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Home Article Library September 2016 Equinox Special - I'm Back! ... Wait, where did I go?

Inelia Benz

If you have Facebook, Instagram or twitter, you will probably already know that Larry and I went to Europe on an Abraham Hicks Cruise workshop. It was paid in full by Gaia’s unwavering support of Larry’s fishing.

I was very excited to watch Esther Hicks at work. And she did not disappoint. Her event was well managed (really, really well managed - her team is amazing) and the sessions were very informative, funny and energizing. Some of her teachings are not resonant to me, but her purity of intent shines bright.

The reason we went, apart from research, was because both Larry and I have independently wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise. The thought of doing a cruise was always accompanied by the thought that most people in cruises go there to have one long party and not have to drive home drunk at night. Not really our lifestyle. But the thought of a ship filled with people who are working on themselves, learning manifestation tools, and fully committed to improving their lives, now THAT is a crowd I don’t mind sharing a ship with at all.

And it did not disappoint. We met some truly amazing individuals on the cruise. Outstanding. Plus we had the company of some present and past Walk With Me Now members during our ports of call and the in the ship (hi guys and gals!).  Thank you for coming out to say hi, and sharing your beautiful selves with us! These were some of my favourite moments.

Visiting the Mediterranean was extremely educational and eye opening. How energies are used through sacred geometry and mystical tools to keep the world in the old paradigm has been taken to whole new levels. Observing the mechanizations to keep a light/dark game going through linear time is quite revealing.

We went to the Vatican. The tourist display areas don’t hold back. They have the entire plan, story, and methodology out in the open. Rome never fell, it simply turned into a religion and took over the world. One king to rule them all.

The technology is very much about “colouring” our collective mind experience. If a person is asleep, they are easily guided through low frequency vibrations such as fear, anger, jealousy, etc... By amplifying these low frequency vibrations on the planet, many will choose to agree to go to war, be unkind, and do all sorts of negative things to other people and beings… and themselves. They will also buy the lie that “negativity and pain in life is good for you”. This last one is a big one. Those who feed and or benefit from other people’s pain and fear, will do everything they can to hijack your path into thinking you need to have bad experiences in order to grow, learn or become a good, loving and compassionate or happy person. You don’t. You came in that way. Anyone, or anything, that tries to convince you that pain is good for you, has been hijacked and is part of the mechanizations of planetary enslavement, no matter how good their intentions are and how pure their soul is.

However, what I also saw was that no amount of technology can keep your spirit from raising from the veil of forgetfulness or enslavement which is the old paradigm. No amount of technology can keep you from choosing to embody the new paradigm in resonance and integrity. You, because you are awake, cannot be controlled without conscious agreement to be controlled. It was good to see. Very good to see.

Larry and I finished our trip with three days in Rome.

Visiting Rome in particular was extremely educational. If you haven’t been to Rome, I highly recommend you do! Apart from seeing the physical evidence of the historical energy and passage of time through our human collective awareness, Rome is beautiful. And the ice cream… omg! The food also, so good. For a while now Larry has had flashbacks and intuitive knowings of lifetimes spent as a Roman soldier and leader. In this trip we actually found out who and what he was. And were lucky enough to get solid, objective proof of his subjective knowing. Sometimes it takes the looking at a previous lifetime to unlock skills and strengths in this one. And that’s exactly what has happened in Larry’s case and, by association, in my case too.

Now we are back in the USA, and back to our projects. One of the amazing things that happened just as we left, was that the land for the Global Ascension Center was finally signed and delivered totally clear and free of any encroachments. We now have it available for you to visit any time and I will be sending out a different newsletter with all the details around the land and how to get there.

The second, and very powerful project, is the Shamanshack. If you are not familiar with the Shamanshack, it is a project Larry and I took up to establish a workshop and gallery center where we will hold, and host, in depth private courses and workshops on mystical, shamanic and everyday empowerment tools. We set aside some of the funds from our event in Neah Bay towards it, and also used funds we had saved for building our own house.  With the funds combined, we were able to purchase a piece of land with a small house on it. Now, thanks to Gaia’s amazing support through Larry’s fishing, plus money and time donations from highly supportive individuals, we are in the process of restoring it. More news to come!

And last but not least, HAPPY EQUINOX!!! The Team and I want to celebrate all this amazing stuff, by giving you a 20% discount on one of our most powerful tools: The Ascension101 Course.

…and… some photos! The first is on our first port of call, Bruges in Belgium, and the second is Larry and I on our last day in Rome.

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about

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