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Home Article Library June 2011 How to deal with Perpetrators of Darkness - Call to Action

Inelia Benz

Throughout my life, and at various degrees, I, like other sensitive people, have felt the collective fear, pain and suffering on the planet felt by humans, as well as animals and nature.

All the people, animals, all the plants, all the trees. There’s so much pain, so much suffering, so much violence. I feel it all. I hear it all. Every minute of every day. It never stops. I can’t stand it. And it’s getting louder all the time as the elite use all their tools to increase it.


Those men and women who work in slaughterhouses, the ones cutting down the rain-forests, drilling for oil and destroying our environment, the creators of wars. Those men and women who torture and kill millions of people, animals and trees every day. Those that think animals and trees don’t feel pain, fear, and terror, or relish the thought of inflicting these to others.  Those who send psychic and physical attacks onto others.

Years ago, I had a German Shepherd, which had caught its paw in a metal gate by the side of the house. The dog was in great pain by the time I got home. He was snapping at anyone who tried to get near as it struggled to free itself.

I walked up to it and held him firmly, but to free his paw, I had to put my arm between his face and the gate. As I did this, he bit deeply into my left arm –  I pulled the paw free, which hurt him even more.

After he was free, he was still in a lot of pain, and tried to bite me again. I held his mouth closed, and pushed him to the ground, firmly, thus telling him (in dog language) that this was not OK.  He calmed down and I was able to release it, knowing he would no longer bite those around him.  The moment he "changed", we both knew it was over.  Although still in pain, he became friendly and "sorry" about what had happened.

When someone lashes out, it is because they are in great pain and fear.

I’d like to hold them all in my arms. All of them. I’d like to show them that they are loved, and that they are safe. All the murderers, all the rapists, all the butchers of the seals, whales and dolphins, all the bloodthirsty workers in the abattoirs, the creators of wars, all they beings involved in psychic attacks. And all those individuals who, in their pain and fear, lash out at me personally, on the internet with hate and anger, poisonous words and death threats.

How do we reach those people who have their paws stuck in gates of pain and suffering, fear and distress, who lash out at everyone around them. Who have lived like this so long now that they start taking pleasure out of the suffering of others?

It is not about who’s to blame. Yes, we take responsibility in minimizing the pain and suffering of others through our actions. We can go out of our way to eat meat from small farms, organic producers who love their animals. Yes, we can buy furniture from renewable sources of wood, clothes from factories which don’t exploit people. But what of the perpetrators of fear and pain? We might hold them in our field of light, and allow Gaia to do her work. As a ‘singularity’ – I am but one person. But WE are many.

If we dedicate 10 minutes a day to holding these people in our collective light, it can make a huge shift for them and us. After the 10 minutes, let us focus on the compassion and love of the millions of lightworkers and lightwarriors around the planet, our brethren, so that our collective power increases -- making each one of us more able to accomplish our collective work.

I also feel the love, light and compassion of billions of people around the world. All those parents who hold their new born baby in wonderment and deep love, all those who behold our Mother Earth in awe as they sense Her power and compassion. I also feel millions of lightwokers and lighwarriors diligently doing daily acts of selfless love and compassion to bring light to others and the planet.  For every murderer there are 10 healers, for every abuser of animals, there are a thousand who hold animals in respect and equality. For every creator of war, there are millions of us who do not agree with that particular game.

If I didn't feel the LIGHT I would not be alive today.  Mother Earth made the call for assistance, and we, all of us, are the answer to that call.

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #84 LauraV 2013-11-20 19:45
Gracias Inelia, justo estaba buscando algo que me ayudara a difundir el mensaje de Luz-Amor para aquellos que rondan la oscuridad SIN combatirlos, solo amándolos. Tu palabras son claras, precisas, concretas, el que tenga oídos que oiga!!!
0 #83 Sariah Westfall 2012-08-29 14:59
Inelia, thank you so much for sharing your information with us all. It has helped me tremendously. Right now I'm confused about a certain subject and it's one that I feel very passionate about. I'm an animal lover and I'm deeply sensitive to their emotions on a physical and mental level and their physical pain. Animal abuse is a big concern of mine and I have a hard time believing that animals in an abusive situation created that for themselves and I don't believe they do. I'm wondering how to send love and light to both the animals and their abusers in a proper way that will benefit both of them. This has been on my mind constantly and I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. It concerns me so deeply and I really need some clarification. I understand if you cant get back to me on this subject because I know how busy you are. Thank you again Inelia and I hope to hear from you soon :-)


Sariah Westfall
+2 #82 Guest 2011-12-02 23:37
so happy to hear from you,evrything you say it resonates to me, i had been a constaly seeker from very early age , and the more i know the more i know myself .finally i can understand why i am here, father mother life thanks for hear our prayers.
Berty merope
+4 #81 Guest 2011-11-18 18:36
Thank you, Inelia. You are such a loving being and I cherish your Light (our Light)
+5 #80 Guest 2011-11-13 16:59
I'm one of those sensitive people who feel the suffering on the planet.Before I started on my Spiritual path I thought I was strange and weird each time I felt deep sadness when an animal was being abused or maltreated. I looked around me and it seemed to me that the majority of people did not care and some enjoyed it. I did not fit anywhere; I still don't many times, but since I started to learn about Spirituality I now know why. During a winter day, it was -25 C outside, a stray cat came to my door steps, he was extremely cold and his eye were red. I let him in and prepared a bed for him near a heater; I left food, water and a "cat-toilet" near by, then I went to bed and I slept deeply for the entire night (I never sleep more than a couple of hours without waking up) Prince is still with me and he is doing great. He has never tried to go outside, he just sits by the window looks outside for a while, then jumps on his favourite chair or bed and takes a nap.
+2 #79 Guest 2011-11-04 15:34
"the child who is not welcome in the village will burn it down".These young people are crying out for change.look on David Icke and see what sparked the trouble. blessingsQuoting :
I always enjoy your articles and advice, they're very helpful to my own development. I would be interested to know your take on the current London Riots. There's got to be more to it than social upheaval. I suspect that a lot of these 'thugs', who are teens, are very far from their own core of being and are quite disconnected. What bad karma are they creating and is this apart of the whole plan of the ascension process? It's quite frightening but I HOPE positive comes out of this because now it's just sad to the unnecessary violence and destruction for a pair of sneakers and alcohol etc.

Your thoughts/view on this is appreciated! :)
+4 #78 Guest 2011-10-20 16:01
Thank you Inelia. I am a victim of violence my self. No longer a victim. I embrace with light and love my perpetrators and all sick and wounded humans. May the light and compassion change their hearts. It is the only way. Love and light.
0 #77 Guest 2011-10-17 18:06
Como hacemos con los seres que se nutren de nuestras enegìas a los que no vemos pero que ya estamos comenzando a saber de ellos y que somos sus esclavos.Como nos liberamos?.
0 #76 Guest 2011-10-07 06:01
Hola: Quisiera poder agradecer y ser parte de este stio que podrìa ser mas activo si hablaramos en un foro o algo asi. Por supuesto con tu participaciòn Inelia. Gracias
+7 #75 Guest 2011-10-02 01:32
Thank you for clarity and encouragement sister, we appreciate you. I feel it is expecially important to send love and light to the protesters in the streets, the police and the protested ones. Our love will melt the veils and walls bringing truth and reform for all of us here on planet Earth.
Much love to all!

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