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Home Article Library November 2009 Ascension is not a mental exercise

Inelia Benz

This site is dedicated to awakening and ascension information. By default we have to use our minds in order to absorb the information detail within this site.  However, the mind is very much part of our ego body and not a tool that will facilitate our ascension on a practical way.

Yes, it will help us in finding out what ascension is all about, but on a practical level, it cannot help.  In fact, the only way we can start out journey of ascension is by quieting the mind and centering our viewpoint, or point of attention, on our heart center.

It is very difficult to do this just through meditation, but we can help thing along by practicing the art of heart felt reaction to situations and people in our daily life.

This is how it works. Did you know that we choose how we react on an emotional level to everything that happens around us?  This is not a voluntary reaction, but a programmed one. We are programmed to react to things in certain ways.

The way we react is very important because it is the vibrational blueprint that creates our reality.  It is not about controlling our immediate reactions or burying negative emotions.  It is about counting to ten and then observing our reaction to things.  Afterward see if the reaction harmed you or healed you.  If it harmed you, then remove yourself from the situation and look at it without judgment. See yourself as every participant in that situation, this is because in Oneness you are very participant.

Allow the emotions to express themselves, thank them then simply replace them with love, gratitude, and happiness.

Don't be afraid about forgetting or loosing something, whether a situation, memory or learning experience.  Keep the things you feel you must, but release anything that is hurting you and move on. If the negative emotion is too great, then simply breathe into your heart center for as long as it takes, taking your attention there, and looking out into the world from there.

Life is long and you will have ample opportunity to practice this exercise over and over again.  The more you practice it, the easier it will be to expand your awareness.

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+1 #1 Guest 2011-09-16 09:49
hehe, just found a page to comment on Agreement-Our choice.thank-yo u, you know truely alot. heard someone say autopilot is off, would have to move in the new thing. i like the moments of discernment after a battle so to speak. its almost panicy being off autopilot, but the autopilot was good to get me to this point, now taking in new future. thanx again

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