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This website has grown quite a lot in the past two years. And will continue to do so. We have attempted to categorize and present the information in a way that is straight forward, easy to reach and comprehend.  In the next few weeks, we will add a "tag" system to the site, so that you can click on any theme that you are interested in and all the articles that mention it, will come up for you.

In the meantime, this is how best to navigate and use the site:

  • Start Here
    If you're new to the site and this information just use this page to start 10 day program with the most relevant information. This will act as a reminder and will keep you on track.
  • The Ascension Blog
    This area has over 100 free articles rich with information, tools and suggestions that will assist you in understanding the old paradigm, how to raise your personal and global vibration, why this is useful, expanding your awareness, using intention in Calls to Action, and using the New Paradigm energies and co-creative power.
  • The eStore
    This is where you can purchase personal development and expansion of awareness tools for your benefit, and have chance to empower the work of the ascension101 staff. Of these, the first one to purchase, if you haven't already, is the Ascension101 Course.
  • Donate
    If you are amazed, happy and grateful for the work of the Ascension101 Staff, and would like to empower us, this is where you can do it.
  • Tools
    • Tools: This section has many free videos, MP3s and written tools for you to use to raise your own and the global vibration.
    • Books: Buy books by Inelia Benz here.
    • Videos: Large library of free videos and interviews with Inelia covering a broad range of topics.
    • Interviews: Informative free MP3, written and video interviews of Inelia.
    • Podcast: Most of the audios from the above can be found to download for free at our Podcast channel in Apple's iTunes.
  • Events
    Here you can find future events and interviews where Inelia will be taking part.

  • F.A.Q
    Highly recommended read if you have just found out about Inelia and/or this website.

  • Free Newsletter
    Updates, Calls to Action, Offerings, Videos, Interviews, and Free Subscriber only content, delivered to you every week from Inelia and the Ascension101 team. If you like what's on the site, make sure to subscribe.
  • Latest Talks with Inelia
    Inelia is posting a whole series of talks that both explain the way in which we can function within, and the way in which we can use, the New Paradigm energies and constructs in more depth.

  • YouTube Channel.
    The Inelia Benz YouTube Channel where she hosts the brand new series: Raise Your Daily Vibration with Inelia Benz, as well as posting many informative and powerful videos.
  • Inelia's Twitter
    Get daily thoughts and updates via Twitter, directly from Inelia. Good way to have direct interaction with Inelia too.

  • FaceBook Page
    Although it has been used as a main "forum" in the past, due to time constraints, Twitter will be used to synchronize Inelia's FB page for the foreseeable future.  In other words, if you use FB, you can get all the Twitter updates here.


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