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Home Article Library September 2010 It was DONE to ME - Why we process victim energy.

Inelia Benz

Light worker time to actIf you are reading this, the chances are you are either a lightworker, light warrior, or an ascension worker.  In which case, it is very likely you have had one or more instance of "psychic attack".  Now, before we continue, lets look at what a "psychic attack" is. Basically, if you believe that we can send someone healing and love energy, and that the energy we send affects that person positively, then you have a basic understanding of what a "psychic attack" is.  It is the opposite. It is the sending someone negative energy.  It is also the sucking away of positive energy from someone.   Also, these attacks do not necessarily involve "magic" or "esoteric" methods.  If you are physically attacked, robbed, or in any way violated, this will bring into your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, some sticky negative and debilitating energy.  So, what can you do with it?

Allocating blame, whether to another person or ourselves, is not going to fix it.  Thinking we "attracted it somehow" is not going to fix it.  And this is why.  You are at the front line of a huge battle. Does a soldier attract the bullet that kills him? Of course not, but he did place himself in the line of fire. And so have you.  By taking a stand to support the light in this planet, we place ourselves in the line of fire. Did we attract it, in a way, yes. Was it our fault? In a way yes. No one forced us to get to the front lines. No one said, "hey, you go into that planet that is being invaded by darkness and stay there for as long as you can."  It was a voluntary choice.

Some people say that the only way to ascend and grow is to suffer. That might be true to them, but it is not true for a lightworker.  The only thing it does to a lightworker is put out that light which the lightworker came here to bring and use.

So, as a lightworker, light warrior, or ascension worker, what can you do?  Process the negativity.  And process some more, then some more.  And you continue processing until IT IS ALL GONE.  The fastest and most effective process I have found is the following:  You scan all of your different bodies for the negative energy, for example, "I feel violated", you find it, maybe in your physical body somewhere, or your aura, or your mind as nasty thoughts.  And then you say, "[description of what you found] you are welcome here." For example, "tight knot in my tummy, you are welcome here", or "fear in my shoulder, you are welcome here".  Then you allow it to be there.  You allow it to grow, expand and express to you.  You welcome everything it does, any thoughts that come up and you continue focusing on it.  It might move to another location, it might bring you memories or thoughts, in which case you say, "memory, you are welcome here", "thought, you are welcome here". Then you embrace it with love.

Here is the Fear Processing Exercise I use myself. You can change it to process any negative energy.

Rinse and repeat.

We don't analyze, try to understand, find the culprit, allocate blame, plan for the future, try to hold the memory, or anything else but processing the negativity.  Why?  BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME. The moment when the Earth and this human collective locks into a new paradigm is close at hand, and we have to remove as much negativity from this planet before that happens as we can. The more negativity we, individually, process, the brighter each and every one of us will become, and the more effective in bringing those positive energies (chi) we will become.

After all, there is no one out there who has not had major "damage" done by living in this planet the past few thousands years.  We all have our "sad stories" to tell. But it is time to release them.

Basically, it does not matter what was done to us. Or what is being done to us. It is irrelevant. We need to put a stop to it, that is all.  And we begin by putting a stop to it in our selves.


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0 #24 Elena Popova 2012-03-16 03:12
Thanks :)
0 #23 Guest 2011-09-02 17:32
Hi Inelia...to begin with,you are a very sweetand lovable person..Iwas fascinated by your interview with Bill Ryan?...now in reference to this article...
I've experience the negativity...an d also the extasis of filling well and at peace with
everything.. but your advise as how to process the attack is really remarkable
and new to me ...thanks so much
+1 #22 Guest 2011-07-08 15:16
Great article! The following sentence striked me:
By taking a stand to support the light in this planet, we place ourselves in the line of fire.
Cannot explain in words but it's the right sentence at the right time.Makes me feel much stronger within myself. Thanks...
+1 #21 Guest 2011-07-04 16:02
Thanks!! I can see I'm not alone. The last few weeks have been really weird and unpleasant. Even though I knew the solution you mention here I had forgotten. The trees didn't let me see the forest.
Thanks for the shinning light between the trees!!
0 #20 Guest 2011-07-04 15:27
Estimada Inelia,
Thank you so much, you are a great comfort, support and joy.
you write: the Earth and this human collective locks into a new paradigm is close at hand.
What happen then? and if not enough negativity is removed?
Much love and light
0 #19 Guest 2011-07-03 03:04
I have had success before with protecting myself from attacks (negative energies trying to play tricks and alter the state of mind I'm in, messing with my happy place, lol), in the past two weeks the pressure has been added significantly, "something" is telling me I'm overstepping my boundaries I suppose, two attacks so far (had to get "physical"there and hold 'them' down so to speak) but I'm gonna try to do this exercise and see, where I'm at then. Thank you for your awesome website, it truly speaks to me.
0 #18 Guest 2011-06-28 16:07
Thank you so much for this wonderful tool that is so simply stated. So many of us on the face of this planet have been through such horrific ordeals and every day I realize how much company we all have. WE ARE NOT ALONE in this sorrow and/or anger that can so easily take over and destroy our precious lives. Due to the fact that we do not seem to have much time, time seems to be speeding up in a noticeable fashion. I was just speaking of this with a man that quickly became so dear to my heart. Due to this very kind of discomfort and internal pain I am afraid that I have lost him and him me. I am full of gratitude and love for your ending statement above, "We all have our "sad stories" to tell. But it is time to release them. Basically, it does not matter what was done to us. Or what is being done to us. It is irrelevant. We need to put a stop to it, that is all! And we begin by putting a stop to it in our selves." I am going to share your thoughts and tools with many.
0 #17 Guest 2011-06-25 11:27
:sigh: gradually processing the negativity at the individual level...! feels a bit scary...yeh, but definitely is a great and effective tip! =)
+2 #16 Guest 2011-05-28 21:14
I have had several near-fatal accidents. Each time the doctors at the hospital have told me that I was very lucky to be alive. These experiences have always led to depression as well as a feeling of being targeted , for what reason I did not know. I now understand why. I can't wait to try your exercises as these techniques truly resonate with me. Thank you so much for this information.
+3 #15 Guest 2011-04-30 14:14
Also, as what I describe as a "Brigid woman" (Brigid being the Celtic goddess of -among other things- smithcraft, healing, and poetry) it is difficult to overcome the obsession with growth through pain. When I first read your feelings about suffering, I was slightly offended and ready to write you off, but after further research into your position it has made me realise I became so obsessed with the pain, that I forgot the whole point was to transform it into Beauty! A common trap among Brigid women. Thank you, maybe now I can help my sisters who worship the destructive principle without completing it with the creative principle.

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