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Home Article Library September 2010 The Global Elite - What can YOU do?

Inelia Benz

Mapuche woman being arrestedThe Global Elite, also known as the Illuminati, or nowadays as the Bilderbergs, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated every one else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. (picture of Mapuche Native American woman being arrested in the South of Chile at a peaceful demonstration.)


Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals.  Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.

Their bread and butter is FEAR.

Their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation both by families as well as infiltrated groups, such as the Freemasons.

They, in turn, are controlled by Darkness. Darkness came into this universe several thousand years ago from another universe which is Dark configured.

The difference between a Dark universe and a Light universe (which this one is), is basically that the main "emotional/creative" energy in a Dark universe is FEAR and the basic "emotional/creative" energy in a Light universe is LOVE.

There is plenty of documented and experiential evidence to support the above paragraph. To begin with, most cultures in the world will have an "origin" story where the Earth was a paradise devoid of suffering, fear and death, and then "fell" due to something that humans did. With regard to experiential evidence, ask anyone who has experienced Enlightenment or Oneness and he or she will tell you that it felt like BLISS, LOVE, ECSTASY.  These higher states of consciousness are a merging with the Essence of this Universe... and guess what... no FEAR or SUFFERING in sight!

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL.  They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

They also use music and media to harness the focus of the young toward sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll.

They are also creating a FEAR OF LACK by making us believe that "oil and water are running out" and by polluting key areas of the world and broadcasting a belief that the entire world is polluted and overpopulated, when in fact, most of the world is clean, unpolluted, unpopulated and untouched by man.  The CO2 pollution control is a SCAM to control the fuel sources of the world.

So, now that you know a few of the things these people are doing, what can you do?

Firstly, you can create a FEAR FREE ZONE around you. This means a conscious effort to process fear as soon as it pops into your body/mind/aura.

Click here for the fear processing exercise I use myself.

Also calling for your guides/angels to create a sanctuary of LOVE vibration in your home and workplace.

Focus on a topic that is close to your heart, could be anything that creates Fear or Despair in the world and send it unconditional love, or beautiful liquid light.  If the situation creates a strong negative emotion in you, then process it within yourself first, then do the outer work.

When you see pictures of the Global Elite, you can google Bilderberg members in the news or media, or the internet, focus on them and tell them, "your time is up, all your darkness leaves this universe now", with love and compassion.

RETAKE power points in your area. Visit groves, parks, rocks, cathedrals, and known energy points in your area, and simply call upon the Divine Mother to retake that point. Call upon angles and fifth dimensional light beings to guard it and keep it free, clean and secure.  Your intent is all that is needed to do this.  It does not matter whether you believe in the Divine Mother with that particular name, or in Angels or other dimensional beings.  What matters is your intent to retake the point of energy back for the Earth and Humanity.

Please email and distribute this article to as many people as you can.  You can also re-post it and link to: www.ascension101.com

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #33 Guest 2013-06-12 06:38
Rock musicians differ from other performers because they write themselves the music they play. They truly follow their dream. The Edge has said his guitar sound is his voice. When committing totally to the music, I think they basically channel their Higher Selves and may touch millions of people at the level where structures of mind are bypassed. In a rock concert some 70 000 people may merge energetically via the music. How do you deal with that kind of powerful opening and sense of unity you don't experience anywhere else? Jimmy Page has described that they used to do sex'n'drugs to deal with that rush. It was impossible to sleep with that adrenaline. These days this kind of behavior is not common any more, musicians prefer professional attitude because the music is more important. I have huge respect for the individuals among the rock scene who have learned how to live in physicality with the power of bliss, love and ecstasy following commitment to creativity.
+2 #32 Scott carroll 2013-06-11 22:01
Wow Inelia. You are a ray of hope and light. I can't tell you how much I am moved and inspired by this. This message resonates with such a higher truth that I can literally feel sensations in my mind and body, and I feel excited to share it.
0 #31 Guest 2013-06-11 19:09
Hola, Saludos desde Venezuela no tengo ningún grupo... Pero mi yo superior trabaja junto conmigo más los seres de luz... De hecho hago clases de yoga en la hacienda la estancia que es un lugar con árboles luego me un parque que esta cerca y luego trato de vibrar y conectarme con la madre tierra casi que todo el sabado no vivo en la 3D... Bueno espero que poder ayudar... Hago difusión con algunas personas en especifica y coloco tu información en mi facebook lamentandolo no muchos presta atención a lo coloco de forma positiva.... Muchas bendiciones Luz y Amor :) SOMOS UNO.
0 #30 Belinda Wake 2013-06-11 12:48
Thank you Inelia. You have been such a gift to me. Your fear processing technique alone has totally changed my life. Much Love and Light and I'll be sure to get this post to all my friends and family.
0 #29 Guest 2013-06-11 10:58
IMMHO we are the ones with the power to retake these places. When I dance outside I involve the surrounding trees in the sacred dance of life. When possessed by fear or feel betrayed I find myself not homeless on the planet being saved in them in return.
-1 #28 Guest 2013-06-11 10:25
Hi Inelia, thanks for a great article on an issue that not many are addressing in this way.
I have one question though, how is it possible that anyone can take away the free will of another? That would mean that free will is not free will.
Thanks for all the beautiful work you do.
0 #27 Guest 2013-06-11 08:55
Love what you're saying. I'm feeling that fear is the main weapon of the alleged global elite because they're very afraid, knowing full well their day is done. Jesus advised, "when you pray for something, imagine you already have it and it will certainly be yours" or something like that. 'Result already achieved' positive visualization is definitely one good way to go, to fight the good fight with love and light. All power to you! =:-)
-1 #26 Guest 2013-06-11 07:56
I draw a heart right on the eye above the pyramid displayed on each US$ 1.00 note that comes into my hands. It is my way of saying that I don't want them to control us, but want love instead... :-)
0 #25 Guest 2013-06-09 20:12
Quoting Guest:
Carbon dioxide is plant food! Carbon dioxide plus water plus sunlight produces sugar (basic food) and oxygen in the leaves of plants. Al Gore has really sold us a "bill of goods" on this one. The carbon tax is really a tax on plant food!

Dr. James Hansen has stated that the last time that global temperatures rose by three degrees ocean levels rose by 25 meters over four centuries. Investment in turning deserts green in order to tackle the problem of malnutrition may be far better initial response to climate change because every extra cubic meter of desalinated water that is added to the water table of a nation will NOT be on top of New Orleans or Bangladesh or Florida or the Maldive Islands or Holland or.....
+2 #24 Dina 2012-11-21 17:05
Dear Inelia,

Could you elaborate more on the CO2-scam? I have always wanted to work for a big international organisation that works on environmental protection but am starting to wonder how much of this "global warming" debate is actually true.
Thank you so much for your articles and exercises, they are really very effective and powerful and have improved my life so much!

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