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Home Article Library March 2015 Not all Greys are Created Equal

Inelia Benz

In my newest novel "Interview with a Psychic Assassin", I explored the nature of Greys. In it, I mentioned some thoughts about Greys, what they do, their technology, and where they might come from. The discussion, in the novel, went on for about two pages and explored the main character's experience with Greys during her military government training.

Since writing the novel, I have been asked several times about the nature of Greys. I have also received emails and posts saying that Greys are all evil, and sent links to websites that prove it. And some that say that Greys are good, and those come with links to websites that prove it too.

The thing is, looking at the evidence of our interactions with Greys throughout history, we start to see certain patterns that are replicated from culture to culture.

A few decades ago, for example, they were not grey but green. Little green men with big heads, large black eyes, small noses and tiny or absent mouths.  In modern culture we see them depicted as made of light, some very tall, some very small, some grey, some white, some blue, some good, some bad.

As our collective awareness field expands, and more individuals are starting to remember interactions with Greys, a huge collection of data is beginning to surface about them.

One thing is becoming clear. There are many shapes, colors and forms of Greys and they are not a new, or Western, phenomenon. What appears to be universally common, is that their heads all look like that of a human embryo.

Another aspect of the Greys, is that they appear to be more of a "suit", than an actual being. It is almost as though their body is artificial, maybe part organic, certainly sentient, but the "driver" is elsewhere.  Communication between the Greys and humans is mostly,  if not all, telepathic in nature.

The "nature" of Greys seems to vary from shape to shape, and color to color. It is almost as though different species are using these Grey "suits" to enter into our system (solar and dimensional), to interact with us. Some people say their experience is they are treated by the Greys as though they were farm animals, others say that they feel highly identified with the Greys and consider them their real and true family - their human experience being a temporary experiment or mission.

And so far, apart from physical trauma to some of those who have been abducted, they have not used their technology to "invade our planet", or "destroy us all".

In the novel, the main character Ramona at one point says:

"People don’t seem to realize that if the Greys were malevolent, considering their abilities and technology, they could have wiped us out completely a long time ago. No question about it"

Yet, there is a lot of fear about the Greys.

From whistle blowers, and government leaks, we have been told, or shown, that the Greys whom the government have captured, or are working with, are not aggressive in any way or form. At least not physically. In fact, they appear to be very physically weak, and carry no weapons.In fact, if there was any aggression, it was from humans.

In popular culture we see Greys depicted as ruthless and violent, as harvesters that eat human flesh, as friendly cuddly and wanting to phone home, and everything in between.

This article is meant to open to the possibility of a broad spectrum of species presently using the Grey "suit" technology to interact on our planet.  Who made them? Who is developing them? When are they from? Where are they from?

When I look at them, I see an artificial intelligent biological "drone" as it were, that can house consciousness without trapping it. It reminds me somewhat of our own human bodies, except our bodies feel more alive. Our bodies feel more like highly intelligent elementals that need us (the soul being) to animate them and stay alive. Yet, if we were to take a human embryo before the soul entered it, added some sort of developmental retardant, made it grow to a useful size, included nano technology to allow it to exist in an environment outside the womb, and were then able to remotely "borrow" it to walk on distant times or planets, it would sure look like a Grey.

Just saying ;)

By the way, we are wired to forget what you just read above, so I would say go back and read it again, see if you saw it all, or forgot some already.


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0 #8 senso 2015-07-29 15:44
I had an experience about 3 years ago , I am not afraid of them and yes I feel they came to awaken my awareness ....I had a strong feeling after this that I had been found. I always feel protected ever since I was young.
+2 #7 EP0CH 2015-07-11 02:34
Interesting perspective.

:lol: If you haven't already, please check out the audio or transcript material of "Bashar", as they are transmitting from a hybridized civilization that is a future-Now result of the Greys' hybridization agenda here, which turns out was apparently for the repair and restoration of their ability to feel, reproduce, and relate to LIFE itself once more (as they lost this ability by veering too far down an evolutionary path that ignored Nature and the planet they were evolving with, in lieu of technology...) Their planet: Earth.

So yes, not to say they are all this way, but a large aspect of their federation (and particularly the "abduction/gene tic-harvest" agenda) comes in their hoping to steer us right, while simultaneously restoring their alignment with the hearth-fire of Life once more.
0 #6 Manny 2015-06-22 10:01
Thank you for an enlightening article! :-)
I was in deep meditation awhile ago, exploring my various soul aspects, and I was quite shocked to see that I am actually an alien grey in an alternate time-stream.

Actually I'm more blue than grey or you could call it blue-grey. While I would consider myself as a service-to-othe rs type, the human might see me as less than 100% benevolent, because my projects are primarily oriented towards the continued survival and flourishing of the race I am part of.
0 #5 fredreich 2015-06-19 02:26
Inelia, thank you fou your wonderful insight on the real world, if you are ever in wisconsin stop by trinity church in pell lake, wi. To see if the presence of god is truly manifested there i know you have a special gift to see the truth in these places of worship, and also i have been deeply wondering if the earth is hollow with ancient ancesters habitating it's interior mantal i feel a calling to investigate this sphere i would like to know what you think on these two subjects thank you for time with us on this journey of life here,gods peace be with you always :roll:
0 #4 Joaquin Wright 2015-04-28 16:49
You make me smile Inelia! I had many insightful things to say regarding your posted thoughts...and honestly, I miss interacting with you. But all I really want to say is, "you make me smile!" and "thank you!"
+1 #3 Christina De Luna 2015-03-14 04:50
Thank you for sharing this post...I believe that I have come across quite a few Greys in the past year, but probably because I have been aware of the difference between different races here on earth in the past year. I don't believe that they are bad or evil I just feel that they suit a curve of research or learning, as we all do, but it is less "feeling" and more "logical" or "methodical" in nature....very different to what a lot of us here are learning & trying to change in this lifetime. Nonetheless noticeable :) Please keep sharing! xoxo
+1 #2 carolyn flook 2015-03-13 17:53
Inelia and Larry, interesting I read and re-read. Saw it all the lst time and forgot nothing? What does that mean?
+3 #1 Jurriaan Alderden 2015-03-09 15:51
Hi Inelia,
Cheers for the wonderful article! More and more a reminder that our life is our choice 8) and a grand story plays to interact with and expand our evolution and our bodies :-) . A yoga teacher that I did classes at said many things, some things worth contemplating, like: "Don't worry about "them", they are just the extra's". Referring to a large amount of humans on this planet, a filling up of the show, where Gurdjieff said: "Not all humans have a soul, it is something to be earned by self-work".
I guess they have a sort of group soul, or program managing/overse eing/controllin g them. Sure these humans can do some scary shit :lol: I mean mass hysteria is not something to have a stroll around with :-? I wish the souls awakened enough to find their inner power and choose their destiny, changing along preferences and taking the roads shining good luck and fortune, for there is a saying:"Gentle as the volcano, you better sit in your rocking chair!":P yaY!

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