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Home Article Library June 2012 Call to Action - IT'S TIME!

Inelia Benz

It is TimeFor the past two weeks every time I sit down to meditate, daydream, doing, or not doing, a strong message comes through.  The words are:


Just that.

I have sat with it, and followed the energy. I find a wealth of information when I do that. One of them is that the major conjunction and physical expression of the shift starts this June Solstice.  The energetic shift occurred last summer (2011).  If you are in any way sensitive, you will have felt time and vibration accelerating to incredible velocity the past month.  It will continue to escalate, peaking during this June Solstice, and manifesting for the next two months at a physical level, and finally settling throughout the rest of the year.


This might manifest in our lives as a huge acceleration of personal awareness. Our experience of moving out of Linear Time. I also get that more and more "extra terrestrial" contact will happen both at a personal level as well as "media events" level. We are simply graduating as a species.  But I have the sneaky suspicion that each person will get slightly different information that corresponds to their particular mission on the planet. So, tap into it and follow the energy of the message to Source.

What can we do to facilitate this transition in our own lives?  Four things:

1) Meditate - spend at least 60 minutes per day in silent meditation. Ideally at once, but if not then spread it out during the day.

2) Daydream - again, at least 60 minutes per day daydreaming. This can be done while busy in other activities, make sure not to be using heavy machines at the time though!

3) Doing Nothing - This is a state of silent contemplation, just BEING for one hour.  And it is the most important as we come up to the June Solstice. Do nothing, and Be for an hour.

4) Process your Fear - Key aspect of raising your personal, and our global, vibrational level and awareness.

Before you think this is too much time, remember that it takes at least 2 hours to watch a movie. However, if you manage a few minutes per day of each, that's better than not doing them at all :)

Following the Solstice, continue these exercises as much as you can, even if one per day, until next January.

As our Global Action, I will be facilitating a day long silent meditation on July 2nd from 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time  with many other individuals who are traveling to join us in person. The intention is for hundreds of thousands of other individuals from around the world to join us in Silence that day. Ideally for the full day, but if you can only manage one hour then that's cool too!

Take the day off work, or book a hotel, hang out at a mountain or forest, or simply let your loved ones know that you are partaking in a global event of silence that day.

If you are a seasoned meditator, then spending the day meditating would be awesome. If not, simply staying silent will be fantastic.  Of course we will be taking short breaks to eat, go to the bathroom and drink pure water :)

So, for your calendar: *** JULY 2ND 2012 SILENT MEDITATION VERY IMPORTANT ***


Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #19 Paul Reed 2012-12-22 14:38
Hi, I just purchased the Ascension 101 course but do not know how to access the course on my computer,please contact me at Thank You Paul Reed
+1 #18 Ascension 101 Staff 2012-07-27 20:27
Quoting cynthia:
I am wondering if Inelia was planning on writing another article soon? It has been a long time, and we haven't heard anything at all. I for one, would like to know what she thinks these days, as things are changing fast it seems. Much since her last article in early June.

Hi Cynthia!
Good question; Inelia has not written any new articles just yet but she has done a youtube video (vlog!). She intends to do more, so I am linking her video here:


Love and light,
+3 #17 Sach Shabad Singh 2012-07-15 01:31
Can anyone explain why I would not feel energy, but instead an extreme absence of it? I've wondered if I might have hypothyroidism or something because passion, vitality, motivation... have all been difficult to muster. Last summer, everything lined up and did launch me on a profound trajectory into experiences I never would have dreamt I'd be having, and to realizations I felt would always be inconceivable. It's been a wonderful year, but also strange... and confusing/diffi cult. I find the heaviness of the world's suffering to be very intense at times, though my experience is not one of suffering but I would say appropriate empathy and compassion. But anyways, only within the last week or two have I started to feel some life again... and as though I am furthering my understandings (through some painful realizations at times, but they are always ready to be transmuted into a blissful opening). And... surely I'm not alone in feeling a NEED to do (or BE) something for the world? Thanks!
0 #16 cynthia 2012-07-13 04:04
I am wondering if Inelia was planning on writing another article soon? It has been a long time, and we haven't heard anything at all. I for one, would like to know what she thinks these days, as things are changing fast it seems. Much since her last article in early June.
+1 #15 Bridget 2012-07-05 17:11
Iam starting an ascension support group in Durban South Africa and would like to link up with similar groups else where in the world to share comments and ideas
+1 #14 jenifer divine 2012-07-03 15:25
how interesting, 9 am PDT is 11 PM here, so i started just silent contemplation at that time (having JUST seen the e-mail seconds before!!!), then lay down at 12 midnite(10amPDT ) i recall very vivid dreams, but i was an active, yet passive, participant in them... a lot of traveling, to be sure, throughout the globe in the dreams... however, even though they were SO vivid at the time, my recollection afterwards, and even now, is just that- just very active yet passive, very vivid, but...
+1 #13 Eileen 2012-07-03 09:09
Hi Inelia
Thank you ... I had a wonderful day yesterday simply being in silent wonder.
Much Love
Here is a post I wrote about it.. I hope you do not mind me sharing it here... however .. the title seems to want to be shared :-)
+1 #12 Lorna 2012-07-02 11:57
I knew about this day but happy to receive the email. I am at work but it is probably one of the quietest places I could be. I will join you collectively in my heart space and send love and light to our planet and species. Much love and light to you Ineila for you and your work. Peace~Peace~Pea ce
0 #11 Loop 2012-06-21 15:24
Let the show begin

For the last 10 days, I'm waking up by a huge energy boost at about half an hour before the sunrise. I would start meditating if this continues to happen and not try to get asleep again, trying to catch up with a sleep for the work day. That I decided during the day today.

Also, I just saw an UFO flying above Sofia just few minutes ago. At the moment I started to think how to show it to other ppl too, the light got dimmed until it disappeared. That reminded me that these are likely to be more personal encounters, rather than public.

Seems like the time is here!

Cheers peeps!
0 #10 JP 2012-06-20 03:38
One thing I want to ask. Is the one hour of quiet a day total silence of all communication or just silence of speech?

Thanks for the great post.

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