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Inelia Benz

Ascension Information

Spiritual Ascension is now possible for everyone on Earth due to the planet's trajectory through a high vibrational time/space incident.  It is extremely easy to start your ascension process and this site has a lot of information on how you can accomplish it.

This section is designed to facilitate your personal and our global Ascension. And the Ascension101 eCourse is designed for your personal Ascension and expansion of Awareness which provides a way for you to support the free content with your energy exchange.

Couch Potato

If you have been on the road to empowerment or enlightenment for any period of time, you will have heard, “meditate every day” at some point.  Also, many teachers, speakers and gurus will tell you to do certain exercises every day which will guarantee growth, awareness, empowerment and enlightenment.

You buy the book and read the book, or maybe you bought the course and listened to it. Maybe you even went to an event or two, a retreat perhaps.

Yet, you get home, put on your house bottoms, switch on the TV, FaceBook, or your favorite websites, and three months later you are still having the same problems, same types of relationship interactions, same job, same frustrations and same everything.

You go and open that book again, listen to the course again, or the recording you received from the event you went to. And this time, you might actually do one or two of the exercises… once. Or you might get a new book and read that… once.

But, every day? Not really. You don’t have the time. You can’t even meditate anymore anyway and when you did, it didn’t really help.

You promise yourself to start for real tomorrow… and that particular tomorrow never comes.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a link to a gentleman whom I was told was teaching the same things I was.  Whenever I get sent links, I scan the link before I open it.  Sometimes I get a “no” and sometimes I get a “yes”.  This time, I got a “yes”, so I opened the link to check out this gentleman’s facebook page.

As soon as the page opened, I felt a deep resonance with this amazing person. I briefly listened to a talk he had just posted, and felt his energy and authenticity come through. Not only that, but his words were filled with compassion and love. A peace emanating from within, that reached out through the screen and into the person watching. Without a second to spare, I messaged him and asked him if he would like to do a conversation with me for youtube.

If you watched my Look at 2017 video, you will be familiar with the three aspects we will be facing in 2017. These three aspects are, Healing the Hurt, Commitment and Unification.

Today I want to address Healing the Hurt. I want to address what it means to actively heal the hurt we have in our lives, culturally, familial, social, and physical to then be able to act and do from a place of wholeness and joy.

When we act from a place of hurt, our actions are infused with pain, suffering, fear, anger and other low frequency vibrations. By healing the hurt inside of us before we act, we are not only empowered and clear of low frequency vibrations, but also we are actively feeding a world of peace, joy, love, abundance, nurturing energies and care without overlaying it, or giving power to, low frequency energies hijacking our work and actions.

There is no “one” modality to heal the hurt. Depending on your culture and upbringing, you may have access to multiple healing modalities. Find yourself a healer and heal your hurt! Or find a good resonant modality and do it by yourself.

Inelia looking stoicThis year is a very important year for all human beings on Earth. In this newsletter, I will give a summary of why it is an important year for us, what I can see, and also share what I will be doing personally from 2017 onward.

For a more indepth look, I created a video:

Watch on YouTube

Firstly, since around mid 2016, there have been waves of intensity that last about three months each, peaking at the end before they release and start again. These waves seem to be affecting people in different ways. The nature of the last wave, the one at the end of 2016, was of light/dark both pushing against each other and pulling away from each other both at a personal level and a social level.  

The wave that started at the end of December, and is going forward into 2017, is uncomfortable only if we are holding onto low frequency vibrations, actions, habits and relationships.

This is a kit of files, ideas and sentences you can use when you fall into low frequency emotions, thoughts, body, situations and relationships.

It is an emergency kit that will help you pull out of those low frequency engagements. It is an active kit and it requires you have the full intention not to indulge in low frequency programs. It was co-created with the members at WalkWithMeNow.com

Use one or more of these items depending on the severity of the emergency and the length of the situation.

1. Count to Ten.

2. Breathe in slowly, and breathe out very fast, until the big emotion is past.

3. If you are in a situation where you can, then kneel on one knee, touch the ground with one hand and with one deep breath take stock of the emotions and situation.

altOccasionally we see excellent spiritual and empowerment teachers go through really challenging times. It could be a bad physical condition, a serious accident, nasty litigation, a conflict-filled divorce, a problematic relative or friend, addictions and other things.

Presently I myself am dealing with several of the above.

So why on earth would you use my tools to improve your life if I am still manifesting hardship?

I use my tools because they are designed to empower us in a conflict-ridden, low frequency environment. An environment that has people who will attack you either because they are of a low frequency Source, or because they have open doors to negativity. A human created environment that does not support your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your energy body or your egoic body.

They are tools that help you get out of wrong programs, assist you in getting informed and streetsmart, and also support you through really rough times in your life. They also help you to discern negative from positive choices and people, so that your life improves and gets more supportive, happier, healthier and better as time goes by.

I have received some messages and posts the past few weeks asking if my books are available in paperback format. Yes they are :)

You can find the paperback versions of my books directly from the publishers here:


Direct links to the individual books are:

Interview with an Angel:


Are you a Witch?:

I saw this picture on the internet and it reminded me of a situation I heard about some time back. It also reminded me of a question that was posted by a member at walkwithmenow.com that was related to changing a country/society by our presence there.

A few years ago I met a beautiful woman, powerful, empowered, and highly intelligent woman, who had decided to work for Monsanto so that she could change things from the inside. I don’t actually remember what her position within the company was, but she worked there for many years. She said she had made multiple proposals for change, and had many conversations with managers and project leaders on how things could be done better.

When I asked her if she had changed anything in all those years, she said that there was at least one employee who worked there that left the company after several in depth conversations. She said that this employee told her she had made a huge change in her life. I asked her about the company, had she made any changes on how the company operated. She  responded that she didn’t see any positive changes. That Monsanto got stronger, bigger and more powerful each year. She decided to leave, but was still unsure if she had done the right thing, whether she should go back, whether giving up was right, or wrong.

It is with huge happiness and inspiration that I am sending this update to you. At the end of 2011, I received a request from Gaia to open a Center. There was a lot of confusion about what shape this Center would take, I interpreted to be a place of study and union, where people could come together to learn, heal, create… But when we attempted to do that, we quickly realized it was a completely different project.

Myself and others sat together to feel into the request, see what it was really about. And Gaia came in strong and clear, it was about land. It was about the reactivation of land as a sacred space. A place, land, where trees, animals, elementals, ultra-dimensional beings, and humans could join, chat, and raise to the frequency and vibration where Gaia exists now. A very high, clear, crystal, and empowered place.  It was about taking land from private hands, and activating it into a high frequency vibration that is then accessible to anyone, everyone, who enters it with the aim of joining and engaging at that high frequency.

It was about sacred land.

If you have Facebook, Instagram or twitter, you will probably already know that Larry and I went to Europe on an Abraham Hicks Cruise workshop. It was paid in full by Gaia’s unwavering support of Larry’s fishing.

I was very excited to watch Esther Hicks at work. And she did not disappoint. Her event was well managed (really, really well managed - her team is amazing) and the sessions were very informative, funny and energizing. Some of her teachings are not resonant to me, but her purity of intent shines bright.

The reason we went, apart from research, was because both Larry and I have independently wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise. The thought of doing a cruise was always accompanied by the thought that most people in cruises go there to have one long party and not have to drive home drunk at night. Not really our lifestyle. But the thought of a ship filled with people who are working on themselves, learning manifestation tools, and fully committed to improving their lives, now THAT is a crowd I don’t mind sharing a ship with at all.

Note: I do want to point out that I cover this topic in great detail on Sex, Love and Soulmates Audio Course.

alt One of our main drives as human beings is to have sex with another person. This activity is exploited by the old paradigm to unfathomable extremes.  

Most of us have no idea that when we engage in the sexual act, we are releasing huge amounts of energy. An energy that can be tapped into and used by others. Also an energy that fuels and feeds what we are thinking and feeling at the time.

A lot of men and women get more than a little confused when they find themselves in the middle of the sexual act and although they are stimulated and triggered to continue, feel disgust or thoughts that they really don’t want to be doing that right there and then with that person… worse so if the person in question is the one they are in love with.

Most of us are never told that when we are involved in a sexual relationship (even a one night stand) we are merging and exchanging at a mystical as well as physical level. If the other person is not in a good space, or has had previous sexual partners who left hooks in their body, we will engage with that energy too.

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