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Awakening Information The meaning of life

What is the meaning of life?


We came here, to Earth, to experience.  Whether we are a diamond child, crystal, indigo, rainbow, or Earthly child, whether we are enlightened, materialistic, dense, light, can see angels or nothing at all. We are here to EXPERIENCE.

What we came here to experience is ourselves, complete, fully, and integral. All of ourselves, which includes everything we consider part of us.  Whether this includes just our bodies, our bodies, minds, spirits, or includes our surroundings, our spiritual guides, our earthly families and friends, our interests. Whatever it is, if it comes into our awareness, then we are here to experience just that.

If you came to Earth with a huge sense of mission, then you are here with a mission.

Remember though, and be warned, the thing about missions is that most of them by default will come with sides. Us and Them, Right or Wrong, Beautiful and Ugly, Joy and Suffering.

Think about it. Are you here to take sides? Be honest.

By taking sides you are adding to duality and all that duality entails.

Of course there is a mission that, in my humble opinion, surpasses all missions. That is the mission to EXPERIENCE LIFE NOW. BE in total present time and fully experience every second that you spend on Earth.



0 #9 Michael 2012-03-02 19:45
Dear Inelia,

Three days ago I saw the whole interview with you by Bill Ryan.
Most thinks you said in the interview felt very natural to me.
The one thing I can't grasp at this moment is what you said about the time lines.
I bought the Ascension course two days ago, so I wish I understand it when I have completed the course.

So after seeing the interview, I went to your very interesting website (to say the least) and tonight I stumbled upon this article.
And it confused me a lot.

I did feel that I am on Earth in these days with a huge mission.
I have accepted to be a volunteer as a warrior for the Light (dunno what that means exactly, but being born with the name Michael I have a sense of fighting for injustice).
So am I now a part of the problem?
And generally speaking, are Lightworkers a part of the problem?

Please enLighten me.
Thank You!

Warm regards,
+5 #8 Guest 2011-06-19 15:09
No agenda (no mission) although I often wondered what my purpose was. It didnt really sink in that my task was to "KNOW myself" until I realised I'd become lost and simply didnt know who I was any more. Getting to know myself has been a great experience so far (and I think will be ongoing til I pass over), but the more I learn the more I change - so I can never really say who I am, but I continue to enjoy the journey of discovery... and its leading me somewhere quite beautiful.
+1 #7 Guest 2011-05-26 14:10
ps..thank you so much for your wonderful work..
0 #6 Guest 2011-05-26 10:10
dear inelia, would like to know about prime creator...we hear it is love...but love is to commen a word to bring it in context of creator..so the meaning of life in its greatest context..is that experiencing itself through all forms? can one speak of some sort of goal or is all just expending as it goes...?
-1 #5 Guest 2011-05-17 16:21
This has got to be more than just a movie. When the conditions here are obviously bad and deteriorating you can't just sit and practice yoga and hope that you will shift to a better timeline/movie. . which means that we must take sides and must play the duality game..Inelia you mentioned somewhere that when we see a molested child we have to take action and help the child... you can't sit back and excuse yourself with the child's karma.. but that's taking sides!
+1 #4 Anima 2011-02-15 20:44
Inelia. I can't thank you enough for this. I'd been struggling recently to find meaning in my life, and had been looking for a cause with which to align myself. I felt trapped, though, as every purpose seemed to depend on an ideology, which inevitably demonized or othered or 'wronged' something in the whole. And so I felt paralyzed and unsure where to put my time and energy and attention.

This entry, and the mission it articulated, neatly cut through that dilemma. Thank you, again and again.
+1 #3 Inelia Benz 2010-02-05 10:27
Enrique, welcome :)
I too used to think that the trap was in the living and enjoying life. However, this is not the case. Being yourself now 100% actually liberates you from the "attachment" or "trap" of the cycle. It releases fear, which is a big part of the chain. It is not a passive acceptance, but an active observance and partaking.
+1 #2 Guest 2010-02-05 07:56
Duality makes how things are at this moment. Taking ascencion as excuse to say I am ok you are not , re-creates the cycle we want to be free from.
+3 #1 Guest 2010-01-27 10:42
How true. This should be read by everyone who is or is becoming spiritually awakened. So many try so hard during their life time to understand and go back to the place they are going to go back anyway.

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