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Powerful exercise to help you process your firewalls. Those usually show up in suble ways as "I can't do this or that" or "This is not working for me" or "I feel stuck/blocked"

This is very useful to do especially before other exercises, to remove any limiting program that may prevent you from having the most effective and empowering experience when using your other tools.

Read the PDF Transcript

Download the MP3 file using this LINK.

Or you can watch it as a YouTube Video


This exercise is part of an indepth live chat discussion with Inelia, recorded January 2014. You can get the entire call from our eStore.


To download to your computer Left Click and select Save As... (or Cmd Click on Mac)

Download Link for the Exercise

This is a "Source Guided" meditation conducted on November 14th 2012, at the Symphony of Meditation, in Berkeley, California. Channeled music was by Kevin Doheny.


To download the MP3 use the link below:

(Windows: Right click link and select: "Save Target As..."
MAC: Ctrl+click link and select: "Download Linked file As...")

Download MP3

Don't forget to register for our Newsletter to receive news of new Tools.

Don't forget to register for our Newsletter to receive news of new Tools.

In English, hosted by Inelia Benz:

En castellano por Loreto Alonso Alegre:

Very effective Meditation to Clean the collective:

"If you imagine a world without fear, what it would be like?"

(This meditation was recorded during a November 1st live event)


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The Spirit of Money

Money it's an energy being, it's alive.

Make friends with the Spirit of Money and invite it back into your life with this simple yet powerful exercise.

Transcript and recording are feely available.

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Process your Fears

Fear is the emotion that keeps you back, that has the most lowering effect on vibrational level. Fear can remain as a back thought when you do your meditations or visualizations. Suppressing this emotion is not helpful, but you can process it and release it from your body. The transcript of the exercise is freely available.

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