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Interview with a Psychic Assassin

Interview with a Psychic Assassin
$14.99 each

Get in Paperback format from: Amazon or Lulu.

Inelia writes novels to impart otherwise inaccessible information which expands our minds and knowledge base on how Earth has been run.

In this interview she explores the journey of Ramona, recruited from her loving parents by a secret world government agency to be educated at an elite school for gifted children. Only this school’s true purpose is to create the perfect assassin. Using technology and skills learned from alien captives, occult orders and super soldier programs, Ramona became their most deadly of weapons. Until she received a target she could not kill.

What was meant to be a straightforward interview quickly turns into a dangerous and mystical adventure into the depths of creation.

Some things just cannot be killed.

If you have enjoyed "Interview with an Alien" you will love this new novel!

Read the first chapter.  

This edition is available for immediate download in electronic format (PDF, ePub and Kindle), which you will be able to read on your favorite device. Applications that you may want to use: Acrobat Reader, iBooks, Kindle,  or Adobe Digital Editions on any device that supports them.


What the readers say:


"oh my god was glued to my computer!!! This book is the most fascinating and amazing story and information!! The energy is very powerful! This material can be read many times. Of course I have a million questions... We are so blessed to have you here helping us on earth! Thank you Inelia Benz for all that you have contributed, for your unique consciousness and for the role you have agreed to take on. I appreciate the purity in you and your information. We are so blessed with your vibration! From my heart , Thank you!" - L.M.

"RIVETING!!!! Congratulations Inelia Benz This is really out of this world. Halfway through and can't put it down. Thank you for being here" - Christopher O.

"I purchased your book this morning and read it all today. It was amazing in being an observer while reading your words and seeing the hidden code realizing what the key is. Thank you" - Luna D.

"This is a FABULOUS book! It not only grabs you and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it weaves conscious positive programs which can shift the frequency or vibration of the planet. Brilliant!" - Lance White

"It's a literal and literary game changer. A beautiful bomb went off in my heart with the insight that light and dark co-exist....and even create together powerful new energies. I feel whole." - Joy Herhold

"That's the only book that made me laugh with voice and clap with hands from the ideas it revealed for me." - Абе Христо

"This is an amazing book. I am ready to read ot again. I want to make sure I learn all I can from it. Thank you Inelia Benz!" - Maryellen Vastola Little

"Totally mind blowing! I highly recommend it." - Siv Merete Antonsen

"I was initially put off by the title, but this has to be the most mind blowing, incredible book I've read in quite some time. I highly recommend it." - Stokes Dickins


(This is an electronic download. You can get the paperback from Lulu: Get the printed edition)


+1 #36 Kim Hucker 2016-06-23 04:27
Wow, I could not stop reading 'till the very end! Absolutely fantastic! Confirmed ideas and states of being I believe are my true calling. I now have a purpose again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
+1 #35 Soph 2016-04-23 16:55
Hi, I really liked this book. It is like it has so many different layers and I can read it many times. And I still dont fully get it. It has a very mystical touch. I really like your way of writing. Sometimes I also feel a little different and maybe in a different way but this book is really empowering somehow. Thanks.
+1 #34 gary johnson 2016-03-10 12:49
Inelia , thank for sharing your books with us on your birthday. You have written one of the most interesting confirmations I have ever read about that referred to much of what I was experiencing and thinking. I am not going crazy like some insist.
+1 #33 Jana Gorst 2016-03-09 09:28
Wow, I have finished this book just in one morning. Couldn't stop reading. Deep in within me something seriously resonate with every word although I'm not capable of voice it. Although I don't consider myself as highly sensitive "a sensibill " I can feel the subtle change in energies around me ... The Shifts.... Thank you a tousend times for coming and sharing it with us dear Inelia. ( and I obviously don't mean just this book) Namaste Jana
+1 #32 Reader 2016-03-08 15:43
Great read! Very deep and profound. Hard to believe how much we don't see and experience with our little knowledge of the universe
+1 #31 jose 2016-03-07 16:52
Thank you Inelia for stay in the eart making that´s beautifull y bigger actions to share all your knolege and experiences.. it´s so beautifull stay so close to you looking your videos, and books and audios, and publish in this website,, your the best persons in my lovely life, :-) always in my heart you :-)
+1 #30 Bronm 2016-03-07 04:26
Inelia's Great Book truly expands people's Consciousness and Inspires Awareness on the Realities/Dimen sions/Beings that exist Beyond the known physical world
+1 #29 Maria Angela 2016-01-01 15:58
El libro es fantástico!
De un momento a otro uno se ve invitado a ser parte de la historia. Y por más increibles que sean las propuestas y afirmaciones en la historia, lo cierto es que permite confirmar imagenes, sentimientos, recuerdos, archivados en el anaquel de PERSONAL-Universal-vigente.
Gracias Inelia, por invitarme a hacer este viaje, me recordó que estamos de viaje!
+1 #28 Gabrielala 2015-07-14 21:37
"That's the only book that made me laugh with voice and clap with hands from the ideas it revealed for me." - Абе Христо"

De leer este comentario me decidí a comprar la novela. Sabía que iva a ser interesante e informativa; pero una buena risa vale mi dinero. Y la mezcla de todo lo anterior mejor.

Y sí, me reí, pense "yo sabia"; te lleva a un punto que piensas que ellos (las ideas y personajes) están en tu cabeza, o que yo estoy en la cabeza de ellos; una idea que va y viene... ovbio que hay detalles que piensas ¿y en que quedo eso? y empiezas con tu imaginación a llenar los espacios.

De seguro un rato de entreteción y compañía.

Escribí en español ya que no se ven muchos comentarios de estos. A todo esto, ¿porque no están traducidas al español las entrevistas con Alien y Asesino psíquico? Yo me entretuve, creo que a otros también les podría parecer divertida.

+1 #27 Tsehay 2015-04-23 07:02
I could not put it down and finished reading soon after I downloaded it. I found it to be insightful and took my perception of things a bit deeper so to speak. Especially the fact that we can only win over fear and all our flows with Love.

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