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Home Article Library August 2011 Sickness and Death

Inelia Benz

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Recently I received an email from an individual who has a very serious physical condition, and below is my response:

I am not a healer, and although healings have occurred in my presence, it has simply been a matter of energy transmission from Source.  If that is meant to happen with you, then it will, there is no choice or intention involved at my end.  You are, however, in my focus.

There are a few things you can do to see if you need to "heal" from this

One of them is to ask yourself: How is this condition serving me?
Ask your body: How is this condition serving you?
Ask both yourself and your body: What is the agreement that allowed this condition into my life/body?
Then remove your agreement from it.  One can change one's mind at any time/space.

Process the fear
around this condition, the full text for the fear processing exercise I use is on the Tools section of the site.  Do it at a general body level, as well as at a molecular level. 

And finally, ask your body "are you ready to release this
condition?" and ask yourself "am I ready to release this condition?"

If the answer is yes, then free it back to source.  If the answer is no, then ask "am I willing to consider releasing this condition?" and continue processing.

Most periods of sickness, of course, do not end in death. But why do some of them do?


We are all going to leave our physical bodies at some point.  How this comes about is open to choice and agreement.  That's right, we choose when we die and we agree on how we die.  When the agreement comes through fear, it is not pleasant and often it is a "trick".  A way to remove us from the planet before "our time".  But how does this work exactly? If it is our choice, then how come we can be tricked into death before we are ready?

This is one example of how one can be tricked. Since I was a young child, I could "see" the energy around people.  This energy would be interpreted by me as qualities of color.  I learned that when a person had a quality of color which I interpreted as a kind of dull grey, they would die within a year.  Sometimes, the color would appear, the person would have it for a while, then, when the moment or condition came, they would choose to stay and the color would go to a healthy bright transparency.  They would then heal or be miraculously saved from something. But most would keep the color and would leave within a year.

A few weeks ago, August 2011, I looked in the mirror and saw that dull grey on my reflection.  The first thing that went through my mind was, "Oh, so it's within 12 months".  Then I noticed something.  There was something "not right" about the energy color.  So I looked deeper, and noticed that it was a superimposed image. It wasn't "real".

Fascinated I traced it back to source, and it was a certain group trying to acquire an agreement from me, to die within 12 months.  I thought about it for a few seconds, then decided I would stay on track and keep my agreement to work on the mission until 2017.  The color lifted and I was back to "normal".  The point though, is that even though it was a "trick", I still had a choice. I could have chosen to agree with them and leave within 12 months. This example is not about developing "sight" to see the color change, that was just my personal experience of how others tried to get me to agree.  The agreement comes in many forms and whether it is a trick or part of our life path choices, is not the point. We get to choose.

The agreement is necessary whether it involves a sickness, accident, or physical attack. None of these can take us out if we don't agree with them.  This is why we hear of "miracles" where a person has an accident that totally destroys their car, but they find themselves standing next to the car wreck after the accident.  The state of our bodies are left after "survival" is also our choice.  The agreement comes and you will have a choice. Might be in a millisecond, or might take months.

Healing often happens "miraculously" for the same reason, suddenly the person KNOWS they are healed and complete. Most often, this knowing comes from the person giving themselves permission to heal. This can happen in many ways, due to a personal experience, or through guidance from a healer.

Is the point to stay alive at all costs?  No, of course not.  But, consider this.  I am personally booked for this work until 2017, so we don't have that much long to go.  After that, we decide if to retire and enjoy our results on the planet, join a new mission, or leave.  What do you say?


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