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Home Article Library February 2010 Stay Heart Centered - what does that mean?

Inelia Benz

One of the main techniques we can use for ascension work is to stay Heart Centered.  But what does this mean exactly? Well, it doesn't mean, "be good", or "be loving", or "be forgiving". Although these things might happen when we stay heart centered, but only as side effects.


To stay Heart Centered is an actual physical practice. It's like going on the treadmill to keep your physical body fit.  This exercise is designed to move our awareness from our head center/ego to our heart center/higher-self.

The first thing to do is to locate the heart center.  This the area behind our breastbone, up toward the jugular notch, and back to between the shoulder blades.   This whole area is your Heart Center. I it encompasses what are called the Heart Chakra, and Angel Chakra or the Shoulder Blade Chakra.  It is your Core Self.

This center contains your physical existence, including emotional, physical and ego bodies, and your Higher Self connection, or connection to the Divine.

After you locate the Heart Center, you will become aware of it, the space it occupies in the physical realm, and breathe into it.  As you breathe in, it fills with life force, as you breathe out, the life force expands into the rest of your body and your vibrational space.

At least once a day, move your "view point", where you imagine to be inside your body or head, into your Heart Center.

Simple :)

When you first start this exercise, you might get strong negative emotions coming up. They are coming up to be released.  Thank them and release them. Eventually you will be able to stay Heart Centered in full joy and love.

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0 #11 Guest 2012-01-17 23:31
What if my heart center feels like a void, or sometimes like a knot, or it aches?
I have these feelings for years now, and I didn't even know that was my heart center. It's continuous it doesn't go away, it mostly feels like a void, that's the regular, depending on what i'm feeling it turns to a knot or it aches.... What does that means?
+1 #10 Guest 2011-09-10 11:56
Thank you Inelia...for everything. In this article / answer I found compleatly what I was looking for. Kind of sick, pain in chest ...fear of truth hiding. - Ending in exitment and joy... I have a purpose, a very nice one.
+1 #9 Guest 2011-09-05 20:54
yes! thank you! When the heart is first, the mind does not get in the way with its worries about tomorrow or its regrets about yesterday.
+1 #8 Guest 2011-07-25 15:32
Hi Inelia,
Shifting to the Heart is an essential step in Ascension. This is something we all will do eventually. I have a slightly different version on my website which I think you may be interested in. Please feel free to check it out.
from my experience actually dropping our consciousness down into our heart is a key step.
In Love and Light,
Audwin Trapman
+3 #7 Guest 2011-06-25 05:36
I found my heart space! I find myself wanting to breath into this space. I've been breathing into my heart space all day, since i read this post this morning...and now my heart space is sore. Is this like new muscles being used or is it energetic or both?

Thanks =]
+1 #6 Guest 2011-06-24 20:07
Great stuff. If there's any difficulty readers might also like to Google "HeartMath" and "Heart Rhythm Meditation" for additional help.


+1 #5 Guest 2011-06-02 17:52
I have what I think is a fair connection to my heart center.
But on a couple of occasions I have had the feeling of being inside my head looking out through my eyes like port holes. I was not my body but operated it by remote control with thought. I was also in a strong heart space of observing others with non judgement, acceptance, and peace. Both times was in a high vibration group environment. The first time was just after an incredible meditative vision.
By the way my every day life is pretty ordinary. If you have any comments I would love to hear them.
Thanks, Chalkley
+1 #4 Guest 2011-05-30 18:55
I have tachycardia...r apid heart rate up to 199 pulse. It's happened 3 times and I know the heart is a huge electromagnetic field. I am an empathic person. Any insights into why this happens or how to work with the energy of it. (I know you are not a doctor) I'm looking for energy insights. Very happy to have found your video and this blog, it's putting together about 39 years of experience. thank you
+1 #3 Guest 2011-05-25 16:14
This looks/seems like the infinite breath from AE Michael (through Ronna Herman)
So you can really use this as an tool to get rid of negativity en fill up your entire being with light, the adamant particles. I strongly suggest you look up this stuff! Just google infinite breath ... There is also more to it and if you do it well, you will have enormous positive effects. Like you breath in through the heart center and the pineal gland, just over you head and in the heart center again to follow its way down en come up again. After finisching this cicle, you are just out of breath, stop a minute and hold your breath just a short moment and start over again. Its wonderfull how breathing in a right way, also deep, can help us!
+3 #2 Guest 2011-05-25 01:52

The top of the Heart Center can become hard in an effort to defend itself from negative energy. If you feel this, try visualizing energy pouring into the pineal gland, through the throat and then washing away the deposits from the top of your heart. As you progress, practice Inelia's viewpoint method and while you are based there, try sending love to other people.

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