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Return of the Hero

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I want to talk to you about several million heros that came to the planet, and they've been coming to this planet and staying on this planet for thousands of years. These heros will reincarnate over and over, playing different roles to accelerate the growth of the human collective of Gaia. Many of them not only took on lives where they would embody the energies of the regular hero that we know about in western society, but also that of victims, and aggressors, many others.

However, the energy they carried, the energy they brought in, and the reason why they've stayed around, was because their essence was light. Their essence had been moulded by an evolutionary process, some of them on the earth, but many, the majority I would say, in either other dimensions, or other planets where there was no light/dark paradigm, just light. They didn't actually know dark.

And when this collective, this planet, decided to have an experience of light/dark, because of the nature of darkness, the low vibration, is to completely overrun, overtake and basically destroy light completely and utterly. One spark, one tiny little spark of light, will take away darkness completely - quite a lot actually, not all of it, but quite a lot. If you imagine a room that's completely dark, completely dark, no windows, no doors, no light. You can't see anything. The darkness is absolute. But bring in the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest little candle, and all of a sudden, you're able to see outlines, shadows, walls. And that's why the nature of darkness is to destroy light completely and utterly.

It is not the nature of darkness to exist in a light/dark duality. That's not their game. That's not the game of darkness. Darkness will come in, into a planet, into a matrix, into a reality, and take it over completely and utterly. So when the planet and this collective decided to have an experience of light/dark, there was a little problem. They had to let in dark, so that they could have that experience, because originally the essence of this planet is joylightlove. That's the core essence of the makeup of the planet and the people in it - our bodies as well.

But to have the experience of light/dark, it needed to let in dark, and this happened thousands and thousands of years ago. The risk immediately became that there wouldn't be an experience of light/dark, there would just be an experience of dark destroying light completely and utterly, and then becoming simply another dark planet. So what happened? Volunteers happened. Heros.

Throughout time-space, and throughout different dimensions, beings who were pure light volunteered to incarnate on this planet. And their role was one, to be light, to continue to carry that light on this planet from lifetime after lifetime. That was it. And it didn't matter what role they played in a social or game level, or within the victim/aggressor paradigm. It didn't really matter. Their essence, their pure essence was light, is light.

And these individuals carried this light throughout the ages. They've been burnt at the stake. They've been stoned to death. They've been tortured. They've been killed, persecuted. They've had extremely difficult life experiences because a pure light being existing in a duality of light/dark has a really hard time of it. It's not a natural environment for this being.

And their only role is to exist, so that when the time came when the planet and the species and the collective had learned all about light/dark, all about power over others, all about the patriarchal structures and everything else, these heros would wake up. And would tell the world to wake up too. And would pull this planet and this species out of that light/dark paradigm and into their true essence of joylightlove, a higher vibrational awareness experience that did not involve power over others, but involved being power.

It's you!

Note: This is part of the A.W.A.K.E.N. Academy classes and it's also freely availble on the WalkWithMeNow platform.


+1 #12 Jurriaan Alderden 2017-01-04 09:40
Happy 2017 and Beyond for everyone working on embodying the New Paradigm->YAY!!!
Thx a million Inelia for your messages, teaching and wayshowing...
This Hero is indeed actively shedding low frequency programs and replacing them with High Frequency Ones, lovely how you put this so short and sweet on Fb today 4/1/2017!
Much Love, Light and Joy!
I Love You
0 #11 Michaella 2017-01-03 19:18
Thank you for this, Inelia.
Quoting Pilar Romance:
I am so grateful for your words Inelia, since I read it I can't stop crying and I don't really know why but my heart asks me to write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you for speaking so plainly, Pilar...I was crying also, without being able to say why...it felt like relief, hope, and finally being understood. We are united in light. May it flow through us all!
+2 #10 James 2016-08-30 05:36
Thank you for clearing this up, love James
+1 #9 Marilou 2016-08-18 10:26
Dear Inelia, thank you very much for your words! They resonate fully in my heart. Lots of blessings for your work.
0 #8 Monalisa Gheorghiu 2016-08-18 03:54
I feel so good, perfect and in the same time natural this explanation about dark and light. It fits me perfectly so thank you for revealing it for me. Be blessed! Hope see you in light (only)!
0 #7 Petr Cermak 2016-08-07 10:27
Thank you for this message, I've been feeling the reality of it more and more... remembering what I am. Although still a little bit struggling with carrying out some decisions/relea sing fear.
+8 #6 Pilar Romance 2016-03-14 08:08
I am so grateful for your words Inelia, since I read it I can't stop crying and I don't really know why but my heart asks me to write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
+2 #5 Bea 2016-03-12 12:09
Gracias por acompañar
Gracias por mostrar que la sensación de infinita añoranza, incluso en una vida "plena" tiene sentido.
Gracias por la esperanza y la luz
Gracias desde lo más profundo de mi alma Inelia
+4 #4 Mike & Izzy 2016-03-11 02:50
Once again your beautifully creative insights anticipate the way I am(we are) feeling and provide nourishment and inspiration, like giving pure water and encouragement to the marathon runner nearing the finishing line or helping to fly, the baby bird fallen from the nest.
Grande Abraço
+1 #3 sarai 2016-03-11 01:06
many years ago, a being appeared to me at the foot of my bed in the early hours of the morning. The same face, with downcast eyes, as in the picture displayed with this article. Looking at this image made my heart race and feel joy with remembrance. Is it possible for you to send me the entire picture?

At the time, I was not afraid, although my heart was beating loudly. I was in awe and barely dared to breathe should the being disappear. I had the feeling that the being - so tall, serene and graceful-did not look at me as the energy may have been too strong and I may have been afraid. I am not sure. I did not feel this being to be an angel as I did not see any wings. I knew that the person was a guardian; of beauty and of bliss. I felt joyful for many days.

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