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Home Article Library April 2015 Have you been thinking of dying?

Inelia Benz

Normally I get one or two suicide notes every few months through my internet pages or social networks.  The past two months not only have those gone up, but also messages telling me of friends and relatives, or acquaintances, of the individuals who write to me suddenly dying or committing suicide.

What's interesting about the increase in suicide messages, is that they are coming in from people who have manifested amazingly beautiful and satisfactory lives. They are empowered, love what they are doing, love their environment and the people around them. But suddenly an urge, desire, or simply thoughts of suicide, of exiting the planet, of leaving it all at last, or of "going home", have plagued them for no apparent reason.

In January this year (2015), I had a long road trip from the very Northwest tip of Washington State, to Sacramento, California.  During this trip, I noticed that the chemtrails had changed. They were more dense, thicker, stickier, and had a different nature and energy than they had up to then.  I also received the "knowing" that the plans to remove the majority of the human species from the planet were being carried out.

The information came directly from the human collective "knowing".  Who was being targeted? By all accounts it appeared to be the physical bodies of those who had subscribed to Fear.  Those who decided to be vaccinated so they wouldn't die from flu, or measles, or Ebola, or flu again, or chickenpox, or whatever.  Those who continue eating GMO products. Those who continue to eat mass, inhumanly farmed animal and plant produce.

Yet, as I scanned the human collective for these millions of deaths, what I saw was perseverance. What I saw was that the human body is not so easily killed or eliminated.

By all accounts, if we take into consideration all the fronts by which the human body is being targeted and hit, most of the human species should be dead by now.  But it's not. We persist.

Then the suicide thoughts started to arrive from around the planet.  Those who write them, most of them, have already decided not to listen to those thoughts. Even the act of writing is a reaching out for understanding, feedback to comprehend what is happening.

I don't have any judgment on how and when a person decides to leave the planet.  I am not sure whether leaving right now is to avoid experiences that we are not subscribing to, as the lower vibrational humans go berserk and manifest an even more hellish experience here, or whether it is an attempt to remove all high vibrational persons so that the awakening of the masses stops.

Here are a few things I do know: Life is extremely short. Most of us didn't come here to avoid life or the games that are being played on the planet, whether these are positive or negative. All our physical bodies ARE MOST LIKELY GOING TO DIE anyway, whether today or in 60 years, they will die because that's how most of them, and some of us, transition to the next level. Some of these physical bodies are waking up and they will not need to die, but does that mean we are then securely trapped inside them? Forever? No. Nothing can actually trap our souls. There are games and situations that can make it hard for us to "leave" but never impossible.  For thousands of individuals, who are awake, to suddenly have a desire to leave or commit suicide in the middle of an extremely short game that's just getting interesting (even a lifetime lasting 150 years is less than a blink in a soul's evolutionary trajectory through eternity), is highly suspicious to me.

I'm thinking it's another filter. If you get past this one, as well as the vaccination ones, the food ones, the chemicals in the water ones, the chemtrail ones (do an internal cleanse at least once a month), then you stay.

And lastly, don't take it personally. When we step into a war zone we find that there are blanket explosions, bullets fly from all directions, and we sometimes get hit. It's not personal.

If you have been plagued with thoughts of death and suicide, simply scan them. Waves of these thoughts have been doing the rounds around the planet. Scan them and ask, "is this mine? Is this my body's? Is this coming in from the human collective? From a particular group?" You may or may not get an answer to those questions. But asking them will put them into a more realistic perspective.

You can also Observe these thoughts without judgment. Simply Observe them and allow the eyes of the universe to observe through your eyes.

I would not be surprised if thoughts of murder follow next! Waves of anger, anguish and desperation have been going around too. Let them flow through, and step out, up and into your Source joylighlove core center knowing it's just a human collective wave. No judgment. Life is short enough, your body will die eventually if that's what you both choose. 

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #16 Christo 2015-08-02 14:20
Thank you for writing this Inelia. I have had waves of desperation/fru stration lately but always try to shrug them off. I even had a few suicidal thoughts recently so it helps to know it's sweeping across those who are awake. Is it in response to where we r in our ascension? I was even wondering if it was an attack by the elite (no fear with that statement) But Lightworkers forge ahead :)Thanks Inelia
+1 #15 Saranac 2015-07-30 14:12
I've been sparingly receiving comments about the dying perspective. Thus far no one has expressed the culmination, conclusion of one's visit here in the physical journey. I don't think about the sort of 3D dying subject yet I intuit that I am finished with my tasks and everything seems to be just a repetition of been there and done that. I feel complete, balanced, peaceful and accomplished.
+1 #14 senso 2015-07-29 15:26
We have lost some incredible people to suicide over the past few years. I understand about lifes challenges, and listening to my body, I have had these thoughts off and on for a long time, usually when I feel I am coming into my own self. Strange that hey! Well like you said Inelia we (humans)arent that easy to kill off. I know I am here for so e reason, I feel it I the depths of my soul. Your words have always resonated truth and Integrity for which I am most grateful. From my heart to your thankyou!
+1 #13 Bushkas 2015-07-19 17:48
I like the concept of using the over my Andrew, thanks. The body I'm in has one of
those invisible odd illnesses (acrually) not so odd these days: Chem trails, vaccines, gmo and the rest. I've naturally revered to it as the disease not my disease, when I hear others speak of "my cancer" etc. I have the automatic inner voice saying "you mean THE Cancer". Never really knew/know why that is inevitable in my head when I hear it. I don't voice it to the other as I respect whatever attachment they need to have to anything, it's not my business as it were. About the suicide thoughts, I was meant to read this piece just about now. Great site from Great soul
+5 #12 Ted 2015-06-18 09:21
A familiar scenario. I regularly get sick and tired of this reality and I long for the freedom of leaving this body behind.
But then I remember that I incarnated here for a reason (no matter how obscure that reason is). I have also made commitments and promises which I can't just run out on. Besides, I have seen the devastation left behind a suicide and could never do that to my loved ones.
Growth is never easy.
0 #11 inaluna 2015-05-11 13:18
Hi Inelia.I have also experienced thoughts like these,the feeling that I don't want to do this anymore(be here),that I am tired and want to go Home and the feeling persisted even in my sleep(sometimes even stronger).And the subject of death came out prettyt often..But in the same time I could see that the thoughts were "artificial" in a way,and also the sadness.It was not something personal.
+2 #10 Alessandra Sodi 2015-05-09 13:09
What I can say, personally, it is like the game is accellerating more and more, no way to rest, to regenerate, and we're getting extremely tired, pushed beyond any possible limit. And sometimes I wish I could stop playing this game... then I say to myself that it would be extremely stupid to have endured it for 45 years to give up right when a change is possible and is coming, and the birth of a new age for the whole planet is having place... :-)
0 #9 Eleonora 2015-04-13 11:36
yes it happened to me in September 2012, for some day I had felt very depressed, it was an unusual mood for me; everything was meaningless. But when I thought: "well, I could die, and if I die I could meet my mother again" (she had recently died for a cancer) then I understood it was a sort of psichic attack and not my own thoughts nor depression. So I decided to use the same fear exercise to process the suicide thoughts and the depressive mood and it was immediately and incredibly effective! I could quickly release them and change them in light and love and they never came back again.Thank you for all these useful tools!
+1 #8 Angel-Light Love 2015-04-09 08:09
"Suicide" messages/freque ncies/broadcast s are targeting people. I've received "SUICIDE" two or three times in the last month or so. I remember once it was like it was hanging in my auric egg/field right outside my body. What made these messages so unusual was that I wasn't depressed nor having my own suicidal thoughts. I wondered what the word was about, such as the spirit of a person who had committed suicide hanging around, but drew a blank, so to speak. Nothing resonated. Truth be told, I'm always preparing to "shake the dust off my feet" and move on, but I'm also always preparing to continue to live. I've been existing this way for several years now. Inelia has confirmed by suspicions. I had thought it was just someone targeting me, but now I realize that wasn't the case.
+1 #7 Antoinette33 2015-04-08 16:20
Hi Inelia, love your wisdom and insights. I have been 'plagued' by these thoughts too recently. They've left my awareness of their own accord when I didn't give them a 'story' in my life.

You said:"...an attempt to remove all high vibrational persons". I do sense they're programs or constructs of some sort, either willfully inserted into the Human Collective or a natural part of this stage of the Human Collective's evolution, not sure which.

Seeing as everything is energy then why do we 'attract' or resonate with these vibrations to us? Should we be impervious by now to any fear-based constructs based on years of raising our vibration?

Did our friends choose fear? ... and this is why I too find this highly suspicious.

Thank you very much for the toolkit.


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