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Home Article Library February 2009 Carnal Pleasures and the Ascension Process - Sex and Enlightenment

Inelia Benz

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When we think of carnal pleasures, or pleasures of the flesh, the first thing we think about is sex. Of course there are other pleasures of the flesh, such as eating, drinking, enjoying nature, music, art, conversation... all the pleasures we gain from our physical senses, our body and our mind.

Carnal pleasures are not incompatible with ascension. In fact they can help. However, they are a two edge sword, just like any modality based in the body, mind or spirit.

For our existence on Earth, love and pleasure are closely related. Physically speaking, they create a lot of the same chemicals. We say things like, "I love to dance", "I love to eat", "I love sex."

I know I do.

Going without is not the answer. Indulging every pleasure can also become a trap. The way it traps is by sex or physical pleasure being hijacked by the ego, or small self.

Take a sexual union for example. Both parties fully aware that they are divine beings and want to create a sphere of divine love which is greater than the individual parts put together. It is a powerful concept. Intention is the key here. Enjoy and love each other fully. When the words start coming in such as "you are mine and only mine", "I don't want to share you", and other controlling and owning energies come to the surface, the flow is no longer what it can be.

Both parties can go into the ascension through pleasure relationship with an agreement to be exclusive to each other for as long as it takes. This is actually recommendable, especially at the start when both parties will be dealing with a lot of love flow and change.
However, the problem begins when it is not an agreement but a necessity due to insecurities, control, fear, anger or possessiveness.

Some of the people I have helped by providing an ascension consultation report becoming sexually aroused during the process. So an understanding of how the energy of love and that of sexual pleasure are linked physiologically speaking helps to get past this stage as it can otherwise be a stopping point for the person involved. The stopping point comes about because for a lot of us sexual energy and work of the spirit seems to be incompatible due to our upbringing.

The energy the person feels during the process, the one they become aroused with, is divine love. It is in fact themselves they are feeling. Their true essence. The key here is to let the physical feelings to fully express themselves energetically and let them expand as much as it can, engulfing the body, the room and the entire Earth if needed. That energy is part of the person and has to be embraced by the person.

Sexual arousal and libido often will increase when traveling the route of love to ascension, which is why I often suggest to my students to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hey, why not enjoy the experience and take full advantage of it!!!

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