascension, but also supports the Ascension101.com staff and website so that millions more can access the information, inspiration, and knowledge available here. The income from the Ascension101 Course allows us to have the time, tools and skills to create the World empowering free content you see here every week. The site will be around until 2017, at which point it will no longer be necessary (if we do this right) because we will have reached a critical mass of empowered individuals, shifting the entire species into knowing all these tools and capacities without having to do a course, using a tools, listening to an interview, or reading an article whether in ascension101 or other location.

What is left to do after we raise our own vibration, the planet's vibration and create the 5th dimension?

Well, that is up to you. My role is not that of creator, it is of inspiring you to be self empowered, taking back your own authority, being the sovereign of your personal reality,  showing you that you have the tools, capacity and abilities at your disposal, so that no one else can ever take away your power without your conscious consent again. It is your role to create the new Paradigm, the 5th Dimension, or whatever other name you might know that experience in subtle physical reality as. When do you start it? I say, start NOW!

YOU are the creator. Start creating that new reality right now. It is not a location to arrive at, it is something YOU create today by raising your own vibration and deciding what you want to create.

My name is Inelia Benz, and I am here to raise the vibrational level of the planet. What are you here for?

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


-1 #20 kellyJ 2013-03-13 09:56
Enjoy what may come..
+2 #19 pointblank 2013-03-10 04:12
Thank u.. but I was wonderin can 5th dimension be used to predict the 3rds future.. r current reality were in now... Our is it jus an out of body experience...

Also I've been tryin for three months to expecience an out of body experience... Can u experience it easily r is it sumthin u must train for?
+1 #18 beloved 2012-12-04 17:14
My name is savannah hanson and I am here to be an emissary for the Universal awakening of Love,
0 #17 Lisete Alcalde 2012-11-30 11:01
i love you inelia thank you 4 coming to my life i understand myself more and i am so excited of the new earth coming :-)
+4 #16 robb 2012-11-30 04:04
Quoting Cloud9:
Hi - just please PLEASE explain . .

If we can create our own realities why am i not a multi millionaire with complete financial freedom to do my art...

Your question suggests that you are following the programmed thinking that the answer to all of the issues in life is money. The reason we incarnate is to grow and learn. Your Soul has set the program. You get to play it out, and if you gain enough awareness, you can satisfy your Soul programming in this life, and move forward.

If you were guided by your Soul you might be aware of how your life could be more fulfilled, and that fulfillment might inform your creativity, which would make your art something people would find fascinating, and want to pay money for it.
The Infinite Intelligence is there for you to create with, but you have your lessons to live and learn. and it's not an ATM.
0 #15 JOSE 2012-11-29 17:25
0 #14 Cloud9 2012-11-29 10:09
Hi Inelia,

With regard to the 5thD being something we create 'here', is that idea connected to the forthcoming energies enabling us to do that on the physical plane here, like the 5th will be/is open to us here, now, or in the near future?

The reason i ask is that when going obe, one's spirit body, our soul/light body parts from this level (3rd) and then goes into the 4th - 'realities back door' i call it. From here it's possible to go through many dimensional levels, back to source if one is able . . . my point being the 5th in my experience is accessed out of body, so you're saying the 5th is now available to us here, in-body in what is currently 3d?

Thank you for your time in answering,
Love, J x
0 #13 Svetlana 2012-11-29 09:39
[even the suggestion that the wonderful experiences with bin-aural beat technology were just imaginative fantasies; so, get pulled apart by 50 different 'real' explanations for this experience of life. If I really create my own reality, then I must be insane. But in spite of this, I am grateful to you for bringing forth a positive message. [I expect this maudlin rant will not pass the review, but that is okay.] I always know that i am the creator of my experience, but did not understood how its works and have difficultes with it. Inelia gave us so simple answers, its even - disappointment, no fuel for drama left!
-1 #12 Gaby Blanco 2012-11-28 23:37
Hola Inelia!!!! Cuándo tendremos el curso de ascención en español????
Gracias! besos!
+2 #11 Inelia Benz 2012-11-28 21:30
Quoting Cloud9:
Hi - just please PLEASE explain . .

If we can create our own realities why am i not a multi millionaire with complete financial freedom to do my art and not commute every day to the city, to do something i don't want to do with people i don't want to be around?

Where is my financial freedom, where are my millions? if this 5th dimension creation thing is true, along with it's other attached issues - why am i not financially free with enough money to do and have what i want as well as being able to give loads of cash to family and friends?

PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE! just a straight answer.

thank you, Love, jX

What does your Higher Self answer when you ask that question?

My experience has been that those individuals who are actively and consciously creating their own reality, have done a LOT of Fear Processing, taking response-abilit y for their lives and are meditating quite a bit too. Living genuine and impeccable truth in their bodies. So... my answer would be, it's because you are not doing that yourself perhaps?

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