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Home Article Library July 2010 Debt - A Link in the Chain of Enslavement

Inelia Benz

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With dual realities, or dimensions, in other words, any dimension that has a sense of existence as "I" that is separate from the environment or other "I"s, there is a very strict law of Energy Exchange.

This energy exchange is basically that when someone gives something that is part of themselves, such as time, a service, product or space, to someone else, the other person has to return the energy in the form which is useful to the first person in an equal amount of what was originally given.

So what happens if this energy exchange does not take place?

DEBT happens.  Karmic debt is a chain that links two people in a negative, "otherness" configuration.

The financial system, as it is designed presently, is debt ridden.  This energetically enslaves people to the financial institution they are indebted to.

When a "lightworker" decides that he or she will dedicate his or her life to the good of humanity, giving all of their time, energy, willingness and space for free, "knowing" that the universe will respond in like kind and supply them with groceries, a place to live in, clothes and anything else they need and want, what he or she is doing is simply creating a web of debt that enslaves everyone they help as well as themselves in a negative configuration.

There are some individuals who get a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment helping other individuals without asking for anything in return. This often creates co-dependent relationships (Karmic chains), between the two individuals.

Energy exchange doesn't necessarily have to be money.  But it absolutely must be something each person needs.  So, for example, if a psychic gets offered a reiki session as exchange for a psychic reading, but he doesn't need a reiki session, or it simply vibrates wrong for him but accepts it anyway, the debt is still created.

So, what can you give for free that doesn't create debt?  INFORMATION.  Information came in to you from elsewhere, it is public domain in a universal kind of way, it belongs to no one.  So you can give it away for free if you so please or charge for it if it takes money and effort to get it published or placed in a public place.  Once you start using your time, skills, energy or space to assist another person, for that other person's personal benefit, it is imperative that you charge them money or a product or service that you NEED.

If you are involved in a charity that helps society in some way, this does not create debt.  The reason is that you too are part of that society, so any improvement to it, also benefits you directly.

It used to be that the tribe would take care of the tribe healer/shaman/educator, she/he would wake up to food, clothes and clean living quarters.  The patriarchal system has done away with that cultural energy exchange, often making their work illegal. By no longer having this method of energy exchange toward our spiritual teachers, we are left with barter or monetary payment as ways of keeping karmic relationships clean.

If you feel triggered by the thought of paying for your personal spiritual growth, you are probably being affected by the patriarchal "bow of poverty". A system which was enacted a while back to create co-dependency between certain religious organizations or individuals and their "followers".

The new paradigm no longer has "followers". Only audiences. A member of an audience is, and must remain, FREE to leave whenever he or she wants.

How do you undo the debt, both monetary and energetic, that you are in right now?  You pay it to the institution or person to whom you are indebted to.  You can also process a "clean slate", where any attachment to debt is released.

How do you stop creating a chain of debt?  You always ask for an energy exchange when providing services or products, and you always give payment to the person you take services or products from.  If they don't want to accept payment, then go elsewhere.

If you are having money problems, or are triggered by "having to pay" for "what should be free", do this exercise:

Reconnecting with Money Exercise

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