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F. A. Q.

Ascension Question and Answer

Basically, a "person" has a game to play, allocates importance to other beings, situations and such, needs "meaning" to live, has attachments, fears, and constructs that allows that person to have an experience in the physical.
In her case, those things are "constructed" to enable her to be the messenger in a way in which she can be understood. But they are not "real". That's why a "program" or "construct" is more appropriate a word to describe what people perceive as Inelia Benz. There is no singularity behind the construct. It is more like a holographic projection to deliver a very specific message to the planet, and every being that is connected to it.

Some people have called, or allocated the label of, Avatar, to describe Ineila. This is because an Avatar is here as an energy configuration to achieve a certain "result", rather than here for his or her own evolution, or wish to have experiences of life in a physical incarnation. In essence, the "avatar" is not really a "person", but a Source spark or creation to communicate and achieve something on the planet.

All the information and tools that raise the vibrational level of the planet are provided for free at ascension101.com as well as in all interviews of Inelia across the Internet. The Ascension 101 Course, books, and Talks, as well as future for sale items on the site, are designed to expand and raise the individual's awareness and make the individual more able and empowered. These have been provided by Source to give a channel of support and energy exchange toward keeping Inelia Benz, and the ascension101 staff,  Inelia's activities and voice focused on raising the vibrational level of the planet and, at the same time, giving an opportunity for you to personally connect with and benefit from Inelia's work. This mutual support and benefit, is called energy exchange.
If you are not familiar with the concept of energy exchange, we suggest you read "Debt - A Link in the Chain of Enslavement" and "Call to Action - Financial Construct"
You are re not required to buy or use the for sale items to raise the vibrational level of the planet if you don't want to, as all tools and information that raise a person and the planetary vibration can be found for free at ascension101.com.  In the meantime, other individuals will be called by their Higher Selves to pay for and use the tools for their own benefit, so that Earth and her people (including you), will continue to have access to the free information, energy and inspiration that is being communicated through Inelia, which has already raised the vibration of millions of individuals, causing a ripple effect across the planet.

The reason this information page is being provided is because Inelia has been requested to not only aim her work at those who are well advanced in their spiritual development and illumination, but to those who are just awakening as well. Many individuals who are just awakening, have been programmed with religious and cultural beliefs which teaches them that no debt is acquired when receiving spiritual benefit, instruction, energy or time from another individual.  This page is an attempt to show by example what does and what does not acquire karmic debt, so that the awakening individuals don't fall into energetic traps, and provides an opportunity for those who are truly open to knowing what this is all about to get a full resonance in understanding, remembering and knowing how to stay free of debt, and the enslavement that follows, by reading these words.

Inelia has been requested, and agreed, to work on raising the vibrational level of the planet, very publicly, until 2017.  After that, she is free to go back to anonymity, follow her passions, or leave the planet.

As we accelerate into the new paradigm, there are various rules of existence we need to become fully aware of. One of them is how to consciously choose where we want to go from here at an individual level.  There won't be an outside force that will "choose us", it is us, individually, who will make the choice.

The basics to see what choice we are making, and all of these are honorable evolutionary journeys, are:

Ascension is the expansion of awareness.

This expansion of awareness comes naturally when we process fear, as well as debilitating programs and firewalls,  and other low vibrations, from our lives.

Photo @ Alejandro  Ahumada AvilaWhy is it called Ascension?  Because our overall vibration becomes higher, and we are able to tap into and work within higher "dimensions".

Do we take our bodies with us?  Our physical body is a key element of functioning within a solid 3D environment.  When we start moving into a higher vibration in our lives, our bodies also follow suit.  This is why, often, foods and chemicals that we were able to absorb our entire lives, will make us sick for a while (the time it takes for the physical body to adapt to the new vibrational environment).

By detoxing our bodies and keeping them sugar and other toxin free, we help it, help us, in our expansion of awareness.

Of course, "Ascension" is used by others to mean all sorts of things, but within this website, the above definition is what it means when it is mentioned.


"Ascension Worker" is a term used by Inelia, to describe a person who is actively working to help other individuals reach a state of Oneness.  Their characteristics are listed in the Ascension Worker article.

No. Ascension101.com is made up of information gathered and channeled by Inelia.  She doesn't subscribe to any religion and believes religions are necessary for the well-being of the people who belong to them.  You can use the information in this website no matter what religion you practice.

The concept behind this website is to create all the tools and information you will need to go into Oneness without someone giving you a personal session. We have had reports of persons experiencing the state of Oneness and also an expansion of conscious awareness, ascension, using the spiritual ascension course

. If you like the content in this website, you will love the course.

No. When we consciously enter an awareness and experience as Oneness, because we live on Earth as individuals, we get to "observe" the entire experience as our present self.  After each Ascension experience, we are able to become ourselves more and more.  Our true voice comes out, we can live rich and full lives without the need for masks or trying to bend ourselves into shapes to fit into our, or other people's, expectations of what we should be like.  We become truly free to be unique individual selves.  There is NO being in the entire universe who is identical to us. NONE. We are uniqueness and our identity is very precious.  We do not loose it.  Some individuals have reported loosing all sense of self at one point in their sessions, as though they went into nothingness, only to emerge into Oneness an becoming ALL.


It doesn't matter if you are "good", "bad", or "indifferent". If you do the Ascension work necessary to reach Oneness, you will reach Oneness. Oneness is all inclusive. It wouldn't make any sense for only one section of the population to reach a state we are all in already, but are simply not aware of it.

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