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Journey into Manifestation

Journey into Manifestation with Inelia Benz MP3
$36.00 each

One and a Half hour MP3 Download - Journey into Manifestation.

(this also part of a discounted bundle)

My intent is for you to become the most effective manifesting person you can be. This is because the greater numbers of awakened individuals become experts at materializing their own reality, the sooner we will be able to experience an amazing physical life in this planet. Just imagine, if you could manifest the reality that gives you the most satisfaction with ease and efficiency right now, how would this improve your environment, our planet?  YUP you've got it :)
We are in an important phase in our human evolution.  This phase is one of "remembrance". We are remembering, and becoming conscious of, who and what we are. We are the creators of our reality.
We create all the time, we have never, as a species or as individuals, stopped. Only, for the past few thousand years, most of us have done this unconsciously.
This call is designed to be a journey of remembrance into the physical and spiritual innate skills we posses to manifest our reality.

We explored the positive and negative aspects of conscious manifestation, and brought to light the unconscious programs that stop us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Guidance on the live audio call:

As with all material in ascension101.com, please use your own resonance indicators to establish whether the information you will receive during the talks is true to you, whether it resonates correctly, or not. BE your own authority.

Listen with pen and paper to take notes, and at least one very clear item you want to manifest in your life.  How do you clarify that item? Follow these steps:
1. Observe your life right now, in the present time.
2. Choose the area of your life that you want to change.
3. Ask yourself, how do you want it to be different to how it is now? Be completely honest to yourself. Identify the item that will make that change.
The item can be an object, situation, person (don't limit the person to one specific individual), feeling, state of existence, or anything else you want.
4. Look and see how this item will alter your life, and the lives of those around you. If the gain is more than the loss, then this is your item.

Be ready to expand your awareness, being, and raise your vibration. Enjoy the MP3!


0 #6 Pia 2015-12-28 02:32
Thank you so much, Inelia! Each day I do the ascension 101 course and listen to one of your empowerment tools. And almost every day I do the fear processing exercise with any emotion that's coming up. (Sometimes it's at nighttime during 1.5 hours that emotions are coming up!) But I still have no clue how to change my life (not having to earn money for being able to pay to "be allowed" to live on this planet). This one is a taff one for me and I'm still tapping around without any idea...
+3 #5 Sharon Hilliard 2013-05-02 17:06
This is the greatest time of my life, the time for full accountability. I am so much in the light, and it truly amazes me. I have a plan for the awakening of the children. Children who are going through this transformation, yet there is no one to help guide them. The universe chose me to be a guide and I truly feel this as a great honor. Thank you for your association to the cause of such a knowledgeable event helping and guiding me to know what is really happening at this very unique time in our lives.http://as cension101.com/ components/com_ jcomments/image s/smiles/lol.gi f
+3 #4 Didier Sosthene 2013-04-29 23:35
Thanks Inelia for showing me and reminding me that I can still chose the high vibrational experience path so I can enhance the vibrational level of the planet. You have awakened me at an over level of consciousness. I know that writing on your wall wasn't a coincidence but something that ment to happen. Thank you for holding my hand...
+3 #3 Chris 2013-04-29 18:30
I would like to take @this time ,to say thank-you to Inelia,as you have Inspired me many times over the years,Am grateful!
+2 #2 Mario Briceño 2013-04-27 07:05
thank you for the opportunity given
+2 #1 Bernard 2013-04-26 13:00
You're welcome my friend God bless and Godspeed to you look at the bright side and always look For light at the end of the tunnel and remember there's a beautiful waterfall upstream both Of you must paddled to get there you google Saint Bernard tell me what it Means ? A Loyal Dog whom rescues people in Danger even when his own life is in Danger as well But life is worth living but only if you're giving to help your friends because we were all born free free as the wind blows free as the grass grows born free to follow your heart

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