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Home Article Library September 2010 The Nature of DARKNESS in Duality

Inelia Benz

Ευρετήριο Άρθρου
The Nature of DARKNESS in Duality
Duality in Light
Light Warriors
The Fall
Light Universe
Όλες οι Σελίδες
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Since I was very young, when others would tell me that there could be no light without dark, and that if we did not suffer we could not enjoy the good times... this belief felt.... WRONG.


During the past month I have been working closely with three extra-ordinary lightworkers, and one non-dual person in order to get the planet and our species ready for 2012.  The work involved the retaking of key energy centers from Darkness. Yup, from "Darkness". There is no other word for it. We could call it the elite, the grays, religion, the Illuminati, or whatever label we want to, but the truth is, it was a group of beings working through Darkness.  After retaking these power centers, we handed it back to Earth.  This work was also facilitated and supported by hundreds of lightworkers around the Earth.

One of the things that puzzled me, as we did this work, was that as I looked at Earth, it was pure light. The centers, after being retaken, were pure light. And the energy that flowed was pure light.

And, as I explored and tried to understand, various bits of information came my way which showed the nature, and the reason, for this work.

Since June, I have understood that we are in an unbalanced and "wrong" structure of duality.  One where the polarities are in the wrong ends and causes separation, suffering and otherness.  But that if duality was to be in the right configuration, there would be no suffering or sense of separation... and the question is, where does Darkness go when we achieve this balanced configuration?

The information then was that this "wrongness" of polarity in this world was purposely designed and implemented by humans in order to experience an abuse of power, otherness and much more.

It then became apparent that this "wrong" structure should have gone back to the right configuration a very, very, long time ago.  Unfortunately the beings who were able to see the power generated, used it to keep the structure in the wrong polarity for way longer than they were meant to.

Thus most lightworkers began feeling that this has been going on way too long, that they are tired and homesick.  A feeling of anger at the length of time this has been going on, has also been expressed. And pure battle-weariness.

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