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Inelia Benz

July 2010

With dual realities, or dimensions, in other words, any dimension that has a sense of existence as "I" that is separate from the environment or other "I"s, there is a very strict law of Energy Exchange.

This energy exchange is basically that when someone gives something that is part of themselves, such as time, a service, product or space, to someone else, the other person has to return the energy in the form which is useful to the first person in an equal amount of what was originally given.

So what happens if this energy exchange does not take place?

It has come to my attention that the 5th Dimension is taking a huge part in this Global 2012 Ascension process.  After further investigation, it appears that they, the beings and energy from the 5th Dimension, are coming into the 3rd dimension in great numbers and volume at this moment in time.  The reason is very simple.

Duality is a dirty word in the circles of Enlightenment and  Oneness.  We strive to move past duality and into Oneness, integrating all without judgment.

However, the thought of integrating light and dark, "good" and "bad", male and female, is rather hard to conceive.  They are so different, so "opposite" to each other.  We tend to take sides.

Often when I speak to people about integrating "dark" into Oneness, they see it as an "absorption" of the darkness into the light.  But the reality of it is that this is not so.  Oneness doesn't have sides. It is not "light".  It is complete.  It doesn't have either light or dark, it is not non-duality.

I have been speaking for months (and some people for years) about becoming heart centered and opening the Heart Center.

The Heart Center is a space from between and just above the shoulder blades to just behind the breastbone and below the throat chakra, encompassing the heart chakra.  This is where the "form" or structure is contained that links all the different bodies, self, soul and spirit.  Command Central as it were.   When fully functioning, energy flows undisturbed and healthily, experienced as unconditional love, or simply enormous divine energy.

As you know, men and women both have masculine and feminine energies within themselves, and it depending on what body one has incarnated in, either feminine or masculine energy is predominant for that lifetime.

The reason we have been healing, opening and changing our viewpoint to the Heart Center is because this is where structure resides.  And without structure, power cannot be channeled and embodied in a healthy way.

The natural state is for women to be Power and for men to be Structure.  Structure includes defense, nurturing, love, service, and making sure everything is running smoothly so that nothing is clogging up the flow of Power.

This natural paradigm is what we are moving back into on a world wide scale.  It is still dual based, as this is a dual reality, but everything is in its proper place. For example, crude oil is not an evil substance.  It is part of Mother Earth and serves many roles and purposes.  However, when it is in the "wrong" place, it kills and pollutes and creates much suffering.

Duality, as far as I can see, is an integral part of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and, to some extent, the 6th dimensions.  When duality is healthy, it is like two magnets which are standing in a way that attract each other and lock together, making a larger energy field.  At the moment the magnets are in reverse in the 3rd dimension.  They cannot meet.  Therefore duality means separation and resistance.

Now that the heart center is activated in a critical mass of people, Power, which is female in nature, is able to flow in.  Women and Men around the world will take their place and resonate in a healthy and natural way.  They will provide a template which will allow others to align energetically to this new/old paradigm.

There is not one side which is superior to the other.  Both are equally important and serve a very specific role.

What men can do is continue to work on their Heart Center, place energy structures that will facilitate the flow of Power in women and defend them from those who are not too happy about the magnets turning to their natural position.

Not all "men" and not all "women" will have the male/female roles so defined.  But again, we only need a critical mass to do it in order to fully turn the magnets and anchor the new shift in place.

Once this shift is anchored, people who incarnate in this world will have no limits as to the level of ascension they can achieve in one lifetime.



Last week, I found myself in a rather painful place.   For the previous month, I had been getting very acute pain in my lower back, at the level of the Sacral Chakra.  Waking up like this, I would lie down, meditate, allow the pain to grow and engulf me, express to me, and the pain would pass, or sometimes be bearable.  At times it would disappear.  Almost like nothing every happened.

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