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Awakening and Ascension Books by Inelia Benz

Owen O’Neill had his plate full. He had spent the past few centuries researching ways of getting hold of the one item what would make him the most powerful Mage on Earth; an activity which consumed every fiber of his being. Now he also had to complete a quest which had been pending for millennia. If that wasn’t enough, he had overdone his latest body rejuvenation process and instead of becoming a stable 50 year old, he was somewhere between puberty and young adulthood. Then in walked a pregnant Jennifer Stone. Jennifer was nothing to write home about. She was an ordinary mortal who thought Mages existed in books and computer games. She was also a bit on the skinny side. Had he known at the time that Jennifer was the primary target of the Shadow Ones, not only would he have walked away from the whole deal, but sold his house and moved continents with no forwarding address. Permanently. Fortunately he didn't. A story of unconditional love and self realization.

Read the first chapter.  

This edition is available for immediate download in electronic format (PDF), which you will be able to read on your favorite device.

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Inelia writes novels to impart otherwise inaccessible information which expands our minds and knowledge base on how Earth has been run.

In this interview she explores the journey of Ramona, recruited from her loving parents by a secret world government agency to be educated at an elite school for gifted children. Only this school’s true purpose is to create the perfect assassin. Using technology and skills learned from alien captives, occult orders and super soldier programs, Ramona became their most deadly of weapons. Until she received a target she could not kill.

What was meant to be a straightforward interview quickly turns into a dangerous and mystical adventure into the depths of creation.

Some things just cannot be killed.

If you have enjoyed "Interview with an Alien" you will love this new novel!

Read the first chapter.  

This edition is available for immediate download in electronic format (PDF), which you will be able to read on your favorite device.

Buy with PayPal:  $14.99 PDF Download

Interview with an Alien by Inelia BenzThe layout of this ascension and awakening book is "question and answer", the method used widely in Buddhism to teach and ignite enlightenment.  It is thought provoking and entertaining, very engaging.

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Ascension101 book

This book is a compilation of the articles published at www.ascension101.com, between the months of January 2010 and June 2010, inclusive. You can use the book as an oracle, asking a question, then opening the book randomly, or read it from beginning to end. You can also use the index to find topics of interest.

It is imbued with divine love and offered with gratitude.

Buy from publisher From $9.90 PDF and $18 Paperback

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The Spirit of Money

Money it's an energy being, it's alive.

Make friends with the Spirit of Money and invite it back into your life with this simple yet powerful exercise.

Transcript and recording are feely available.

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Process your Fears

Fear is the emotion that keeps you back, that has the most lowering effect on vibrational level. Fear can remain as a back thought when you do your meditations or visualizations. Suppressing this emotion is not helpful, but you can process it and release it from your body. The transcript of the exercise is freely available.

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