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Startseite Article Library April 2009 Sickness and Ascension

Inelia Benz

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Does being in an ascended state mean your body will never get sick again?

The body will continue to go through sickness and death whether you are in a state of ascension or not.

It is much easier to cope with physical sickness when you are in an ascended state. This is because the vibrational energy you are functioning with is much higher, which means wholeness, healing, is achieved much quicker at a physical level.

Ascended beings still get sick and die. It is part of life on Earth.

It is also true that people who function in an ascended state very rarely get sick. And when they do, it is mild and passes quickly.

I get sick when I experience a block in energy. The blocks inevitably come due to ego issues that I have not addressed. So, for example, if I give myself a hard time because of a session not going as well as I intended, or because I don't like a certain person in my life, or because I am afraid of doing something, this will often turn into a physical condition very quickly. It is, for me, a great alarm system. If I ignore the problem I get very sick very quickly. If I address it, I stay healthy. Easy.

Do I suffer? NO.
Do I feel pain? YES.

When the sickness is painful it is extremely difficult to tap into one's core, and BE in present time, feeling the joy and ecstasy that the state of oneness is. It takes a lot of doing. However, it is precisely the moving away from that core that brings the sickness up in the first place.

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