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Home Article Library January 2010 Humble Ascension

Inelia Benz

Being humble is a two edge swords. On the one hand, it is a positive state where the person concerned knows all is equal, everyone divine and life is wondrous, thus treating themselves and everyone and everything they meet with respect and acceptance.


This person doesn't need to be right, or wrong. He or she doesn't need to make you right or wrong, nor do they think you are right or wrong.  A true ascended master is humble and non judgmental, simply because judgment, rightness and wrongness, do not exist in his or her reality.

On the other hand, there is the socially imposed righteousness of humbleness.  Living a humble life, then becomes living a poor life. Being humble, then becomes being inferior to others or to God, and forcing humbleness becomes superiority over others.  Religious zealots are usually found in this category of humbleness.  And it is a road to ascension too.

I,  while living my moments of ego inflation and judging from my extremely large soap box, cringe at the second type of humble person, while value the first greatly.  This viewpoint, of course, is the antonym of humbleness and I laugh at my simple attitude, my personal mind chatter and realize, from a wider standpoint, that it is in reality an unimportant aspect of reality.  It is, after all, the viewpoint of judgment, which is as necessary in every day life as is breathing.

Therefore, I feel comfortable striving for the first type of humbleness, I believe that, while there, life is delicious.

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0 #2 Guest 2011-08-07 05:26
I have been fortunate to have been introduced to teachers & teachings, both simple and profound as this, but twice in this life. The simplicity with which Inelia offers these truths is unmistakable.
Quite wonderful and profoundly welcome.
By publically/univ ersely voicing the truth of your presence among us. I feel lighter in spirit and more confident than I have felt in many many years.
With Metta Thanissaro
+2 #1 Guest 2011-05-31 07:01
Hi Inelia and all! This is an important issue to me. I feel I undulate between true humility and being humbled, the latter a consequence of not being humble, thus universe (i) humbles me. The former is bliss, the latter painful. Painful for the ego. Until the realization comes that when I forget humility, universe reminds me, by humbling me. The ego doesn't sit too well with that, LOL! One of my mottos in life is indeed 'Humility is endless'. Whenever I get up on my high horse, I try to remind myself of that, and then usually a loving laughter arises, and the 'high horse' seems like a baby pony.

Love and grace!

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