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Home Article Library June 2011 Gaia Speaks - How to hear our Guides.

Inelia Benz

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When we open ourselves to receive messages and guidance from our Higher Self, Source, Gaia, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Guides and Angels - what I call "our entourage", we often become receptive and open to receive what is coming.  But then, when it does, we miss it.  I get lots of emails asking me how to be able to hear our entourage, how to discern that it is from a positive and benevolent source and how to understand what they mean.

The first thing is to, as we all do, open ourselves up to receiving the guidance and information.  Secondly, we learn to discern what is "real" from what is ego or negative entities.  We do this by reconnecting with our body, and listening to it very carefully.  We listen with our body and the body will tell us.  For example, a twinge in the tummy when something doesn't feel quite right after we speak it. Or the openness of heart as we express love and happiness.


Thirdly, we need to establish a language that will be understood by us when we need to receive information.  Native people around the world have been doing just this for thousands of years.  The language we establish is very culturally based, highly subjective and often not understood by others, unless we explain it.  For example, someone might say that a particular person will visit them that day, because a leaf fell from a particular tree, as a red bird started singing at exactly 11:11 that morning.  And, sure enough, without calling first, the visitor arrives later that day.

Many years ago, I read a book by Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite writers. In the book, he mentioned that he decided to invent a sign for himself about writing a book.  He hadn't written a book yet, but wanted to.  So, he went on a pilgrimage (he's a Christian) and said:

""If I see a white feather today, that is a sign that God is giving to me that I have to write a new book." And then I saw this white feather in a window of a shop. And since then, every second year, in January, I need to see a white feather. And the day that I see I start writing."

When I read those words, I decided that I too would use a white feather as part of my Guidance language.  I decided it was to be a positive sign, something that will tell me I was in the right direction, and, or that I needed to take notice of something that was being sent my way.

The way in which I personally get the white feathers is also very significant.  One was waiting by my front door one day, another fell onto my lap as I sat down outside.  And, one of my favorites was when my 4th child was about 18 months old.  I was very, very tired (physically), as any full time parent of a 2 year old will know.  Plus, I was receiving the information for a book, and did not know if I should start writing it in my tired state (the energy we have when we write or speak, carries in the words and reaches others), or leave it a couple of years until my boy was a little older.

We went to the park, me in my inner thoughts asking for a white feather if indeed I should go ahead with the book, and my toddler insisting he did not need a stroller, and started wobbling around on the path.  All of a sudden he takes off toward a tree.  It is hot here in Sacramento, so a tree is always a welcome rest area. I got the stroller onto the grass and followed him. He went faster, falling several times, picking himself up and running, as he reached the tree, he started making all those delightful little voices toddlers make when they find something great.

I parked the stroller, took out a blanket and lay it on the grass.  My boy ran back, really delighted, as he got closer, I looked up and saw what he had found.  It was the dirtiest, most sorry looking white feather I have ever seen. And it was huge!  I gasped with delight and happiness.

It was a sorry looking feather, but brought me great joy.  The message was clear, a white feather is a white feather, it doesn't have to be perfect for it to bring inspiration and love.

My little boy saw my delight and happiness, and for the next few months would diligently search around for feathers, because feathers made mummy happy :)

Fast forward a few years.  Two weeks ago, I received various emails from different people around the United States, asking me to contact their friend, "Willy Whitefeather", a respected and loved Cherokee Elder.

Whitefeather.  A name I could not ignore.  I called him right away, and we arranged to meet a few days later.

Willy Whitefeather has been teaching the connection between synchronistic  events, words and human thought for years.  In fact, that summary does not do justice to his offerings.  His language is highly subjective and rarely understood by the western mind.  But his message is clear. What we do, what we all do, think and feel, affects Gaia, our Mother Earth.  And this is also why we have the ability and power to help her in this transition.

When source sends me a White Feather, I listen.

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about

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