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Your personal vibrational level determines the reality around you: your opportunities, your relationships, your experience and manifesting of your goals and dreams:

  • Discover how to improve your skills
  • Increase your awareness and psychic abilities
  • Raise the level of happiness and quality of life

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We are all manifesting all the time, moment to moment. The only question is how do get some control over what shows up as our reality? If we are manifesting all the time why do we sometimes get things that we don't want? Or why is it super hard sometimes and at other times is as easy as pie?

The key to this is conscious versus unconscious manifestation. I have created a series to empower you to move from unconscious manifestation to conscious manifestation and also to look at and disolve any blocks that you may find when using your favorite manifestation tools and processes.

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This text has not yet been translated.
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Flag designed and painted by Maureen at mksmiley.comAfter costs, the proceeds from my December 2015 event are going toward the manifestation of the Shamanshack. What is the Shamanshack?

A while back, guidance asked me to go check out a blue/grey prefabricated house. I had seen the house on Highway 101, between Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington.

We went to see it and found that it was an events building. The instructions were clear, look at the blue/gray house, look at the plans, don't buy the house. We did all that but didn't know what was next.

A few weeks later, Larry started to train with the Earth People Consciousness Stream (a shamanic path), and various other individuals also expressed interest in learning from and about that branch of shamanic consciousness stream.

I woke up one day and knew the house was a sign to go out and find a location for placing a shaman shack. A shaman shack is an open door hub that is basically a place To Find the Shaman.

As the weeks went by, we knew the actual location to put the shamanshack was in the Makah Tribe Native American Reservation, and we knew it was somehow linked with the Global Ascension Center. We also knew it had space for a car park but the "main entrance" door was behind trees, so the person had ample opportunity to shed their stuff and lots of trees to hang their worries before they entered the shack.

Land in a reservation is owned by the federal government and can only be "purchased" by tribal members. So, lots of "impossibilities" to get through.

For the month of conscious manifestation exploration, Larry and I decided we wanted to manifest the shamanshack in the reservation in an easy and low story/choreography way. Instantly if possible.

The shamanshack is about people and wanted people involved. But there were still many loops to jump, according to how things happen in the reservation, before we could even find a place to put the building on. So we decided it was not permanent as no land can be owned permanently on the planet, and that we would be given access quickly, and if not, we would simply squat on it. And by the time we got evicted it would be years from now.

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One of the topics I will be discussing at my Gathering at the Beginning of the World event in December 2015 are the Elemental Shamans.

Introduction to the Elemental Shamans.

In July 2015 Larry (my fiance) and I went on a hike with our dog Missy, my son Brett (age 9), and Larry's niece and nephew (age 10 and 14). We were looking for somewhere quiet as the town was full of people (4th of July crowd), so ended up going up a road which has been closed for some years due to a landslide.

We drove the car up that road for what seemed to be a long time, way longer than we expected (the landslide was not supposed to be very far). Soon after we entered the road, I started "seeing" (perceiving with my mind's eyes and energetically), several men on the edge of the road. They were mostly naked apart from a leather loin cloth type thing with pouches and hooks, they had weapons, long braided/matted hair (dark), their skin was white but adorned, and some had long braided beards. They looked quite young, in their 20s-30s but felt ancient. They moved through the trees and rocks following our car, super fast, and close to the ground.

Up the road, we saw a creek, waterfall and some rock water pools. Larry and the kids run up the creek. All of them called me over, but there was a barrier there, a no entry sign that I knew if I broke, I would suffer for it. So, I said I was going up the road instead and walked away. Larry and the kids disappeared into the woods. This, separating from the group, is a terrible idea in the wilderness. After a few minutes I realized it was a bad idea and started walking back.

A few minutes after that, a massive black fly started following me. It was very strange looking, changing shape physically several times. I then "saw" one of these men, he was older than the ones I had seen before and had a staff, not a weapon. He told me that we had to get out or he would take one of the kids. I saw the younger kids falling into the water, one of the pools had no bottom so it would take my son into the "earth". I told him as the adult here, I owned the kids which meant without my agreement he could not take them or their lives.
He responded an adult was with them, and he was violating their sacred portal, no permission had been given, or requested, to enter. I told him that Larry didn't know about these things, so could he give us a "pass" this time. He said that I had to tell Larry to leave immediately, or he would send a bear to chase him out and kill one of the kids.

This text has not yet been translated.
If you have good English skills and you understand the concepts on this website please help us by sending a translation for this text.

altWARNING! The next four paragraphs are filled with what is going on in the alternative and main media outlets... but bear with me, it will all become very clear from the fifth paragraph onward:

The past month, or three, has seen a flurry of end of the world predictions, with their accompanying saviors.  Apparently we have avoided two major world and species annihilations thanks to the dedicated work and organized world meditations by ultra dimensional beings and their followers.  OH! and apparently they have ensured we will "wake up and evolve" more for the next year, due to their diligent work. Thank you :D

We are not out of the woods yet apparently, as yet another scheduled end of the world comes up in about a week from now. And it doesn't matter if you are reading this in 2015 or 2017, it's very likely there's a scheduled end of the world scenario every month for the next several years or decades.

And... at least three spiritual teachers have fallen off their pedestals by exploiting their followers sexually, emotionally, mentally and sometimes financially too.  There are now dedicated sites stating that all spiritual advancement, empowerment sites and teacher are bullshit and their followers are now liberated, going back to "real life" and rejoining the workforce.

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