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Home Article Library December 2010 Worthlessness - The ticket to enter Earth. Or is it?

Inelia Benz

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I have yet to meet a person who does not have some sense of worth, whether lots of worth or lack of worth.

There is a very "sticky darkness" about entering this realm.  The earth 3D, human collective, human experience in present day society realm.

It doesn't matter if a person is originally from a light dimension, a starseed, a walk-in, an ascended master reincarnated, or someone who has moved the full path to enlightenment and beyond.  Being human today means that we have a high level of forgetfulness of origin. We also have to live in an extremely hostile environment (in a world scale). And seeing as our environment reflects us perfectly, and the world is our environment, then that means we have had to, at some point in entering this lifestream, chosen to integrate that sense of "less than what we really are". As we are all eternal and divine beings, this means we purposely fooled ourselves into believing with are less than what we really are. Bringing with it, a sense of worthlessness.


This can reflect in life as not meeting a love partner who is perfect for us.  But has issues and problems or something that makes him or her worth less than what we really want.  It can also be reflected as "not the right job", or the "house that will do for now", or the "country which I'm stuck in", or "family I am forced to live with".

The list can go on an on.

During last night's meditation, I looked into it. I followed the energy of worthlessness back to source.  It was something like a black cloud covering a bright star.  Lowering, but not stopping, it's light and energy.

So here's an idea. How about we look at that bright star which is our true self, and allow that dark cloud to manifest, grow and express, we embrace it with love and light, and release it.  The game is changing and that darkness is no longer necessary for our existence here.  We can finally let it free to go to its source and without it, we can bring some more light into this planet.  The more light we bring, the more others will be able to see too. Deal?

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