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Awakening Information

Awakening Process

Ascension is not just about reaching the state of Oneness. Ascension starts at the moment of awakening, and continues throughout our lives for as long as we work on our personal growth.

Dr. Brian Weiss is one of those pioneers who have brought deep teachings and understanding of our infinite lives into the West.

This guy is one of my heroes, and today I got to meet him :D

I watched his lecture at the "I can do it" conference in San Diego. Such a humble and true person! Get his books which are highly informative as well as entertaining.

Yesterday, I made a mistake that cost me $25. It's not much, but you know, it was due to carelessness on my part. That made me mad and feel guilty of making a mistake. It made me mad that I had made a careless mistake.  Thank goodness the mistake was minor and didn't hurt more than my ego.

flow of lifeWhen things work out smoothly and effortlessly, we often call it being in the Flow. Or in the Zone.  This happens when we are connected to the activity, situation or place we are at.  If we have time for everything, and arrive to places at the right time, we are connected to time. If we always receive what we need, we are connected to abundance, when the golf club flows, we are connected to the activity.  How do we connect? Well, everything has a spirit. Everything has an energy intelligence with which we can connect or disconnect.

When a person first begins in their spiritual journey they are like babes in the woods. They are prey to every cult, religion and con artist out there. From, so called, established religions which will take every cent the person owns, to the psychics who will charge them for cleaning up negative entities around them, to those who prey on the new simply to satisfy their egotistical need for worship and control.

The question, "what is your soul purpose?" is easy to answer, but difficult to hear.  What all of us have as our soul purpose is to BE HERE, IN PRESENT TIME. And to expand our awareness to the highest level we can. This can be done most easily by quieting the mind at least once a day for 20 - 30 minutes. This doesn't have to be on one sitting. If you are so busy, or your environment so stimulating, that it is hard for you to get 30 minutes of peace, download some of the 5 minute MP3 exercises on the audio section. These are quick and very effective.

However, each person, of course, has a unique soul purpose journey.

Awakening is the moment that you realised there was more to life than meets the eye.

I am not here to convince you that there is more to life than the material world around you. You already know that.  I am here to share the process of awakening so that you can validate what you are going through.

In other words, you are not going mad.  Although, you may very well be losing your mind! Which is a good thing, believe it or not.

We are now familiar with the terms: Indigo child, Crystal child, and Rainbow child.  But not many have heard the term "Diamond Child", or "Diamond Children".  This is because, unlike their predecessors, a diamond child is not here to change things.  A diamond child will rarely bring attention to him or herself, and will often move through life undetected.

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Love, Sex and Soulmates

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- does a soul have sex?
- gender as opposed to sex
- the urge to find the one

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The Spirit of Money

Money it's an energy being, it's alive.

Make friends with the Spirit of Money and invite it back into your life with this simple yet powerful exercise.

Transcript and recording are feely available.

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Process your Fears

Fear is the emotion that keeps you back, that has the most lowering effect on vibrational level. Fear can remain as a back thought when you do your meditations or visualizations. Suppressing this emotion is not helpful, but you can process it and release it from your body. The transcript of the exercise is freely available.

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