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Home Article Library February 2009 What does the process of Ascension involve?

Inelia Benz

This very much depends on where you are starting from.

Sometimes the journey is easier for someone who has not been on a spiritual or mystical path than those who have. The reason is that inevitably, those who are in a mystical path usually will have modalities they are attached to, might be seduced by things such as psychic abilities, channeling information, talking with angels as well as more earthly skills such as telepathy, the law of attraction and such.

If you are working through one of these aforementioned modalities, and have been able to help yourself and other persons with it, then for you Ascension will first involve realizing that all of the above are as real as the ground you stand on. The skills do not make you superior or inferior to anyone else on Earth, and that they are as useful as any other skill held by anyone on the planet.

The first step you must take, whether you are in a mystical/spiritual path or not, is to star working of the following:

Release of Fear.
Release of Attachement.
Release of Being Right.

Flow of Love.
Silence of Mind.
Acceptance of your essence.
Become as much You as you possibly can.

The first three, those things you release, you must do using whatever modality you find that fits you best.
The one that works for me is to go straight for the Flow of Love and Flow Love to it and myself.
This is done by closing your eyes and becoming aware of the space that is our Heart Chakra. The space in the middle of your chest, just behind the breast bone.

Depending of where you are, this will either bring up big emotional responses to eventually feeling divine love flowing into you and through you, bathing you in bliss and ecstasy.

Silence of Mind can be achieved with any meditation modality. The one I use is the simplest and, in my opinion, most effective method of feeling the air going in and out of my nose. This works whether one is in a quiet space or in the middle of a mall during Christmas shopping.

Acceptance of your essence. You are divine. You are divine love, divine wisdom and knowledge, divine experience and divine consciousness. This is who and what you are. Human words cannot express your true essence, but you will know when you feel it.

Become as much You as you possibly can. This means warts and all. By accepting yourself fully, as a human being and divine being, you will be able to live in the state of ascension where ecstasy is your primary and fundamental experience of living. You will know that everything that happens in your life is an experienced to be experienced. You will know that loss is part of life, that negative feelings are simply messages to show you where you need to work a bit more and will know that everyone and everything around you is simply part of YOU.

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+4 #5 Jennifer Wilson 2013-04-25 15:40
I have felt so confused and so alone in this process. I've pretty much kept it all to myself, for the past four or five years, and I still don't understand what is happening to me, really. :sigh:
0 #4 Guest 2011-10-19 23:59
Dear Inelia, I am knew to your website, and am very happy to know that there is such a large community of people who care. I am not sure I was willing to accept it sooner than now, as maybe I have chosen to accept much of the duality of life, and with it much suffering not only of my own, but taking along with me the suffering of others for what ever reason. I do want to say though for the above comment, that for many years, one of my favorite , yet haunting poems has been "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by John Donn. Please google and read. Also, thanks for being you!
+1 #3 Guest 2011-07-22 05:54
This is great, short and sweet, thank you for clarifying. Do you mean when you say , "that everyone and everything around you is simply part of YOU" that like with a dream, this life is largely symbolic in nature? If so, then the poverty and distress in the world is personal, no? Where does the border between reality and fact merge? What is a lightworker coming in to help within this context? Many thanks!
+1 #2 Inelia Benz 2011-07-04 14:17
Quoting janina monforte:
inelia hola hermana mia empiezo a aprender pero estoy superbloceada necesito saber que hacer para entender lo que ago aqui AYUDA por favor muy incomoda

Usa este ejercisio con las palabras "estoy bloqueada" http://inelia.com/do-you-need-help.html
0 #1 Guest 2011-06-25 13:03
inelia hola hermana mia empiezo a aprender pero estoy superbloceada necesito saber que hacer para entender lo que ago aqui AYUDA por favor muy incomoda

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