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If you are looking to start the process of raising your vibration and you want to start with something simple and easy, then this selection is for you. Especially the "Fear Processing Exercise" and the "Ascension101 eCourse".

Fear Processing Excercise

Fear Processing Excercise
$9.90 each

This exercise is the one I use personally in my own ascension work, as well being what I consider to be a key exercise.  It is very effective and the most essential, and constant, step to take for a fast ascension journey.  It is by all purposes, the foundation of ascension as well as a key component in the manifestation of our dreams into this 3D world.

It also alleviates stress and anxiety.


+2 #2 Pia 2015-09-27 04:42
This is really a key exercise!
It's THE exercise and interesting is, that f.ex. during the exercise, the emotion of fear suddenly can change into anger and the anger then into sadness. Suddenly I find myself crying, but originally it was FEAR! And also the other way round: If the original emotion was f.ex. anger, then at the end it expresses itself as fear...
Great exercise! (Similar to the unit "healing the emotional body" of the ascension101-co urs I think.. ;-) )
Thank you very much, Inelia!
Pia from Switzerland :D
0 #1 Rob Stewart 2015-06-19 14:27
THank you!!

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