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Rules of Engagement (Text and Audio)

Inelia's Talks (PDF+MP3)
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About this Course

(MP3 + PDF Transcript + Fear Processing Exercise)

A few months ago, I was asked by Source if I could please write a book about what I had learned about Being Human. And could I possibly finish them by March or April 2012.

As I enjoy writing very much, I immediately said "yes".  At first, I thought it was some sort of biographical account of my journey for the past 46 years.  But as I worked on the book, it soon became clear that that was not it.  What was needed was an in-depth look at the topics covered at the ascension101.com site.  So, I shelved the biography for the time being, and began to write this series.

Soon after that, it was requested by Source that I record them.  This is because through voice, we are able to grasp things at a more complete level than we do through reading alone.  There is an energy imprint in the sounds that we make while speaking, that facilitates an easier connection with the concepts and reality of what is being said.  It also gives the listener, and reader, a better gauge of the resonance behind the words.  It allows us to gauge whether something is real for us or not real for us much better than reading alone.

What follows, then, is the final result of this journey. An in-depth course which address the rules of co-created reality on planet Earth, and how these affect our “choice” of whether to move into the New Paradigm, or not.

Here is Talk 1 from the serries: The Nature of Reality

Note: It includes the MP3 download of the Fear Processing Exercise as a bonus.

Topics Covered:

The nature of “reality”, universal "rules":


Free Will


And some topics that are specifically relevant to the lower paradigm we are leaving are:

Light/Dark duality experience
Victim/Aggressor Cycle

And about our personal and global paradigm shift:

The nature of the “shift”.
The nature of the “human collective”.
Gaia and the “Planetary Council”. -  The role of Extra Terrestrial and Ultra Dimensional Beings
Living as a “single construct” human.



+2 #7 Jannie Pastrana 2015-09-02 21:32
:D :lol: :eek: :roll:
Mil y mil a la 14 gracias Querida Inelia tus enseñanzas son liberadoras, nos la oportunidad de ejercer nuestro ibre albedrio eligiendo concientemente y ya no en automatico reaccionar con los programas instalados en nuestro subconciente a travez del idioma,incohere nte por cierto con la lengua madre vinculante a nuestro subconciente por esto hay que cortar con esa vinculacion con esta vinculacion subconciente con nuestra lengua madre y dejar soso un significado de las palabras el presente, un fraternal abrazo a ti Inelia a todo tu equipo y a todos tus fans.
+2 #6 ItisMe 2015-07-02 01:13
We Are
Healthy, Strong, Young, POWERFUL LOVING, Harmonious, Successful And HAPPY !!
+4 #5 Lezli Godfrey 2015-06-25 10:01
Inilia thankyou sincerely for the work that you are doing. I've been on this planet for a long time(at least 60 years) and what I long for is freedom, harmony lightand love. :-) Because of the heavy negative programing that I have lived with it is challenging for me to break free from the mental concepts that keep me feeling insignificant and weak and sad.I have a feeling that your teachings are going to help me begin to see a new way of living on this planet so that I may make a greater impact(in a positive way) to myself and those around me.Thanks sister. :-)
+1 #4 Anne Derouet 2015-06-22 08:56
This was fine and so simple. A way to move with intention in everyday life.
Many thanks
+4 #3 Guest 2014-06-19 18:15
Great info needs to be known
+3 #2 Gary Jacpobucci 2014-01-07 11:28
My experience was… wonderful - every word. I don’t know why this was invisible to me up to now – I suppose I still had some dancing to do before I was ready – but it dispelled all the areas I had in mind that seemed ‘fuzzy’ and conflicting. It has a wonderful story line – clear and simple. I was struck, and inspired, by the level honesty and forthrightness. A saying comes to mind… “Behold him in whom there is no guile.”
+3 #1 Guest 2013-12-19 20:44
You are certainly a way-shower!!
I know I missed an experience that you initiated with a large group who were totally in " oneness"
-- A beautiful example to the rest of the world!
I missed an opportunity to be there in 'real time'
Keep on -- Keeping on----

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