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Home Article Library February 2010 Soul Mates and Spiritual Ascension into Oneness

Inelia Benz

It is one of the urges of our nature to reconnect with Source, with Oneness. The closest we can identify this urge as in daily life is the complete connection with another human being.  To be able to connect with another human being at this level, both parties have to have a very similar vibrational signature.  When we meet another human being with whom we have a similar vibrational signature, we resonate with them. This often is called finding our twin soul, soul mate of twin flame.


It just so happens that when we do find someone like that we stop looking, and therefore the belief that there can only be one soul mate on Earth was conceived.  But, fortunately, there are many other people on Earth with whom we can resonate at a vibrational level. And it so happens that if we change signatures through our soul journey work, if our soulmate doesn't do it too, we will eventually become dissatisfied and move on.  This doesn't mean that our soul mate was not the "true one". It just means they are no longer vibrationally similar to the level we need for the connection.

When two souls meet and embark on Ascension work together, no matter what the modality is, fantastic results can happen.  There are well known couples throughout history that have changed the course of human evolution and path due to their combined power.

It is said, in India, that the true couple doesn't look into each others' eyes, but in fact are looking forward in the same direction, toward the same goal.

Once you enter Oneness, and make it the center of your attention, the urge to connect with another human being at this level passes.  This results in the ability to achieve just that, to find and connect, or reconnect, with a soul mate in total freedom and with no expectations or ego getting in the way.

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0 #9 Makala 2012-09-06 01:06
This is truly an amazing time as we all come together to be apart of this ascension into the higher realms. I am so happy to share this with my soul mate during this spiritual transition. Thanks to http://ascension101.com and http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/ for their efforts in awakening humanity. :lol: :lol:
+1 #8 Guest 2011-08-18 08:49
I'm encoding this next word with as much volume as I can: THANKS! Inelia, I'm so thrilled this morning. I've heard people talk about parallel lives etc, and even yesterday on my walk I was asking (not knowing how to access strengths in other timelines but asking) for those strengths. Anyway. I haven't woken up a brazillionaire to my knowledge-- BUT, in my sleep I was in a bathroom reading the biography of Margaret Drabble(!) on a book jacket when I had this sudden regret about the way I put off this amazing man three years ago and instead kept fiddling around with this other joker. I had this plonk into another ongoing life of mine. It got hazy as I realized I couldn't recall the second man so well. I was so excited I woke up. In this life, I've been single and not terribly interested in men for, oh, 20 years. Anything further you might say about accessing the strengths of other of our timelines-- I'm deeply curious. Also, are these ratty control forces in all time lines?
0 #7 Guest 2011-07-07 16:30
Please tell me if you can be a psychic soulmate as well as a twinflame?
0 #6 Guest 2011-05-29 11:03
'urge to merge'! I love that one! It will be a motto of sorts from now on -; )
grace! and love, sweet love!
Brage Boogie
ps. don't forget to boogie!
+1 #5 Guest 2011-05-29 01:56
What exactly is a mental disorder/psycho sis? Can the vibration of this person be raised through another, if so, and how?
0 #4 Inelia Benz 2010-08-12 05:16
I don't see why not.
In fact, the art of manifestation is very much the act of creating something in spirit first, and it is then reflected in the physical.

Quoting Stephanie Hinojosa:
What is the soul mate is a spiritual relationship that hasn't manifested in the physical yet?
0 #3 Stephanie Hinojosa 2010-08-11 11:18
Thank you,
Can a physical relationship or practical relationship begin in the "spirit" and eventually manifest into the physical?

+3 #2 Inelia Benz 2010-08-11 06:04
Hi Stephanie,
There are many definitions for soulmate, but basically it is the belief that two people were one soul at the beginning and split into two in order to experience life. They reincarnate over and over and they can only be happy when they are together in some sort of relationship (not necessarily romantic).
However, it is my belief that this is a false concept. That in fact, the urge to merge souls with another person is in fact the urge to merge back into source.


-1 #1 Stephanie Hinojosa 2010-08-10 12:42
What is the soul mate is a spiritual relationship that hasn't manifested in the physical yet?

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