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Awakening Information Diamond Child

We are now familiar with the terms: Indigo child, Crystal child, and Rainbow child.  But not many have heard the term "Diamond Child", or "Diamond Children".  This is because, unlike their predecessors, a diamond child is not here to change things.  A diamond child will rarely bring attention to him or herself, and will often move through life undetected.

So why are they here?  Let's look at where the name comes from. A Diamond is a great conductor of light and energy.  Unlike Crystal, which is similar but extremely delicate and can shatter easily, Diamond is one of the hardest and most difficult to destroy natural rocks on Earth.  Yet in the dark, it is invisible.

Diamond children are the same.  While in the dark, they are as invisible as anyone else on Earth. But once they start conducting, or channeling, light and energy, you will never meet a brighter, more pure light on Earth.

Diamond children will often be A++ students. They will be talented at any subject, task or hobby they care to pursue, and thus will often end up doing nothing of consequence because their energy is spread too thinly among too many subjects. And they are avid learners, which they do out of interest and not to take sides or be knowledgeable.

Often, but not always, born to extremely difficult situations or families, these children will ride the events without getting caught up in the drama. They will not use their misfortune to become addicted to substances, to become abusers, to become depressed or to stop them living their lives to the full.  Very rarely one of them will fall by the wayside and try a path of destruction, to see what it is like.  Even then, after years of pain and suffering, they will reemerge as bright as ever.

Diamond children know they are right 99% of the time on just about everything. Often this will translate to others as arrogance because they don't even try to argue their side.  They will just nod and smile at you and your argument, then, when you least expect it, will slowly teach you an opposite viewpoint.

Sometimes they will get into arguments simply to win.  They do it for fun and they do always win. No matter what side of the argument they take, and they really don't care, they will prove your side to be erroneous.  This is because they see the bigger picture. They see both sides of every argument and do not judge either.

Diamond children shy away from leadership.  This is because, unlike Indigo or Rainbow, they do not come with predefined colors, and the concept of "group" we have here on Earth is offensive to them.  A group, after all, means there is an "us vrs them" mentality within the group as well as an agreed upon reality that excludes other realities.

If you are wondering where they come from, the answer is from everywhere and nowhere. They don't identify with one particular planet, reality or universe.  They come directly from Oneness.  If you are in any way psychic or sensitive, you will see their shape change to your most advanced perception.  So, say you can perceive alien species, this is what you will see, if you can perceive energy/light creatures, this is what you will see. If you can perceive Oneness, this is what you will see.  Often you will see them changing from one to another shape, until they settle to the shape you most identify with.  So, for example, if you identify with Dragons, you will think they too are a Dragon. Or if you are an Earth Angel, you will see wings on them.

If you suspect your child to be a Diamond Child, the best you can do for him or her is to narrow his or her interests and encourage the child to stick to one, or at most two subjects. One creative, such as art or music, and one intellectual, such as science or letters.  It is going to be a difficult task, but this will help them survive on Earth and become independent much better than if you take them to ten activities per week... which they will be more than willing to do.

Apart from that, keep their diet additive free, pure and fresh and make sure they drink plenty of water.  They will take care of the rest.  Diamond children really are low maintenance.

Often a Rainbow Child will think, or want to be, or be mistaken for a Diamond Child. The main difference between the two is that the first is very much into religion, groups and "making things right". While the second simply lives life and is here purely to bring in Divine Light into our reality. The color, or colors, the light takes once on Earth is irrelevant to the Diamond Child, who will never judge you or your beliefs as wrong, nor will he or she ever try to save you, lead you or teach you "the right way".

A Diamond Child will pop up into your life when you most need them, in other words, when you need Divine Light, then disappear just as quickly.

They will lead long, uncomplicated lives.

They are extremely powerful. If they so wished, they could make you do their bidding, they can change the weather, they can shift the vibration of an entire area.  They can manifest with easy and will work out a solution, or answer, to any problem you present them with.  When a person becomes truly aware of the Diamond Child's power, the person will become fearful and perhaps think it is wrong for someone to have so much power.   However, it is very rare indeed for a Diamond Child to use any of his or her powers.  They have an inbuilt resistance to do so.

As to their numbers, there are very few presently incarnated on Earth, but their numbers will increase in the next two decades, although not by much.  Their power is such that not many are needed at any one time.  You are one if after reading this article, you feel a big "I knew that", and then move onto the next subject, which I hope is Ascension.

If you feel a huge need to be a Diamond Child, then you are probably a Rainbow Child... and if you felt insulted at the suggestion that you are "a lesser being", you definitely are a Rainbow Child.


0 #44 Kia 2017-01-14 21:53
I was visited in the astral by a "grey", & was informed that I carry the diamond trait & so does my daughter. This was late 2015 or early 2016...but it's something that I never researched until now. It's just an experience I randomly contemplate in my mind...this is my first time reading anything about "diamonds"...I' m completely blown away. What a time to be alive...
-3 #43 Clau 2015-08-08 21:30
Beautiful article! Thank you ❤️
Every child is beautiful, divine light! I must say that diamond children started coming to Earth 3 or 2 years ago.
Love you all!
+6 #42 Matthew Rhyan 2014-11-25 13:51
:D I am indeed a Diamond child. It was nice to confirm. Everything I ever suspected about myself is now confirmed. So blessed to have found this page or sight to relieve that I am who i always knew i was. awesomeness. growing and learning everyday. found a fellow Diamond child and will be glad to share this with him as well. dear soul brother of mine. love to you all. Peace love and Light and healing energy always. Namaste to you all.
+2 #41 lee 2014-11-15 18:54
Like all information this contains a lot of extremely accurate detail. It also contains some generalisations that may or may not be true for individual Diamond Children. Diamonds are only just being born now, there would be very few incarnate at this time. There are also high level crystal children who identify with high vibration violet light who have been born since The Rainbows and before the Diamonds. The Diamond child I know is 6 weeks old and is an Avatar. An ascended master incarnate, she is here to bring comfort to the souls she comes in contact with, she instigates healing and energy shifts. She is here as a teacher and shiner of divine light, her very name means To Bring Comfort, Favoured of the Divine. The Diamond Children choose their own names before they are born. Blessed be to those reading this who are drawn to the news of these births. Know that great healing is here, now for this planet, the Avatars are among us. Namaste.
+1 #40 Guest 2014-04-23 11:09
Thank you so much for this post. I have more to share with you, but to lengthy, so, I decided to post it in my blog so other Diamonds might be able to read it, too.


This is very important for me. Much love and light! So many things are making better sense now. Love, love, love
+1 #39 Guest 2013-08-09 06:02
I didn't know I was a diamond child in a long time :-) :-)
+3 #38 Guest 2013-08-06 19:07
wow. thought i coined the name diamond child. i am a rainbow crystal adult. my child is a diamond.i started calling her a diamond after she began speaking to me mind to mind. like an indigo she knows exactly why she's here. she IS a writer, singer and artist. the dark in her life is not what others don't know about her. it's hers to shine through.
0 #37 Guest 2013-06-19 12:33
Thank You for this i connected so well with what your saying that I cried when reading this. Thank You
+2 #36 Guest 2013-05-18 06:24
shine bright like a diamond you are
+2 #35 Guest 2012-11-27 12:59
Truely amazing and fits me perfectly i had no knowledge of diamond children ever before in my life until i read this. what lead me to this site was a dream i had of a person trying to attack a person that she called a saphire, when i tried to break up the fight, the attacker looked at me and voiced that she no longer wanted the person referred to as saphire, instead she wanted me because she said i was a diamond and more valuable. I went to research the dream and it lead me to this :)

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