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Home Article Library August 2012 Awakened Western Woman - You are the Key.

Inelia Benz

Awakened Western Women are the Key.  This is a sentence I have heard over and over again in the past few months, although different words and descriptions have been used. Many male spiritual leaders have spoken it, as well as many female spiritual leaders.

But what does it mean?

If you are reading this article you are either an Awakened Western woman, know one,  or are a man who knows at least one woman.

The concept that spiritual and social change is brought about by women is not a new one. It is well established.

When one, just one, woman learns a method to raise her personal vibration, in other words she starts ascending in evolution, she will share it with her friends, she will teach it to her kids, and will also share with her family and partner. Or try to.

This is why women have been the target of religious and social programming for as long as we can remember. Because it is through women, that belief systems, teachings, social rules, and reality, is spread into our human collective.

Let's think of children and who forms them. Most teachers are female. All mothers are female. And yes, what you do in your pregnancy does affect the fetus. So even if a child is being raised by men, he or she had a big programming session for nine months inside the biological mother's womb. Most religious followers are women. Women who then take those teachings home and teach them to their kids. Or to school, where they teach it to their students.  And most of this is done unconsciously, unthinking, just through actions, and emotions, and the sharing of interest.

I worked for two years with a friend of mine who is fully dedicated in teaching women to stand in their own power. Her mission, and journey, has been met with horrendous resistance. She was even killed once for it.  But she came back.  For most of these two years of working with her, I did not understand her passion, her unwavering stubbornness in her mission of working only with women. Yes, her teachings are available to men and women alike, but her personal work is only with women. Then I got it! I was able to experience what power a woman has, and what an unstoppable force a group of women can be, at a global scale.

Just like my old friend, there are hundreds of thousands of women out there. A few of them in the public eye, but the great majority working quietly and unanimously. Unwavering in their mission to empower other women, to empower children, and to empower men. Hundreds of thousands of women warriors, teachers, healers, speakers, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

Imagine what will happen if we add a few million to the list!

This is what we can do: we teach at least one more woman how to easily and quickly raise her personal vibration.  There is no mystery, no gurus, no religion, and no qualifying characteristics on how to do raise one's vibration. Learn how to do it yourself, and teach at least one woman how to do it.

I placed the tools I use to raise my personal vibration on the Tools menu tab of ascension101.com. Use these, or use whatever resonates with you that you already know, but do it today: https://ascension101.com/en/ascension-tools.html


Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #10 Nurgul Ol 2012-09-18 17:08
Beloved Inelia,

I am so happy that i found you and Lucia Rene :lol:
Thank You for everything.
I want to share one name and a You-Tube link with your permission.

She is not Western and her name is Vandana Shiva.I dont know her spiritual live but she is a Light Warrior.
We all can learn so much from her too.
She has a very earhtly approach,very grounded,strong.

I am doing some of your shared tools.I am getting prepared.

Again thank you and maybe one day we will meet.

0 #9 julia avila 2012-09-08 01:42
Inelia. que bien,canalizado tu mensaje. y sé que lo vamos a lograr.con nuestro póder femenino,del amor y la emoción. Un abrazo,con amor. tia july.
0 #8 julia avila 2012-09-08 01:35
Inelia: m :P :P uy inteligente y sabio mensaje,nosotra s con nuestra energia de amor, tenemos el poder y lo más importante hacerlo con emoción. te mando un abrazo con amor.
0 #7 Martha Lucia 2012-09-07 21:03
:lol: la mujer siempre ha sido lider y lo seguira siendo aunque a traves de la historia el poder del hombre la haya opacado, pero ahora es el momento de que la mujer sea lider y muestre todo lo que puede dar a todos los seres
0 #6 Mark 2012-09-07 02:06
Woman is the macro, the womb, where things are born - the sun.
Man is the micro, or the seed, where spirit enters - the moon.
Daughter/Son is where spirit ascends, the journey back again.

So true about the womb, having an effect on the child, and after they are born the chord is physically but not energetically cut, this is how you are always tied to your ancestors. Also how you can effect your children as you become more empowered, more directly.

I will be free here with my language. Let's take older cultures nordic, woman would serve everyone food, they did this because they controlled the food :D, they ensured everyone had enough, everyone was taken care of. They were the managers I aspire to be, and somehow some modern day movements now have turned that about to see that as weakness. I see it as incredible strength of character to care that much about the group, tribe, family etc, and to manage it all. That is the side of me I am developing out!!
+1 #5 Terry Schon 2012-09-05 14:52
all makes good sense. I could never work out why women were so supressed by every nation on this earth. Now I know why. Thank you Inelia for this enlightenment.
+5 #4 Sila 2012-08-30 09:10
The most beautiful thing is seeing that a woman sees herself within a man as well. She accepts him inside of her. No more division between male and female.

We are oneness and infinity; yes, the constant opposites now realized that they are the same.

I thanks creation for you being here Inelia.
+3 #3 Anna 2012-08-30 03:29
The mothers revolution!
+1 #2 Terry Lynam 2012-08-29 21:42
I was just wondering whether this course is also for males. ;-)
+4 #1 mats karlsson 2012-08-29 16:37
It feels confirming reading this. My personal opinion is that the women with their more balanced feminine side play a huge important role at the front for awakening and ascension of the collective on every level. I have also noticed the men who work and plays an important role as front figures towards ascension and raising the vibrations have a more balanced feminine side (Assange, Tolle ............... ). It is therefore important for men to develop this feminine balance. I consider it very important that the majority must consist of empowered women who take much of the responsibility for ensuring awakening and ascension continue forward successfully. A predominantly masculine thinking and approach is too primitive in the new paradigm, and would therefore do more harm than good.

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